Trolls (2016) – Review

Review Trolls

The promotion of this movie last year started early when Justin Timberlake appeared during the Eurovision Songfestival and performed his song “Can’t stop the feeling” and mentioning the film during his introduction. His song turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the summer, but what about Trolls? Is it just as catchy?

Review Trolls

The story is about the trolls, who are eaten once a year by the Bergens. The trolls manage to escape and live in safety for several years, but when princess Poppy give a party which is too loud they are discovered and most of the trolls are captured and taken. There is one troll who had warned everyone about this and now he is right. He has to help Poppy in finding the rest. So these are two characters who don’t really like each other but are forced to work together because of the situation they are in.

“doesn’t spend time on developing the characters…”

 The trolls, of which one of them previously appeared in Toy Story, have been completely restyled for this movie and have all received their own unique look (because of marketing I guess). Except their look they are totally interchangeable though as the movie doesn’t spend time on developing the characters. The Bergens are evil, the trolls are good and it’s up to princess Poppy, together with Grumpy Smurf (I mean branch) to save the day. This is a film without any depth. The movie is filled with generic covers of pop songs which are supposed to be catchy, but didn’t manage to cause that effect with me. Trolls will only appeal to kids and will challenge parents to suffer through it.

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