Sing (2016) – Review

Review Sing

Ever since debuting their first movie Despicable Me in 2010, Illumination Entertainment has managed to release a financially successful string of movies, including The Lorax, Despicable Me 2, Minions and The Secret Life of Pets. The reviews weren’t as positive though, because after their first movie the Metactric score has never been above 62 points for any of their films, usually because the movie might have fun moments, but lack an emotional depth. The studio isn’t able to measure up to the greats like Pixar and Disney yet. Sing is their latest film and the question is whether this is any good. Continue reading

Moana (2016) – Review

Review Moana

As a fan of animation 2016 was a pretty good year when it came to Disney movies. At the beginning of the year the excellent Zootopia was release, which introduced a new world you wanted to spend more time in and at the end of the year they released their second animated movie, Moana. Is it just as good as Zootopia? Continue reading

The Red Turtle (2016) – Review

Review The Red Turtle

Silence in a film can be very powerful. It is an important tool in the filmmaker’s toolbox . Moments where not much happens can raise tension, but are also able to express emotion. Just think of Wall E, where the most powerful and emotional part was where there wasn’t any dialog. The same was the case for Up. Both movies were made by Pixar and together with Studio Ghibli (en Disney) belong to the best in animation. They are studios which not only manage to touch the hearts of children, but also have something deeper which appeal to older viewers. Unfortunately the future of Ghibli is uncertain. Both founding members have retired (although one temporarily returns) and there is no way of telling if the studio will release something in the future. So I was happy when I heard they would be releasing The Red Turtle. The fact that this movie wasn’t made in Japan, makes it a very special one. Continue reading

Trolls (2016) – Review

Review Trolls

The promotion of this movie last year started early when Justin Timberlake appeared during the Eurovision Songfestival and performed his song “Can’t stop the feeling” and mentioning the film during his introduction. His song turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the summer, but what about Trolls? Is it just as catchy? Continue reading

Borrowed Time (2015) – Short movie review

Borrowed Time review

We all know that animation isn’t only used to make movies for children (just look at Grave of the Fireflies). Directors Lou Hamou-Lhadj and Andrew Coats, who both work at Pixar, decided to make an animated short in their spare time. It would take them five years before they’d finish it and it has payed off, as the short is in the race for an Oscar. Enough reason to give this short a look. Continue reading

Storks (2016) – Review

Review Storks

Regularly I come across movies where my expectations are extremely low. They are usually titles I steer clear from and occasionally might give them a chance once they are out on DVD/VOD. Storks was one of those movies which also didn’t get much marketing. But when the kids had a week off from school one of the things I usually do is to take them to the cinema. The youngest one wanted to see this movie. I hoped, like with a dentist appointment, that it would be quick and painless. I didn’t expect I would enjoy this movie so much. Continue reading