The Terror Live (2013) – Review

Review The Terror Live

The Terror Live is a movie I had planned to write about a while ago, but the week I was going to publish it, the attacks in Paris happened and that made me think. A lot of the movies I’ve written about this week have something to do with bombs. For the moviegoer they are a source of entertainment, excitement and spectacle. But sometimes we see the real damage they can do in real life. I made me wonder why we’d still choose to see those type of movies? In my opinion it is partly to be able to experience something we normally wouldn’t be able to. We can escape our everyday life for a moment and face our biggest fears, but then in a safe environment. Sometimes though (like after the attacks) fiction and reality come too close together and it will feel wrong to enjoy such films.

In the past various shocking events have had their effect on movies. A scene was removed from Gangster Squad after the cinema shooting in Aurora, Colorado and the director of Die Hard with a Vengeance thought about removing the opening explosion because of the events in Oklahoma. At those moments scenes like could be considered insensitive/in bad taste. Continue reading

Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995) – Review

Review Die Hard with a Vengeance

The hope that we’ll get another new Die Hard movie which is worth watching seems to getting smaller as the movies (and the acting Bruce Willis does) are getting worse. Still the the original Die Hard movie and this third film in this franchise have gained a special place in my heart. They are wonderful, entertaining action movies in which the main characters end up in a situation which they can’t control and are forced to do anything to make the best of it with the means available. Continue reading

Juggernaut (1974) – Review

Review Juggernaut

Often we tend to focus on new things. In the field of films and series, we feel (especially if you blog about movies), forced to see what has just been released as soon as possible. Therefore we sometimes forget to reflect on what’s already there and may have missed in the past. Especially when it comes to older films, it is sometimes difficult to find out what films are worth seeing, but which don’t appear in the “classics” lists. For example, I had never heard of Juggernaut, until I was researching films with bombs in them. It seems it is the first film to have a bomb defusing scene where someone needs to make the choice between cutting a red or a blue wire. Continue reading

Speed (1994) – Review

Review Speed

This week is a bit of a theme week here as I’m reviewing films that contain bombs. So I’ve recently rewatched a couple (and some for the first time) and will review them this week. On Friday I’ll close it of with a top 10 of the best movies with bombs.

So today it’s time for the first movie and that’s one with a Dutch influence. The director is none other than Jan de Bont and this was his American film debut, one which made a splash and would allow him to direct mmovies like Twister and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life Continue reading

Beast of No Nation (2015) – Review

Review Beasts of No Nation

Although I have a broad taste in movies, the horror genre is one that I really avoid. I simply don’t enjoy making myself voluntarily uncomfortable, I don’t have that need. Give me a good action film or a wonderful documentary and I’m sure to have a great time. Netflix has a wide range for those tastes and in recent years the company has become a provider of many films and series that are worth watching. To ensure that they stay ahead of HBO they started making their own series, with great success (think Orange is the New Black or House of Cards).

Beasts of No Nation is their first “feature” film, which wasn’t only released on their own service, but was also shown in a limited number of cinemas on the same day. Although Netflix normally doesn’t release any numbers, they were proud to announce it had been watched three million times. But because huge numbers are no guarantee of a good movie (think Transformers), the question is whether Beasts of No Nation is a successful first step into their own movies. Continue reading

The Hateful Eight (2015) – Review

Recensie The Hateful Eight

The number of directors of which I need to see their latest movie can be counted on one hand. Quentin Tarantino is certainly one of them, because since seeing his first two films I’ve been a big fan of his style. A director with his own voice, his own kind of movies where not only the images are fantastic, but the choice of music is always original and dialogues is always recognizable as his own (whether in Reservoir Dogs or in a special episode CSI). A new Tarantino film is always an event for me and I could hardly wait to The Hateful Eight, his eighth film. Continue reading

Sicario (2015) – Review

Review Sicario

As children, we learn that we have to color inside the lines, that in fairy tales there is only right and wrong, and that the world consists of contradictions: Black / White. As you get older you start to realise life is not so simple, that nuance exists and there is always another side to a story. Not everyone always takes the time to look into the nuance because it makes it easier to form an opinion about something or to make a judgment.

This also applies to the law. Of course a judge looks at the facts of a case and decides if something is right or wrong. But what do you as a police unit against an enemy who is able to do anything and has more money, people and weapons available than you? Should you still have to follow the rules when you see that you won’t be able to win that way? Continue reading