McLaren (2017) – Review

Recensie McLaren

When you hear the name McLaren you think of speed and cars. It is a name which is automatically connected to it, but how much do you know about the man behind that name? Bruce Mclaren, the man from New Zealand who became famous with his racing team. This documentary tells his story.

Review Mclaren

When Bruce grew up he had a handicap which made walking very difficult for him and because of it he had to be laying down on a stretcher for years. Still he was determined and through stories of his colleagues, recreations of key moments in his life and archival footage you get to know more about how he achieved his successes as both a driver and businessman. Unfortunately he passed away at a young age. Unfortunately director Roger Donaldson doesn’t succeed in showing how good McLaren was and jumps too quickly through various moments in his life. It makes for an unbalanced documentary which isn’t bad, but not as fascinating to watch as the best one in this genre, Senna.

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