Pombo Loves You (2015) – Short movie review

Review Pombo Loves You

Steve Warne has worked as an animator on movies like Frankenweenie, Ma Vie de Courgette and Kubo and the Two Strings. But he also wrote, directed and animated this short film in 2015, Pombo Loves You. It’s about a father who shares custody and takes care of his daughter part of the time. When she’s at his place she find a Pombo mask, which brings back vivid and traumatic memories for the father.

Review Pombo Loves You
Warne manages to use the twelve minutes running time effectively in this well animated film. The figures themselves might not look pretty, but the story that is told with them manages to touch the heartstrings. Pombo looks like a fun character, but that mask means so much more to the father and this short really manages to visualize that in a unique way.

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