Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) – Review

Review Spiderman Homecoming

When news initially broke that after Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield another actor would be portraying Spider-Man, the reaction mostly was that people weren’t really looking forward to it. The movies with Andrew Garfield told the “origin” story again and most didn’t think it was necessary to go through all of that a third time. But after seeing Tom Holland in the role during Captain America: Civil War, many concluded that his take was refreshing and wanted more. It was cool to see Tony Stark take him under his wings but also fun to see him fanboying when he first met the Avengers. It is quite an achievement that Spider-Man: Homecoming has been realised so quickly after that movie and actually closely fits with that film. Does Holland’s portrayal of the webslinger also work in a two hour long movie?

Review Spiderman Homecoming

It’s something which can quickly be answered with a resounding “yes”. This is a Spider-Man which works in every single way. It’s also nice to see it isn’t an origin story. At the beginning of the movie it shows in an original way how Peter Parked experienced his mission in Berlin and once he’s back how he’s trying to fight crime, hoping that it will impress Tony Stark and get him an invitation for another mission (possibly with the Avengers). During his adventures he discovers a group of arms dealers who use alien technology to create very dangerous weaponry. He tries to localise their leader, played by Michael Keaton, so he can prove himself for once and for all. But besides being a superhero he also has to attend high-school. Peter has fallen in love with one of the girls, Liz, and doesn’t know how to approach her. His best friend Ned “helps” him with it and clearly is the comedic sidekick (one which fortunately doesn’t get on your nerves).

“one of the best blockbusters this year…”

 This is the Spider-Man you’ll love watching. The character always has something interesting or funny to say, clearly is still learing how to be a hero (there are several moments where the crime fighting doesn’t completely go as planned) and that results in a couple of funny situations. Thanks to Stark Industries his suit has received a lot of gadgetry which makes the possibilities of what it can do a lot bigger. Those possibilities are used in various spectacular action scenes which are mixed with more personal moments where Peter wants to impress Liz. The relationship he has with Tony Stark has also been realised in a great way, with Iron Man acting as a father figure who cares for him and isn’t afraid to tell him when he hasn’t done something right. Spider-Man: Homecoming is a joy to watch and one of the best blockbusters this year. A movie you’ll love seeing for a second time.

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  1. I enjoyed this too Nostra! The Tony Stark fanboying was funny at first but got kind of annoying fast. Overall it was pretty fun and Holland did a nice job in the role.

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