Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Review of Olympus Has Fallen starring Gerard Butler

As a man you sometimes need to see a movie which feeds your primal instincts. A movie which is raw and visceral and packs a punch. Movies like Rambo and The Raid satisfy that need and show that you don’t need a lot of background story to do so. Olympus Has Fallen’s Rambo is Mike Banning, played by Gerard Butler. He is a former bodyguard of the president, who had to stop his service because something which happened in the past. The setting here is the White House and the bad guy is current Hollywood favorite, North Korea.

Review of Olympus Has Fallen starring Gerard Butler

What should be a diplomatic visit quickly turns into a full-out attack on one of the world’s most famous buildings. The thing about the attack is that it feels quite realistic, making the impact on the viewer a lot bigger. It seems easy to tak the fortress which is the White House. Of course during this attack a couple of typical mistakes are made which are needed for this type of movie (like allowing other people to go with the president) but look past those and it’s a “one man versus many” story. Extreme violence and lots of blood are part of that story and Butler battles like the blood of King Leonidas is pumping around in his body again (although he never yells out “This is Olympus!”).

Review of Olympus Has Fallen starring Gerard Butler

With these type of movies you already know how they will end, but it’s more about the ride than the destination itself. Olympus Has Fallen ticked all the right boxes for me to keep me entertained and keep the adrenaline pumping and sometimes that is all you need.

13 thoughts on “Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

  1. Such a silly movie that I wish didn’t take itself so seriously to begin with. However, still a whole bunch of fun and probably a bit better than White House Down. Good review Nostra.

    • Yeah, I can get into that. One thing which really stood out was the spot where the son was extracted…why didn’t they use that to go into the White House?

  2. Ha ha… .if Butler had let rip with a “this is Olympuuuuuussssss” that would have been absolute gold!!!

    Great review, Nostra. I really enjoyed this film (a lot more than I expected, honestly!) and thought Butler did okay with what he had to work with. I still have to see that “other” White House film, but I expect to enjoy that one as well!!!

    • Exactly…it would have been awesome if he had done that!

      Thanks Rodney and happy to see you also had a great time with it. Like you I also have to see that other one as well.

  3. I quite enjoyed this one though I’ve gone sour on Butler. He certainly makes a believable action hero and there are some funny moments in here as well.

    • I know about your bitterness Ruth 😉 but he was quite enjoyable here (although his character doesn’t have much depth (as most action stars))

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