Abstract: The Art of Design (2017) – Review

Review Abstract the art of design Netflix

If you look around you almost everything you see has been designed by someone. The clothes you wear, the stuff you have in your house, but also everything you see in the street you live on. We might not think about it every day, but someone has thought about each detail. Abstract: The Art of Design, a documentary series which is available through Netflix is all about this subject.

Review Abstract the art of design
In eight episodes a great variety of subjects are looked at. It’s about the design of cars, Nike shoes, concerts of interior design. Each episode focusses on one person and let’s them talk about their expertise. It’s an inspiring look into the way in which these men and women became one of the best in their respective fields. You see what motivates the to keep going and keep doing new things. Whether that’s an illustrator who had to design a cover for a magazine or an architect who wants to make affordable housing that also stands out which immediately makes you want to live there. And after seeing so much creativity you’ll also want to do something as well. You could call Abstract a design version of Chef’s Table.

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