Long Shot (2017) – Review

Review Long Shot
In recent months, a number of new “true crime” documentaries have appeared on Netflix. A genre which I find very fascinating. With a length of just 39 minutes Long Shot was an interesting snack with a bizarre story.

Review Long Shot

Imagine coming into work, being arrested and being told you are the main suspect for a murder you were not involved in. That is exactly what happened to Juan Catalan. He knew exactly where he was (a baseball game), but how do you prove that? His lawyer decides to use images of an unreleased episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm to prove Juan’s innocence.

It is unimaginable how things can go during a lawsuit and that this man had a great chance of being condemned for something he knew absolutely nothing about. Someone whose life could have been totally devastated if he was not lucky that recordings were made for a television series, which his lawyer found out about, and that those recordings took place around the seats where Juan was located. The documentary is stylish and shows how difficult it can be to prove your innocence, even if it is supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty”.

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