The Assassin (2015) – Review

Review The Assassin

In all aspects of life compatibility is very important. In you personal relationships you search for people who complement you and with whom you can get along, when it comes to technology you want your laptop or phone to work with accessories you get for it. But it’s also something which is present when it comes to movies. It’s the reason why one person is praising Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad and someone else absolutely hates it. For me I had compatibility issues with this film, which generally was praised in review and which won Hou Hsiao-hsien the price for best director at the 68th Cannes film festival. After struggling through this movie though it’s really hard for me to understand why. Continue reading

The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016) – Review

Recensie The Huntsman Winter's War

The number of fairytales which have had a remake during the last couple of years in the form of a live action version has been huge. In general they are pretty fun to watch. Earlier this year The Jungle Book managed to impress, but that doesn’t mean this is the case for all of them. Snow White and the Huntsman tried to turn the classic story into a movie epic, but didn’t succeed. Now its sequel The Huntsman: Winter’s War has been out for a while and the question is whether this is a movie that needed to be made. Continue reading

The Get Down: Season 1 – Series review

ReviewThe Get Down season 1

When I first heard about The Get Down earlier this year I was really looking forward to it. The first images looked good and also the description of the show sounded interesting:

“The Get Down” is a mythic saga of how New York at the brink of bankruptcy gave birth to a new art form. Set in New York in 1977, this music-driven drama series chronicles the rise of hip-hop and the last days of disco -_ told through the lives, music, art and dance of the South Bronx kids who would change the world forever.

As a fan of hip hop this was a setting that immediately was something I wanted to know more about. Through the years I’ve learned a lot about the music, how it developed and seeing that in the form of a show on Netflix seemed awesome. The show has been written and produced by Baz Luhrmann, who has done things like Romeo+Juliet, Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby in the past. Someone who is very capable to show music in an exciting way which is visually pleasing. Besides that, New York in the seventies is a fascinating setting. Gangs were still very active (the documentary Rubble Kings is a good one to learn more about that). There was a lot of crime and buildings were set ablaze in order to collect insurance money. With a budget of 10 million per episode my expectations were high when I started watching this six part first season. Continue reading

Time Renegades (2016) – Review

Review Time Renegades

One of the movies I had in my top 100 favorite movies was Frequency. The concept, in which two people living in different time periods have a connection and use that to communicate is fascinating. It’s not the only movie which does this, just think of the South Korean film Il Mare (or the American remake The Lake House), but also the romantic Somewhere in Time. Time Renegades (also from South Korea) is the latest addition to the genre and I loved it. The fact that this has also been directed by Kwak Jae-yong, who was also responsible for My Sassy Girl which also was in my top 100. Continue reading

Criminal (2016) – Review

Review Criminal

At the start of the nineties Kevin Costner was one of the biggest stars in the movie world, but because the number of visitors slowly started dropping after the success with Dances with Wolves he slowly disappeared from the spotlight. This doesn’t mean he didn’t keep working and during the last couple of years you slowly see him appearing again doing small roles in big movies (like Man of Steel or Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit). And although he was starring in 3 Days to Kill, the movie itself wasn’t that good. Two years later and now he stars in Criminal. Is this the comeback Costner’s been waiting for? Continue reading

Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) – Review

Review Hitman 47

There are exactly two things I remember about the Hitman movie from 2007:
1. Timothy Olyphant played the hitman
2. That that’s the only thing I can remember about the film
And after seeing this movie, which I assume is a reboot, I am certain that I will be saying the same thing about this movie in a couple of months as I will probably have forgotten everything about it. Continue reading

One Way Trip (2016) – Review

Review One Way Trip

Four friends have come up with a fantastic plan. Sang-Woo (Suho) is about to go into the army, but before that happens, they want to take him to the port town of Pohan to have fun. They borrow a van and all sneak away from either their parents or the place they are staying. What should be a great weekend however, turns into a nightmare when the four of them are chased by the police. Why this is the case and what has happened is slowly revealed throughout the film. Continue reading