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Lucy (2014)

Review Lucy

Scarlett Johansson has one of the best years of her career with roles in movies like Her, Captain America and Under the Skin. The life she has breathed into the characters in those movies have all been memorable and she currently seems incapable of picking bad roles. For Lucy she teams up with director Luc Besson (5th Element, Léon). Do they succeed in continuing the success of Johansson ? Continue reading

How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

Review How to train your dragon 2

The first How To Train Your Dragon was, for many unexpectedly, a very well made movie which also got a lot of praise for its use of 3D. Some people even visited the cinema several times because they knew they would not be able to experience it the same way they do in this. I only watched the first movie once but also really enjoyed it. Except knowing that in the original a small town learned to live with dragons I forgot almost everything else about it before watching this one. I did wonder how Dreamworks would be able to go further with the story. Continue reading

The Time Machine (1960)

Review The Time Machine

The Time Machine by Jules Verne might be one of the best known time travel stories there is. It has been turned into a movie several times as well. I remember seeing the 2002 version, which didn’t impress me and was wondering if this older version might be a bit better. Just like the subject of its story, the movie itself is a journey back in time. A time in which movies were made in a very different way compared to how its done today. Continue reading

Diplomatie (2014)

Review Diplomatie

It’s 1944 and the end of the second world war is approaching. Dietrich von Cholitz (Niels Arestrup), German military governor of the occupied Paris has received the assignment from Hitler to destroy the whole city, making sure the allies will find nothing but debris. It will mean all famous landmarks will disappear. The most effective way to get this done is by blowing up all bridges crossing the Seine, resulting in a destructive flooding of the city. It would mean the loss of many lives.

A Danish diplomat, Raoul Nordling (André Dussollier), who knows more than he shows, is trying to change the mind of the governor in this historical drama. Continue reading

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

Review Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

After the bad reboot of the franchise by Tim Burton it seemed that it wasn’t possible to breath new life into this old movie series. My expectations for Rise of the Planet of the Apes was extremely low, but the movie managed to surprise me in an extremely positive way and even ended up in my top 10 of 2011. I was looking forward to the sequel and wondered if it could retain the high quality of the first film. Continue reading