Project Almanac (2015)

Project Almanac review

While some women just can not get enough of romantic comedies, I have that with movies about time travel. I still have a list of movies I haven’t seen which have some sort of time in them. When I heard about this movie, I could not restrain my curiosity. Not every time travel movie is good of course, but because I’m a big fan of the concept in movies, I can easily forgive some rough edges in them. Continue reading

Theodore Rex (1995)

Review Theodore Rex

Earlier this year, the hilarious Kung Fury already showed that police officers don’t like to work with dinosaurs. It was, like the rest of the film, a bizarre moment. However, there is a feature-length film which has used that concept fully. I recently read about the existence of this film and the incredible story behind it. This is actually the most expensive “straight to video” movie ever made, with a price tag of $ 33.5 million. The film was planned to be released in cinemas, but because of various production problems (read this article ) the distributor didn’t want to do that anymore. It is a film that everyone involved, including lead actress Whoopie Goldberg, would rather forget. I would also like to add myself itself to that list. Continue reading

Spectre (2015) – Review

Review Spectre

The James Bond franchise is one of the longest running ones in movie history. With its 24th movie, there still is a huge audience wanting to see 007. It’s a character that’s still appealling. This does mean that the world in which it is set needs adjusting once in a while to remain relevant. When Daniel Craig took over the baton from Pierce Brosnan in Casino Royale the series moved away from the weird gadgets en the secret agent lived in a realistic world which was a whole lot darker. Het became a man with feelings who was in real danger. Despite the fact that its sequel, Quantum of Solace, wasn’t as good it was Skyfall (with it’s winks to the past) and an impressive bad guy which won over the hearts of both the public and the reviewers. Does Spectre manage to do the same? Continue reading

Boy 7 (2015)

Review Boy 7

As you probably know I live in the Netherlands, but if you’d start searching for reviews of Dutch movies you won’t find many. I never have found Dutch movies that interesting and of course you might wonder why that is the case. A big reason is that most movies are romantic dramas or romantic comedies (and usually not very good one), in which I’m not that interested. There are exceptions, like the fantastic Wolf, but in general it’s not worth giving most of them a try. Boy 7 did interest me though as it is a science fiction movie and I couldn’t remember any other dutch movies in this genre. Continue reading

When Marnie Was There (2014)

Review When Marnie Was There

These are sad times if you are a fan of Studio Ghibli. Recently both Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki made their final films and it currently seems that When Marnie Was There will be the last movie released by the legendary studio. The demand for animated movies has changed and financing them has become a lot harder. The studio won’t close its doors yet, so there still is hope for a new film, but chances seem slim. Is When Marnie Was There an adequate farewell? Continue reading

The Guest (2014)

Review The Guest

Usually when we deal with other people we assume they are good people. If someone approaches you with a friendly smile and is nice to be around you will quickly trust that person. When David (Dan Stevens) knocks on the door of the Peterson family he comes across as a very charming man. He tells them he was a soldier who fought together with their son, who died while serving. David promised him that he’d visit his family and give them his final message if he would pass away. From the moment David arrives though some very shocking events start taking place. Continue reading

Cop Car (2015)

Review Cop car

The most simple concepts often result in the best movies. Cop Car is a very good example of that: As the starting point for your story you take a cop car and then think of events that could happen having to do with that car. Writer and director Jon Watts (who will also direct the new Spiderman film) manages to impress with that idea. Continue reading