Things you hear too much in movies – Part 1

Things you hear too much in movies
When you regularly watch movies and series you’ll probably have noticed that there are these quotes which just seem to come back regularly. Sentences which make you think “haven’t I hear this before?” or where you are able to say the next sentence before a character even says it. These are cliche lines which might be the result of a scriptwriter who got lazy or who thought it might be the best for the moment. Things you hear too much in movies.

We’ve got company!

The main characters are in a space and possibly have discovered something. Everything is quiet, but all of a sudden someone hears a sound and this is the moment the action starts.

Follow that car!

Maybe a typical example of text which you can’t write any other way, but how often do you see a hero chasing someone, getting into a car and uttering this phrase?

You look like shit!

Maybe one of the most used lines ever, which you’ll hardly hear in real life.

And that’s an order

One which was recently used in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Usually heard in movies about cops or the army.

I think we’ve lost them

During a tense action movie there is a chase (on foor, car, water, whatever) and there is a moment the hero looks behind him and no one seems to be there anymore. But as things go usually that quickly changes.

Don’t you die on me now!

Regularly used when a character is hurt and you don’t know if they’ll survive.

Do you have any idea who I am?

Mainly used by characters who think they have status and where the other character doesn’t treat them the way they expect.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Two characters have to solve a big problem. They look at each other, speak these magic words and go full steam ahead. Unless it’s a comedy and they both do something completely different.

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