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Hamlet’s Ghost (2014)

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Throught he years the time travel genre has given us quite a lot exciting movies. Most will probably think of Back to the Future series first, but movies like Timecrimes, Primer, Looper, The Time Machine and Donnie Darko are just a few examples which are also worth checking out. It is one of my favorite genres and when director Walker Haynes asked me if I wanted to check out his time travel movie Hamlet’s Ghost I didn’t hesitate for a moment. Continue reading

Gone Girl (2014)

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One of the best directors currently has to be David Fincher. His resume is impressive with movies like Se7en, The Game, Fight Club, Zodiac, The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the first two episodes of House of Cards. It is a director I always expect much from and he rarely disappoints. His movies have a distinct look and feel (especially since he made the moe to digital) and I couldn’t wait to see his latest, Gone Girl. Continue reading

Print the Legend (2014)

Review Print the Legend

Thanks to the rapid development in the field of computing the last 40 years have meant that a lot of new industries have come into being. Without it cellphones as we know them now wouldn’t have been possible. Hardware keeps getting faster and cheaper and leads to new products. The 3D printer for the home, which allows you to print products based on a 3D based computer model is one of those new product. Print the Legend takes a look at this part of the tech industry, including its most important players and what the future can possibly bring. Continue reading

Whiplash (2014)

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Would you like to die at a young age with everyone remembering you or grow old and only be remembered by your friends?

It is a question Andrew (Miles Teller) asks during dinner with his family. He’s a drummer who wants to become the best and be famous. He wouldn’t mind dying young if that means immortality and being mentioned amongst the greats. He is very motivated to reach that goal and is willing to give up everything. Continue reading

The Monday Question: Title!

The Monday Question

The title of a movie as an important part of making a movie. Make it too generic and it won’t be appealing to many. Make it to cryptic and people will have no idea what your movie is about. I remember a few years back there was a lot of criticism about John Carter (I myself even took part in the fun: If movies were titled like John Carter) and recently the title of Edge of Tomorrow wasn’t shown prominently on the cover of the Blu Ray and DVD (it was Live.Die.Repeat). Then there are titles which might raise the wrong expectations: On Friday I saw Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie Nightcrawler and when discussing the movie with a friend who didn’t know about it, he assumed it was about the X-Men character.

How important is a well chosen title to you and how does it factor into you being interested in it?