The Monday Question: Camera!

The Monday Question

It’s question time again at the start of the week. This week I want to ask you about your aspirations as a movie maker. Now I never really had the urge to direct movies/documentaries, but I have always enjoyed the process of filming and editing (mostly vacation movies and a couple of weddings). Last week though I started wondering again (even if it only was a little bit), simply because of the Black Magic Pocket Camera. I had never heard of it, but I think I saw on Criticwire that the price for it was slashed by half. It means you can get very good camera, especially built for making movies for around 500 dollars, which shows that with the right idea everyone can get quite far. Just that development made me wonder for a bit if I should be doing something creative with a camera, but then reality dawned on me that I’d never have the time to think of an interesting story/subject to film or if I had spend the time on executing it all. So my question to you:

Do you have any aspirations to make movies/documentaries yourself?

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  1. I totally do except that I don’t own a camera. I do write but not at the moment as I’ve been dealing with writer’s block as I haven’t come up with anything for scripts or anything.

  2. I’ve actually made some short movies the last few years, my last short movie was this one, shameless promotion here. 🙂

    I shot it about 4 years ago, it’s part of a film competition sponsored by Phillips and Ridley Scott’s production company. My movie actually made to the top 100 out of thousands of submissions but unfortunately that’s the highest it went. I’m planning to shoot another short movie soon, still waiting to have the right budget, I plan to submit this one to Sundance.

    So to answer your question, yes I always try to make my own movies. Of course having a full time job gets in a way sometimes and also it cost money to make movies and I don’t always have enough money laying around to shoot a new flick. LOL! But I’m doing this just for fun since I also love watching movies. As far cameras goes, I tend to rent them, especially for this new movie I plan to shoot. I want to use 2 to 3 cameras and plan to rent the professional RED EPIC cameras.

    • I remember that Parralel Lines one, but only saw some of the last 5. Cool to see you also joined in. Always reading about tech myself and the RED cameras did some great marketing to get their name out there. Hadn’t heard about the Blackmagic before, but that is looking very cool as well. Guess at the moment when it comes to affordable equipment the prices really have shot down sharply the last couple of years.

  3. Yes, I do.

    I’ve been peripherally involved with movie production. A few years ago I introduced an aspiring filmmaker with a production company that financed his short film which had a good run in the film festival circuit.

    My husband produced and co-directed a documentary, “Unfit: Ward vs. Ward” that won awards and also toured the film festival circuit–it also garnered me an IMDb credit (kid wrangler). He currently is producing a feature film, “Proxy”.

    Together we wrote a family comedy which we are currently shopping around to make ourselves. If that doesn’t work, then we will try to sell it as a spec script.

  4. Always wanted to, just lack the motivation and the drive.

    Nowdays, though, I’m quite happy just watching films and reviewing them. 😉

    I did make a short film once, called “Schoolyard Justice”, about a school bully who gets his comeuppance, which I entered into a short film comp here in South Australia. It didn’t do so well, but the experience of prepping, shooting, editing and presenting it was definitely an enjoyable, worthwhile one.

  5. Not really. I enjoy watching films. I enjoy learning about the BTS aspects of films. But I’ve never felt like I want to make my own film. Maybe be a part of a crew, but … nah. I’m too much of a boring realist!

    • Hahaha, sometimes you just have to try a new experience right and with your photography skills I’m sure you could come up with something interesting.

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