The New Adventures of Aladin (2015) – Review

Review The New Adventures of Aladin
The number of VOD-platforms keeps growing, which sometimes can make it difficult to make a choice as not every service offers the same content. Still it can sometimes be worth looking around and recently I was asked if I was interested in seeing The New Adventures of Aladin, which is available through Walk This Way (a platform which focusses on European productions). It is a new version of the well-known story, but with some modern influences.

Review The New Adventures of Aladin

It is Christmas even and Sam and Kahlid are planning to rob a warehouse. They dress up like santas, but while roaming through the story kids ask them to tell a story. One of them decides to tell the story of Aladin, in which he regularly changes details to change it into his own version.

 It turns this movie in a nice comedic film which is fun for almost the whole family (12+). The jokes might not always be of the highest standards, but they work. Whether it is the villainous helper of the king who talks to himself and where a guard drops by every time to ask if he was talking to him or when a rap video is shown the moment Aladin enters the city. It is a movie which doesn’t take itself seriously and it works. I really enjoyed this movie, which might not be the best in the genre, but which scores high because of its entertainment value. One I would love to watch a second time.

If you are interested in seeing this film (or other titles by Walk This Way) you can find it through their site.

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