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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

Time to return to Middle Earth one final time to conclude the story of The Hobbit. Although I wasn’t a fan of the first movie in the trilogy (it was way too slow with not much happening) I thought the second movie delivered what I was expecting, exciting sequences, introduction and development of characters and a finale which had me wanting more. Having not read the book and seeing where the second movie ended, with Smaug on his way to Lake Town, I couldn’t wait to get back into it. Having now seen it i’m not that excited anymore. Continue reading

Pioneer (2014)

Review Pioneer

At the start of the seventies oil is discovered in the North Sea. Norway had difficulty in getting this oil to land and had to do several test dives in order to find out if it was possible to lay a pipe. If they were able to do this it would mean a lot of money for the country. As tests at this depth were never done before, the Norwegians decided to work together with an American company. The Norwegian brothers Petter and Knut are part of the diving team and are the first ones to do a test dive. When a tragic accident takes place at the ocean floor it is Petter who decided to find the cause for it. It is an investigation which becomes more dangerous to him when he seems to discover a conspiracy. Continue reading

Wild Tales (2014)

Review Wild Tales

In general short movies don’t get too much attention and I have to admit I’m guilty of that too. I sporadically might watch one when it is suggested by other blogs, but that’s about it. There are movies though which basically collect a couple and that way manage to get noticed, like Paris and New York, I Love You or Movie 43 (which was horrible). Wild Tales also consists out of various short movies, but is this collection worth checking out? Continue reading

Secret Window (2004)

Review Secret Window

The work of writer Stephen King has been a great source for various series and movies. I can remember watching them when I was young (for example It and Christine). The most famous movie based on his work is probably The Shining (which King actually doesn’t like). Another movie I strongly remember is The Mist, mainly for its haunting ending. The mysterious and supernatural atmosphere of the movies is something I’m always able to enjoy. Secret Window is also a “Stephen King film” I’ve know about for years, but hadn’t come around to watching. Continue reading

Whiplash (2014)

Review Whiplash

Would you like to die at a young age with everyone remembering you or grow old and only be remembered by your friends?

It is a question Andrew (Miles Teller) asks during dinner with his family. He’s a drummer who wants to become the best and be famous. He wouldn’t mind dying young if that means immortality and being mentioned amongst the greats. He is very motivated to reach that goal and is willing to give up everything. Continue reading

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

Review Sin City a Dame to Kill For

Should you make a sequel after the original came out 10 years earlier? When the original movie got rave reviews and it has characters which are widely loved it seems like a nobrainer. The result doesn’t always work though. The original Star Wars trilogy was adored, but the three new films disappointed many. A Dame to Kill For is the sequel to the Sin City movie from 2005. Should this movie have been made? Continue reading