Black Mirror – Season 3: Playtest

Review Black Mirror Playtest seizoen 3

As someone who has been playing games for years and who has experienced this form of entertainment developing from three simple blocks on the screen (Pong) to extremely realistic worlds like those in for example Grand Theft Auto, I sometimes wonder where we’ll eventually end up. At the moment virtual reality and augmented reality are hot, because they are able to offer a new experience where “presence” is the magic word. As a player you must have the feeling that you are really in a different place. The headsets follow the movements of your head and the world you experience matches that perfectly. It is a field that is still young in its current form, but how will it evolve? Playtest tries to give an answer to that question in a typical Black Mirror way, directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) Continue reading

Doctor Strange (2016) – Review

Review Doctor Strange

Although Marvel releases several new superhero movies each year with famous characters who are part of the Avengers, it also takes a risk (to a certain degree, as they follow a formula) by bringing a relatively unknown character and bringing them to the big screen. That previously worked well with Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. Now it’s Doctor Strange’s turn. Continue reading

Arrival (2016) – Review

Review Arrival

Getting thoughts and ideas across can happen in various ways and as humans we have a constant urge to communicate. Not only about the present, but also for people in the future. This review is an example of that, because as I’m writing this I know others will read it days, weeks or even months later.

Communication appears to be easy, but it comes as no surprise that misinterpretation can happy quickly depending on the way it is communicated and the state of the person receiving that information. It sometimes might be hard to translate a feeling into words, as much as it is impossible to really describe a scent.In Arrival, de latest movie by one of my favorite directors, Denis Villeneuve, it’s all about communication. How can you get messages across to someone who speaks a completely foreign language to yours, in this case aliens?This review contains spoilers Continue reading

ARQ (2016) – Review

review arq

Timecrimes, Groundhog Day, Triangle, the tv show Day Break, +1 and Edge of Tomorrow, they are just a few examples of movies in which the main character gets stuck in a time loop. A piece of time in which the same events keep taking place and where the main character uses his knowledge of them to outwit everyone and hopefully escape. It’s “High concept” which is fun to watch. Netflix has stepped into this genre with ARQ, a relatively low budget film (according to director Tony Elliott shy of two million dollar). Is this a must-see for Netflix subscribers? Continue reading

Now You See Me 2 (2016) – Review

Review Now You See Me 2

The Four Horsemen are back! Well, at least that’s the feeling a lot of people had when the news broke that this sequel was getting made. I wasn’t excited at all. The original movie was slick and managed to entertain, but the twist at the end was so unbelievable that it took the feeling I had about the movie, threw it on the ground, built a stadium around it and had the chariot race from Spartacus run over it. It completely destroyed the movie for me and I really didn’t feel like having to go through that again. Still, the reviews of the sequel weren’t that bad, so I decided to give it a chance. Should I have? Continue reading

Julieta (2016) – Review

Recensie Julieta

On first sight Julieta, who probably is in her fifties, seems to be happy. She’s about to move from Spain to Portugal with her boyfriend. Everything has been packed, but when she meets someone from her past something changes in her. Emotions she had ignored for years come flooding back and take control of her. She decides to stop with her plans and write a letter. A letter for her daughter she hasn’t seen in years. Continue reading

The Assassin (2015) – Review

Review The Assassin

In all aspects of life compatibility is very important. In you personal relationships you search for people who complement you and with whom you can get along, when it comes to technology you want your laptop or phone to work with accessories you get for it. But it’s also something which is present when it comes to movies. It’s the reason why one person is praising Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad and someone else absolutely hates it. For me I had compatibility issues with this film, which generally was praised in review and which won Hou Hsiao-hsien the price for best director at the 68th Cannes film festival. After struggling through this movie though it’s really hard for me to understand why. Continue reading