Get Out (2017) – Review

Review Get Out

Sometimes there are these movies which are part of a genre you don’t like, but where you have heard so many great stories about that you jsut have to give that a chance. To me that was the case with Get Out, which is part of the horror genre (which I don’t really like). When I recently talked to a fellow blogger he made a comparison to a Hitchcock movie. As that’s one of my favorite directors as he was all about building suspense I just had to see Jordan Peele’s film. And I don’t regret I did that!

Review Get Out

It’s a movie which revolves around Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), who is Afro-American. His white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) invites him to first meet her parents. His best friend, TSA-employee Rod (LilRel Howery), advises him not to, but Chris decides to go anyway. The first meeting with her parents, Missy (Catherine Keener) and Dean (Bradley Whitford) Armitage, is friendly, but still Chris gets a eery feeling that something isn’t right.


Get Out is a subtle thriller/horror with the occasional jump scare, but which is a lot of fun to watch. It has a lot of humour (mainly because of phoncalls with Rod) to release the built up tension from time to time. Besides that Peele finds a way to make statements about prejudice and with a final act which manages to surprise. The actors are good, but to me there is one which stood out which is a moment where Betty Gabriel as Georgina convincingly manages to express various emotions at the same time, making you feel uneasy and a little scared, but at the same time making you feel the character’s pain. If horror isn’t your genre, you should still watch this as it is a must-see. It’s one of my favorite movies of 2017.

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