On which movie locations would you like to live for a week? My top 10

As my previous article “Which movie character would you want to be for a day?” has been very popular, I’ve decided to do ask another movie related question this week about movie locations. As a day would be very short and I would like to spend some time at a place I have allowed a week on any movie location you can think of. As always I’m intrested in your input. Please let me know where you want to stay in the comments or send me links on your own blog entries, I’ll add them to the article. Here are my choices:

1. Willy Wonka’s factory (the original factory, I would not sleep sound in the newer one) – I’m someone who is totally addicted to candy and chocolate in particular (in case you are wondering the things I like the most are M&M’s Almond and Meiji Almond Chocolate, which are almost impossible to get), so a week in his factory would be quite an experience. A very unhealthy one, but it wouldn’t matter if this could come true.

2. Starship Enterprise – Although I was thinking about the Millenium Falcon, there were two things that make me choose the Enterprise. The replicator (where you can get any food out of thin air) and the holodeck (allowing an unlimited number of other locations). And of course you are able to see a lot of the universe.

3. King Kong’s Island – Maybe not the nicest place to be, but how amazing would it be to see such a big gorilla fighting dinosaurs?

4. Sin City – Again not the nicest place, but with such an interesting bunch of inhabitants, it would make for a very intense week.

5. Monaco – Although I don’t watch a lot of Formula 1, I like racing. And no better choice to be able to do this for a a week at Monaco, especially around the time the movie Grand Prix was shot. Frightening cars with not a lot of safety, but lots of power racing through narrow streets. In the evening it would be nice to hang out with the other drivers.

6. The world of Idiocracy – Just imagine yourself being the smartest person in the world. It would be a very weird, but probably also hilarious week, “because it’s got electrolytes”.

7. Moobee’s – Just hanging around there as a customer for a week would lead to a lot of entertainment. Talking to Jay and Silent Bob, listening to guys behind the counter and of course Rosario Dawson would be there, who seems to be a really cool, down to earth woman.

8. The Muppet’s Christmas Carol village – Would love to spend a week there around Christmas with muppets roaming the streets getting all enjoying the holiday spirit.

9. A future world, like the one in either Logan’s Run, A.I., I, Robot or Minority Report. I’m a big gadget fan, so I would be interested in experiencing all the newest ones for a week.

10. Monty Python’s world – The one from The Holy Grail, although I know there won’t be a lot of comfort (after all it is set in the middle ages), but it would be non-stop laughs throughout the day.

And one extra, which is actually a place you would be able to go to if you save up enough, it’s Bora Bora, the location where the movie Couples Retreat (crap movie, beautiful location) was shot. It was the first response I got when I asked someone close to me and I totally agree, it looks amazing.

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