Europa Report (2013)

Review of Europa Report

Not too long ago I reviewed Red Planet, which I quite liked up till the moment that some unnecessary elements were added (like a robot turned enemy). I wished that it would have just been about the survival of the crew and with Europa Report it seems that this is the movie I wanted to see. In this case the journey does not go to Mars, but to a moon of Jupiter. So the story is of the type I would like to see, but question is: Is it any good?

Review of Europa Report

What sets this movie apart from other space exploration movies is the fact that this one which is firmly based on reality. All the footage you see is mostly from fixed cameras on the ship which are used to monitor the ship. Until they reach their destination you mostly see the characters doing normal things, talking to each other clowning around. Once they reach their destination a lot of interesting things start to happen.

Review of Europa Report

Except for Michael Nyqvist and Sharlto Copley most actors aren’t very well-known which I thought was a good thing as that means it doesn’t distract from the story and what a story it is. Once they are on Europa they witness strange phenomena and try to find out what is happening. The characters are strong and as is the story and it had me captivated from the start. The design of the ship and costumes is stunning and I think it is one of the freshest sci-fi movies I have seen in a while. In other words, one not to be missed.

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  1. I really thought this film was quite strong for a “found footage” movie – normally I roll my eyes and scowl when they come along, but Europa Report was a darn tootin’ time indeed. Scary and harrowing (considering the distance from Earth!) it’s definitely one of the better sci-fi films of the last few years.

  2. The trailers for ‘Europa Project’ intrigued for its ability to look real while in space. And its having more questions than answers. Which is a staple of any decent Sci~Fi.

    Looking forward to this one!

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