Phantom Boy (2015) – Review

Review Phantom Boy

When it comes to animated movies almost all of them involve either talking animals or princesses. That doesn’t mean there is something wrong with that (the recent Zootopia is a good example), but I often get the feeling there aren’t enough variety within the genre. So it was refreshing to see Phantom Boy approach its story differently, with a lot of originality as well. Continue reading

Paradox (2006) – Short movie review

Review paradox

Shorts have a challenge: in a short amount of time they have to set up a story or concept which immediately grabs your attention and Paradox is able to do that very well. A man wakes up at the bottom of a well and sees another man there. The two start a conversation and they quickly find out that they are both from different time periods. The question is who of the two is right? Continue reading

A Hard Day (2014) – Review

A Hard Day review

Luckily I don’t have them often, but there are these days when everything you do seems to go wrong. Trains don’t run, appliances suddenly stop working, food doesn’t turn out the way you want, you name it. Murphy’s Law often seems to be right: Everything which can go wrong, will go wrong. And that’s exactly what the main character in this movie experiences himself. Continue reading

Zootopia (2016) – Review

Recensie Zootopia

It’s always exciting when a studio releases a new movie which isn’t a sequel. Releasing such a movie can be a risk (Gods of Egypt is a good example), because making films is not cheap, especially when they are completely computer generated. Disney has been on a roll lately with Wreck-it-Ralph, Frozen and Big Hero 6 (and of course the Pixar movies), so it was exciting to see what they would bring with Zootopia. Continue reading

The Terror Live (2013) – Review

Review The Terror Live

The Terror Live is a movie I had planned to write about a while ago, but the week I was going to publish it, the attacks in Paris happened and that made me think. A lot of the movies I’ve written about this week have something to do with bombs. For the moviegoer they are a source of entertainment, excitement and spectacle. But sometimes we see the real damage they can do in real life. I made me wonder why we’d still choose to see those type of movies? In my opinion it is partly to be able to experience something we normally wouldn’t be able to. We can escape our everyday life for a moment and face our biggest fears, but then in a safe environment. Sometimes though (like after the attacks) fiction and reality come too close together and it will feel wrong to enjoy such films.

In the past various shocking events have had their effect on movies. A scene was removed from Gangster Squad after the cinema shooting in Aurora, Colorado and the director of Die Hard with a Vengeance thought about removing the opening explosion because of the events in Oklahoma. At those moments scenes like could be considered insensitive/in bad taste. Continue reading

The Beauty Inside (2015) – Review

Review The Beauty Inside

How important is you appearance to you? For many people it will be a very important deciding thing, because it plays an important role in the first impression you make on others. It also will influence how you feel about yourself. In the entertainment and fashion industry it seems the only thing you are judged on and where getting older isn’t allowed. But what would happen if you couldn’t do anything about your appearance? What would happen if you woke up inside a different body each day? That’s the reality the main character in this movie, Woo-Jin, faces. r

Mr. Holmes (2015) – Review

Review Mr Holmes

Detective Sherlock Holmes has been popular for years. If you do a search for the character on IMDB you’ll see that since 1911 there have been 120 movies and shows about the character. The best known ones are of course the movie with Robert Downey Jr. and the BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. You might wonder, because already so much content is available about him, whether it is still possible to make something about Sherlock Holmes which feels fresh. But that’s exactly what Mr. Holmes tries to do. Continue reading