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Inherent Vice (2014)

Review Inherent Vice

Dear Mister Anderson,

The first work of yours which I ever saw was the movie Magnolia, your work impressed me and during your career I’ve seen almost all of your movies including Punch Drunk Love, There Will Be Blood and The Master. Also didn’t want to miss your latest film, Inherent Vice. I couldn’t wait to find out what it was about and what to expect from it. See, I never read the book this movie is based on, but as you know how to make movies I had confidence this would be a nice surprise. Continue reading

Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Review Jupiter Ascending

The Wachowskis don’t seem to want to make “safe” movies. The want to think big, bring different concepts and spectacle to the screen. That sometimes leads to movies which are widely loved like The Matrix (where reality wasn’t what it seemed to be), but also movies which divide audiences, like Cloud Atlas (a story told across centuries).

With Jupiter Ascending they show that daring attitude again. By taking a story which would also work as a costume drama, spectacular action as you’d expect from them, costumes which wouldn’t look bad in a Tarsem Singh movie and a sauce of science fiction, they have created a movie which is meant to be seen on the big screen. Continue reading

Labyrinthus (2014)

Review Labyrinthus

When it comes to children’s tv and movies there is one company which pretty much dominates that market, which is the Belgian Studio 54 which has a wide range of successful franchises. You’d almost forget that other companies make movies as well, but Labyrinthus is a great example of one checking out. An exciting movie for the older kids. Continue reading

Interstellar (2014)

Review Interstellar

If there was one movie in the past year (besides the Interview) about which a whole lot of things were written, it was Interstellar. After its release my mailbox and Feedly were flooded with reviews, news articles and pieces which tried explaining the theory behind the movie. It was an overload of information and at the time I didn’t feel like adding too much. Continue reading

Pioneer (2014)

Review Pioneer

At the start of the seventies oil is discovered in the North Sea. Norway had difficulty in getting this oil to land and had to do several test dives in order to find out if it was possible to lay a pipe. If they were able to do this it would mean a lot of money for the country. As tests at this depth were never done before, the Norwegians decided to work together with an American company. The Norwegian brothers Petter and Knut are part of the diving team and are the first ones to do a test dive. When a tragic accident takes place at the ocean floor it is Petter who decided to find the cause for it. It is an investigation which becomes more dangerous to him when he seems to discover a conspiracy. Continue reading

Secret Window (2004)

Review Secret Window

The work of writer Stephen King has been a great source for various series and movies. I can remember watching them when I was young (for example It and Christine). The most famous movie based on his work is probably The Shining (which King actually doesn’t like). Another movie I strongly remember is The Mist, mainly for its haunting ending. The mysterious and supernatural atmosphere of the movies is something I’m always able to enjoy. Secret Window is also a “Stephen King film” I’ve know about for years, but hadn’t come around to watching. Continue reading