The Monday Question: Audience!

The Monday Question

Yesterday I headed to the cinema to check out 22 Jump Street. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one (which I saw at home), so catching this at the cinema would be fun as I was looking forward to the feeling of a whole audience laughing about the jokes. It turned out slightly different as it seemed a huge part of the audience missed a whole lot of jokes being made (many involving them talking about it being a sequel). It resulted in quite a few moments where I felt I was one of the few people actually laughing about it. Normally I don’t head to the cinema for comedies, its usually the big budget films that deserve to be seen on the biggest screen you can and it made me wonder if I should in the future. Ever so slightly the fact not everyone was laughing when I expected they would decreased my enjoyment a bit. So today’s question:

Do you prefer to watch comedies at the cineam or would you rather see them in the comfort of your own home?

12 thoughts on “The Monday Question: Audience!

    • In general I think my sense of humor is very different to others. Also remember laughing a lot when watching Bad Lieutenant with Nicholas Cage…hardly anyone was laughing even though I saw it as a really dark comedy.

  1. Because comedy is so subjective, and requires a certain sense of humor, I find it best to sit at home and watch them alone – although a good communal laugh, like I had in the cinema for American Pie way back when, is really nice, but a complete rarity – where I can chortle away to myself (or switch it off, if it’s no good).

    Which means Adam Sandler can kiss my ass. He’s not getting a slot on my weekly film-watching schedule.

    • I wasn’t expecting anyone enjoying comedies more at home. Happy to see I’m not alone on this.

      Hahaha, I also refuse to watch any more Adam Sandler movies!

  2. I almost never watch a comedy at the cinema….. The Reason is well articulated in your post above and in Rodney’s comment.

    It’s almost never worth it in my opinion…… And I ain’t prepared to pay the ticket dues to watch em if I’m not getting something better than what I would experience at home.

    • Yeah, it is so subjective and usually comedies aren’t worth watching in the cinema anyway (unless it is with a big group of friends who like the same kind of comedy)

  3. It makes no difference to me; if I have the opportunity to go to the cinema, I take it! Plus, it’s always hilarious when I’m the only person busting out laughing in a quiet crowd. Loud and proud!

  4. Good question! I think if the audience is on the same page a good comedy can be great to watch in the cinema. I remember seeing Borat in a packed cinema in London when it came out and the entire audience was in stitches throughout. I remember crying with laughter at one point. But when some people don’t get the jokes it’s a bit of a shame. It’s a strange feeling when you find something very funny and other people don’t.

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