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The Bridge – Season 2

Review The Bridge season2

Although most popular TV series are made in the US, the Scandinavian countries have proven that they also produce a lot of great shows. On of those shows is Bron/Broen, better known as The Bridge. Season 1 managed to be extremely interesting from the start. A body was found at the middle of a bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. The departments of justice of the two countries have to work together on the case because of it. It was a thrilling story with an ending you will not be able to forget. That first season wrapped everything up nicely and when I heard that a second season would be made I started to wonder if it would be able to reach the same quality as the first season. My fear was that it would feel extremely unrealistic and forced. That first season everything the story flowed in a convincing and natural way. I also wondered how you would be able to bring the characters together again. Continue reading

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2014)

Review of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

As adults we seem to be focussed on the practical things of life: Work, our family and friends. The moments where we don’t have anything to do are far and few between. You might still daydream, but I’m sure it won’t be as much as when you were a kid. A time when you could imagine anything and where you didn’t have the life experience yet to realise a lot of those daydreams would never be realised. Walter Mitty is a character though who has kept daydreaming and who zones out when he imagines the most fantastic imagery. It could be him saving people or standing up for something which in reality he doesn’t. He has never realised those dreams, not been anywhere and is stuck in his job. Continue reading

Bounty Killer (2013)

Review Bounty Killer

With a huge supply of movies you have to make choices about which ones to see. Which way that is done differs from person to person. I usually do that based on IMDB scores, but I sometimes watch movies which don’t score high because a specific actor is in it or if I usually enjoy the director’s work. Bounty Killer is a movie I was given and I decided to watch it without doing any further investigation. Continue reading

+1 (2013)

Plus one review

Although there are several movies which involve time travel, it is a genre which is relatively small when compared to other genres (at least that is my feeling). It is one of my favorite types of film though, so if there is any opportunity to check one out I always do so. Plus One deals with a specific subgenre, the time loop. Timecrimes and Triangle are two examples of movies which use the concept of time repeating to great effect and they are both movies I really enjoyed. How does +1 compare? Continue reading

The Thirteenth Floor (1999)

Review of The Thirteenth Floor

During the last couple of months I have played a lot of Grand Theft Auto 5. It is a beautiful looking game which creates a very convincing world. People drive their cars, do their daily business, cinemas play movies, celebrity bus tours drive around, there is a huge number of details, many which I’ll probably never notice/run into. The game allows you to switch between three characters at any moment and if you are not playing with the other two they will just do their own things. Although this is a game it made me wonder at times how these characters would experience me taking control or the impact my actions would have on random passers-by. I basically wondered how real their world would feel for them. It is a subject which has been explored in movies. The Matrix is probably the most famous example, but Existenz and Dark City also deal with it. The Thirteenth Floor is also a very interesting take and actually close to what I was thinking about while playing GTA5. Continue reading