Doctor Strange (2016) – Review

Review Doctor Strange

Although Marvel releases several new superhero movies each year with famous characters who are part of the Avengers, it also takes a risk (to a certain degree, as they follow a formula) by bringing a relatively unknown character and bringing them to the big screen. That previously worked well with Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. Now it’s Doctor Strange’s turn. Continue reading

Arrival (2016) – Review

Review Arrival

Getting thoughts and ideas across can happen in various ways and as humans we have a constant urge to communicate. Not only about the present, but also for people in the future. This review is an example of that, because as I’m writing this I know others will read it days, weeks or even months later.

Communication appears to be easy, but it comes as no surprise that misinterpretation can happy quickly depending on the way it is communicated and the state of the person receiving that information. It sometimes might be hard to translate a feeling into words, as much as it is impossible to really describe a scent.In Arrival, de latest movie by one of my favorite directors, Denis Villeneuve, it’s all about communication. How can you get messages across to someone who speaks a completely foreign language to yours, in this case aliens?This review contains spoilers Continue reading

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) – Review

Review Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Director Taika Waititi has shown with movies like Boy and the hilarious What We Do in The Shadows that he is able to make movies which have their own voice. He is also directing the new Thor movie and was responsible for the recent short about what Thor was doing during Civil War. With Hunt for The Wilderpeople he brings the book with the same name about a rebellious orphan who moves into a house of an older couple to the screen. Continue reading

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) – Review

Review Rogue One A Star Wars Story

‘Ignorance is bliss’ is a phrase I love and one which I try to use as much as possible when it comes to movies. Of course I’m not talking about not knowing history, but about that wonderful feeling when a movie manages to surprise you, wow you and make you enthusiastic. Stepping into a cinema without any knowledge about what you are about to experience for the next two hours is a feeling I cherish, even if the movie ends up being disappointing and doesn’t meet expectations. Before seeing Rogue One I knew very little: it’s a Star Wars prequel about the rebels and has something to do with the Death Star. As this is a Star Wars movie though it came with certain expectations. When I got to the cinema early in the morning to see the film it was still closed and you could sense the feeling of anticipation in the air. Would this movie be able to surprise me as much as The Force Awakens did last year? You can find out in my Rogue One review.. Continue reading

American Crime Story: Seizoen 1 – Review


When I first about this series I started wondering if it wasn’t a bit too soon to make a show about the O.J. Simpson case. I can still remember this being in the news and how the court case got lots of attention in the media. Then I realised that these events took place more than twenty years ago. So there is a whole generation who doesn’t know this case, in which a beloved former American football-player and actor suddenly became a suspect in the murder of his ex-wife and her boyfriend. The chase in his white Bronco was broadcast live. I didn’t know all the details of the case, but I never really watched it at the time. So this first season of American Crime Story was a nice opportunity to watch what happened and why this court case caused so much discussion. Continue reading

Gomorra: Season 2 – Review

Review gomorra seizoen 2

Season 1 of Gomorra managed to show the fascinating world in which mob boss Don Pietro Savastano, his son Genny and Ciro Di Marzio slowly got into a struggle for power in the streets of Naples. It is a show which is raw and also spends a lot of time depicting the lives of the people hustling in the street. It gives it all a very realistic feel. So I was really looking forward to this second season to find out more about what would happen after the battle at the end of the first season. Continue reading

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) – Review

review teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-out-of-the-shadows

The past movie summer wat disappointing for a lot of people and many films didn’t manage to make as much impact as the studio hoped. Some even didn’t manage to really show up on people’s radar and for me it was this sequel to the movie from 2014. I thought the original movie was very disappointing, so I didn’t feel any need to head to the cinema to watch it. But as it is available on DVD I decided to give it a chance as I suspected it would probably have some enjoyable action sequences.