The Wailing (2016) – Review

Review The Wailing

Maybe I’m slowly starting to sound like a broken record, but South Korean cinema has been offering the most interesting and unpredictable movies in years. An action movie can contain humour or the hero turns out not to be exactly who he seems to be. The director of The Wailing, Na Hong-jin, previously made the tense and dark The Chaser and The Yellow Sea, in which a cab driver with a debt gets an opportunity to get rid of it by committing a murder. It managed to get the adrenaline pumping. The Wailing is no exception and is a true rollercoaster ride of emotions (and genres). Continue reading

Dunkirk (2017) – Review

Review Dunkirk

When director Christopher Nolan releases a new movie you are more less obliged as a movie lover to go watch it as soon as you can. He’s someone who lives and breathes cinema, who won’t go near filming digitally and isn’t a fan of VOD-platforms like Netflix and the way they release movies. Besides that he also likes to do as much of the special effects practically. Although his movies are a joy to watch from a technical perspective, they sometimes feel a bit sterile. For his latest movie he wanted to bring an important seconds world war moment to the big screen: the evacuation of the troops at Dunkirk. Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed (2016) – Review

Review  Assassin's creed
Games allow you as a gamer to take control of another character who can perform actions which sometimes would be impossible in the real world. That’s also the case for the Assasin’s Creed games, in which you are a member of secret group travelling through old cities, running with parcours skills across rooftops to fight the Templars. As not all games are set at the same time it introduced the element of the “present”, where a machine (the Animus) is used to allow the main character to jump into the past in order to find artefacts who have a link to the creation story which can influence humanity. With popular game series it seem inevitable that they are turned into movies and unfortunately history has shown it almost always ends up being disappointing (just think of the Warcraft movie last year). Is this one different? Continue reading

Get Out (2017) – Review

Review Get Out

Sometimes there are these movies which are part of a genre you don’t like, but where you have heard so many great stories about that you jsut have to give that a chance. To me that was the case with Get Out, which is part of the horror genre (which I don’t really like). When I recently talked to a fellow blogger he made a comparison to a Hitchcock movie. As that’s one of my favorite directors as he was all about building suspense I just had to see Jordan Peele’s film. And I don’t regret I did that! Continue reading

Sleepless (2017) – Review

review Sleepless

Although statistics prove otherwise, I’ve got the feeling that movies in general have gotten longer and usually are two hours or longer. Of course I have no issue with that (especially if it’s a good movie), but there are moments when you just want to watch something which is shorter and 90 minutes to me is the perfect length. This film which stars Jamie Foxx, seemed like a perfect choice. Something I didn’t know in advance, but quickly found out while watching is that this is a remake of the French film Blanche (also known as Sleepless Night), which I saw a couple of years ago. Although the original wasn’t a masterpiece, it offered enough action to be entertaining enough. Is that also the case with this version? Continue reading

Patriots Day (2016) – Review

Review Patriots Day

Mark Wahlberg lately seems to pick out roles in which real events are dramatized. He played in Lone Survivor, which showed how soldiers had to survive once their mission didn’t go according to plan and in Deepwater Horizon he worked as an engineer on an oil platform which exploded. Both of those movies were directed by Peter Berg and Wahlberg connects with him again here. This film tries to recreate the events surrounding the bombing of the Boston marathon. A terrorist attack which had a tight grip on the city for days and received lots of media attention. Continue reading