2:22 (2017) – Review

2:22 Review
“A picture is worth a thousand words”, which also is the case with movie posters. When this movie was playing in the cinemas over here I regularly saw the one made for this movie and it’s a bad one. It’s a poster which really doesn’t seel the movie. Firstly the design looks like something made by a fan who cut out the heads of the main characters and after that didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about a font and applying inner and outer shadows in Photoshop. It’s also a very dark poster, which isn’t pleasing to the eyes. The clock shows the same time as the title of the film, but what that means isn’t clear. Basically a poster which doesn’t make you want to see the film, which at least looks a lot better than its promotional material.

Recensie 2:22 review
Dylan (Michiel Huisman) is an air traffic controller, who likes to have routines in his life. He’s good at his job, but when he shortly loses focus during his job, two airplanes almost collide. By handling quickly he manages to prevent it just in time, but he has to take leave for a while. While at home and in the street he notices that every day the exact same patterns happen at the exact same times. A droplet of water which falls, someone saying the exact same words etc. Each day at exactly 2:22 something happens at Grand Central in New York which he writes down as “BOOM”. During one of these days off from work he meets Sarah (Teresa Palmer), who was in one of the planes which almost crashed. The two feel a connection, but slowly Dylan discovers something about the events which are possibly related to both the lives of him and Sarah.


 The concept of the film, the fact that daily occurrences have patterns, is interesting. The execution of the idea could have been better though and that’s something which can be said about more things in this film. Dylan and Sarah fall in love with each other, but unfortunately there isn’t any believable chemistry between the two actors. A link which is made to the past feels forced and the things Dylan struggles with never really hit you emotionally. Visually it looks good, but unfortunately the end result is disappointing, like its poster.

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