Black Mirror – Season 4 review: Metalhead

ReviewBlack Mirror Metalhead

If you keep up with the technology news, you’ve probably heard of Boston Dynamics and their robot creations. It started with Big Dog that has been developed into Spot and the Spot Mini . But also creations like Handle , Atlas to the almost frightening Wildcat. Where these developments will possibly end is the subject of this episode of Black Mirror.

Review Black Mirror Metalhead

Shot in stylish black and white, Metalhead follows a group of people who are looking for something. They decide to break into an abandoned warehouse and find what they need. Unfortunately they find more than that, namely a sleeping “dog”, a robot that is extremely aggressive, which is activated by the sound and is ruthless. The group must escape if they want to live. But escaping is anything but easy.

An episode that shows what autonomous, armed systems could ultimately lead to. A world in which man, regardless of good or bad intentions, is chased by extremely efficient robots that are difficult to shut down. It is unfortunately not much more than that message, but nevertheless it produces an exciting horror-like thriller where it’s all about one thing for the main characters: survival.

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