The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) – Review

Recensie The Lego Batman movie

The first Lego movie was to many a very pleasant surprise. Its title song “Everything is awesome” dug a way into your skull and remained there for days. The movie itself was filled with humour, unexpected cameos and an original story. Based on that everyone was looking forward to a sequel, which has come into the form of The Lego Batman movie, in which the superhero (who also had a part in the previous Lego movie) is the center of attention. Although we haven’t had a shortage of movies starring Batman the last couple of years, not all of them were good (Batman v Superman anyone?). Do the Lego bricks manage to charm again?

Review The Lego Batman movie

Batman still is the guy who tries to save Gotham city from various bad guys. His best-known rival, The Joker, has released all of Batman’s enemies and with that tries to neutralise Batman for once and for all. Batman has a plan though and when he returns to his island it turns out that Bruce Wayne is a very lonely guy. He becomes responsible for someone else while the new head of police no longer wants to depend on Batman. Changes he doesn’t know exactly how to handle.

“funnier than the original…”

This might sound like a more serious story, but this isn’t the case at all. This Lego movie might even be funnier than the original. Straight from the opening logos and music Batman starts in a hilarious way where Batman starts commenting on what is happening on-screen. A movie which is very self-aware and uses that to the max. One of the examples is that it references all the Batman movies which came before. The movie opens with a lot of momentum and humour and generally keeps it up. Even the characters from other unrelated movies start appearing and for a movie fan these are moments to enjoy even more. The Lego movies manage to entertain both old and young and I don’t even doubt the next movie will do the same.

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