Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) – Review

Review Resident Evil the FInal Chapter

If someone asked you to name some long running movie franchises, Resident Evil probably wouldn’t be one you’d think of. Still this movie series started in 2002 and this one is the sixth installment. Despite the fact that these movies didn’t receive many positive review, it managed to appeal to a specific audience and still made more than its production budget back. So The Resident Evil movies might not be well-regarded, but they are known for action, horror elements and of course Milla Jovovich as the protagonist. Like the title already makes clear, this is the last movie in the series (even though a reboot has already been announced).

Review Resident Evil the FInal Chapter

For those unfamiliar with these films (or those who have forgotten what happened previously), the movie opens with a short introduction to the world of Resident Evil, in which the Umbrella Corporation has been responsible for releasing the T-virus which infected almost everyone in the world and transformed them into zombies. It’s now up to Alice, who has to go from Washington back to Raccoon City (where everything started) in the hope to save what’s left from humanity by finding a way to get into Umbrella and destroy the T-virus.

“a fun ride…”

 The Final Chapter is one of those movies you shouldn’t expect too much of and basically shouldn’t think too much about what is happening on-screen. It’s enjoyable non-stop action, which sometimes has been edited a bit too quickly to give you a sense of what’s happening. Milla Jovovich is fine as an action hero and one would be interesting to see fighting Black Widow…it would be hard to predict who’d win. The thing with this movie is that it’s not trying to be more than what it is. What it does it does with full conviction and if you are willing to go along with that, it’s a fun ride.

2 thoughts on “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) – Review

  1. No. No. This film is awful. It’s incomprehensible gibberish dressed up with flashy stupid effects and risible editing. I loathed this film. I loved the first few, but this was an unflushed turd of a thing.

    • Hahaha, I can completely agree with you on and understand it. For me it was the first one I saw and it was a guilty pleasure for me…came in with very low expectations to start with, so maybe that’s why it was enjoyable…

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