Hearts Want – The first Kickstarter campaign I’m supporting!

Hearts Want

As you know I’ve been writing on My Filmviews since 2010 and through the years I’ve got to know a lot of cool and interesting people from all over the world. One of those people was Ruth who is running Flixchatter.net. She’s always enthusiastic in her writing about what she has seen and through the years she’s one of those bloggers that I really appreciate knowing and feeling connected with. We actually met up a couple of years ago when she was travelling through Europe with her husband and we had a great time. Besides that she is also important when I’m looking for a movie to play when I’m organising the yearly Dutch moviebloggers get together event in a cinema. It was thanks to her review of It’s Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong that I got to know about the film and this year she was also really helpful in giving some tips and getting me into contact with a couple of directors.

Almost as long as I’ve known her she has had a dream: Making her own movie and she has made the first steps in realising that with the short: Hearts Want.


More detail about she has gotten to this point is something you can find within her latest blogpost. She has finished principal photography, but she still needs to finish and market it, for which she is asking for help. She does this by starting a Kickstarter campaign where she explains it all herself and where you help her realise her dream. Of course I’ve pledged some money myself because I believe she’s able to make a great film and I can’t wait to see the end result. I hope more people feel the same and hope this post can help a little to get others excited about it as well!

2 thoughts on “Hearts Want – The first Kickstarter campaign I’m supporting!

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH Nostra!! Your support means so much to me! You’re one of the few bloggers I’ve had the privilege and honor to meet, hope we can meet up again soon. When are you coming to the States? 🙂

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