Mindhorn (2016) – Review

Review Mindhorn

A while ago Mindhorn appeared on Netflix, which looked like a very silly film. However when I’m in the right mood I am willing to give movies like that a chance (Kung Pow still is one of my favorite comedies) and this seemed like one I might enjoy.

Review Mindhorn

In the world of this film Mindhorn is a successful TV-show from the seventies, which was shot on the Isle of Man. Richard Thorncraft (Julian Barratt) played the role of Mindhorn, a detective with a cybernetic eye with which he’s able to see the truth. 25 years later thought the show has mostly been forgotten and Richard is a washed up actor who once in a while is able to do a commercial for some crappy product. When a murder takes place on The Isle of Man, the police receives a message from the killer which states that he only wants to talk to detective Mindhorn. For Richard it’s a chance to restore his former glory, so he puts on his old outfit and travels to the island. He quickly realizes that the killer thinks Mindhorn is a real person, but will Richard be able to handle that?

“a long movie to sit through…”

 Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get into the humour of the movie, so I rarely laughed. Most jokes are about the fact that Richard no longer is the man he used to be and that when he sees people he knew he tries to be someone he isn’t anymore and that didn’t work for me. Too often I had the feeling I was watching a couple of actors who were trying to be funny and simply weren’t. I never felt I was in on the joke and if that’s the case it is a long movie to sit through.

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  1. Share your same thoughts on this one, Nostra. I don’t think I would have seen it had I not started running out of in-flight film choices! It’s just not the type of humour I enjoy.

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