Ferrari: Race to Immortality (2017) – Review

Review Ferrari Race to Immortality

When you hear the name Ferrari you’ll probably think of expensive red cars, speed and Italy. It is a brand which, thanks to Enzo Ferrari and his success in motor sports, is recognised by almost anyone and which means prestige. This documentary, Ferrari: Race to Immortality, look at an important period for the Formula 1 racing team Scuderia Ferrari, during the fifties. One of the most dangerous periods when it came to racing.

review Ferrari Race to Immortality

Unfortunately the title doesn’t fit the material. Although it is about Ferrari drivers, hardly any attention is giving to Ferrari himself (and how he managed to get where did). The focus mainly is on Peter Collins, Mike Hawthorn and showing the many (deadly) accidents that took place. You get to know more about these two men than about team Ferrari and the cars. The message that it was a dangerous period is something which was better presented in 1: Life on the Limit. There are also better documentaries about Formula 1 available. In short: This is a Ferrari documentary in which there isn’t much Ferrari passion to be found and which focusses more on the time when Collins and Hawthorn were part of the team.

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