As I Open My Eyes (2015) – Review

Recensie As I Open My Eyes

Film is a powerful medium to convey certain ideas or situations in a sensitive and subtle way to others. It can open eyes because it shines light on the dark past of a country (for example The Act of Killing ) or results in changes (such as Blackfish). In recent years there were several revolutions in various countries in the Middle East. Not all of them have achieved the desired result, but it has showed the world how powerful it can be when everyone speaks up. Tunisia also belonged to those countries and it is the place where this film takes place, on the eve of Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution. Continue reading

Broken Circle Breakdown (2012) – Review

Recensie Broken Circle Breakdown2016 Blindspot Films
I decided to start out the year well and immediately start watching a Blindspot movie. When I saw that this movie was available through one of the on demand services I am subscribed to it was easy to decide which one to start with. I had already been warned by de Protagonisten, two fellow Dutch blogger, that this wouldn’t be an easy watch….and boy, were they right. There was nothing which could have prepared me for the emotions I’d be going through during the next 111 minutes. Continue reading

Danny Collins (2015)

Recensie Danny Collins

Al Pacino is already 75 years, but the actor does not even seem to think about retiring. If you look at the films he has made in recent years, their quality might not have been good for each one of them (he was criticized for his role in Jack and Jill), but as a filmfan I always look forward to his appearance. It is an actor who has more than earned his marks with a variety of classic roles (such as The Godfather, Scarface, Dog Day Afternoon, Heat and Carlito’s Way). With Danny Collins, he shows that he is still full of energy, but is it also a movie you must check out? Continue reading

Krush Groove (1985)

Review Krush Groove has been looking back at various classic hip hop songs for a while with interviews with those involved in their series Magnum Opus . It is an enjoyable look behind the scenes which shows how these songs came to into existence. In one of the latest videos LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells was featured and a clip of the movie Krush Groove was shown, where he had a small cameo. Despite the fact that I had seen quite a lot of hip hop related movies, this was one I missed. Time to add this one. Continue reading

Almost Famous (2000)

Review Almost Famous 2015 small blindspotSo to start the year strong I thought it was a good idea to kick off the year with watching one of my “Blindspot” movies for 2015. I had never watched it and the only thing I read about it that it had to do with the rock scene. As that really isn’t my genre of music I never watched it. But as these things go I kept seeing it being reviewed positively by other bloggers and decided to add it to my “to watch” list and have now come around to seeing it.

Not knowing anything about it I was very surprised going in to see the amount of names of well-known actors who are in this movie: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Frances McDormand, Billy Crudup, Zooey Deschanel and Jason Lee to name just a few. And it turned out those names aren’t the only good thing about this film. Continue reading

Jersey Boys (2014)

Review Jersey Boys

At the end of Jersey Boys one of the characters states that in the end it was all about following the music, feeling that urge to keep making it. It is a feeling we all experience in one way or another. As a movie blogger I definitely can relate because you feel a bit empty if you are not watching and writing about film. It is a creative process as you want to keep creating new articles about interesting subjects others will enjoy. I love that feeling, having that drive, but it important you make sure it remains interesting and keeps challenging you. Clint Eastwood did that by making the move of directing besides acting and has been very successful with it. With Jersey Boys he wants to bring the popular musical to the big screen. Continue reading