American Crime Story: Seizoen 1 – Review


When I first about this series I started wondering if it wasn’t a bit too soon to make a show about the O.J. Simpson case. I can still remember this being in the news and how the court case got lots of attention in the media. Then I realised that these events took place more than twenty years ago. So there is a whole generation who doesn’t know this case, in which a beloved former American football-player and actor suddenly became a suspect in the murder of his ex-wife and her boyfriend. The chase in his white Bronco was broadcast live. I didn’t know all the details of the case, but I never really watched it at the time. So this first season of American Crime Story was a nice opportunity to watch what happened and why this court case caused so much discussion. Continue reading

Traficant: The Congressman of Crimetown (2015) – Review

 Review Traficant The Congressman of Crimetown

We all have a certain image of politicians. We would like to see them as people with strong moral values and although many will have them, politics remains a game in which negotiation is part of it and where compromises have to be made. Some politicians stand out though and when they do the media (and the public) will love it. We saw that a couple of years ago over here in the Netherlands with Pim Fortuin (who unfortunately was murdered) and recently with Trump. You can also see that in TV shows as we love characters that approach things differently. How else would you explain the popularity of House of Cards. When details of their private lives make the news they can destroy someone (just ask Anthony Weiner). Jim Traficant, who would end up in American Congress also had a colourful career which this documentary focusses on. Continue reading

Life, Animated (2016) – Review

review Life, Animated

Movies can be a big part of our life, not only as a fun hobby to spend time on, but they are also a way to escape from reality. Some people might go to the extreme, like the documentary Cinemania showed for example. Movies are able to change our perspective or teach new life lessons. Some people might have a very special bond with specific type of movies and that’s the case with Owen Suskind. When he was growing up he seemed to be completely normal, but at three years old his development suddenly seemed to stop. He no longer talked and his parents got to hear that he was diagnosed with autism. Owen kept watching Disney cartoons, which he loved. They turned out to be the key to unlocking his mind. Continue reading

I Am Bolt (2016) – Review

Review I Am Bolt

As soemone who hardly watches sports on TV I always happily make an exception for the 100 metres (whether that’s during the Olympic Games or at other times). It’s not even 10 seconds of action, but it is a moment that’s filled with tension and drama. During the last couple of years there was one man who seemed invincible in this event. He was able to set new world records which gave you the feeling that he wasn’t even trying and could probably be even faster: Usain Bolt. Besides that Bolt also is an entertainer who manages to get crowds excited for him. The Olympic Games in Brazil were his last and with I Am Bolt he closes off his career. He allows the viewer to take a look behind the scenes and find out what it took to get as far as he has. Continue reading

Gomorra: Season 2 – Review

Review gomorra seizoen 2

Season 1 of Gomorra managed to show the fascinating world in which mob boss Don Pietro Savastano, his son Genny and Ciro Di Marzio slowly got into a struggle for power in the streets of Naples. It is a show which is raw and also spends a lot of time depicting the lives of the people hustling in the street. It gives it all a very realistic feel. So I was really looking forward to this second season to find out more about what would happen after the battle at the end of the first season. Continue reading

Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie (2015) – Review


I’m someone who has always been able to appreciate the documentaries Louis Theroux makes. With a lot of respect and realistic view he has been able to get access to people who were part of special groups. With his curiosity and style of questioning he managed to give insight into the motivation of his subjects, not matter how extreme. Scientology is a religion which is present all around the world and has many followers, including celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. The fact that Therous was making a film about it got me interested. Continue reading

Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee (2016) – Review


If you have been working with computers for ages you probably are aware of the software by McAfee. John McAfee started the company and managed to real sell his software, which protects computers from virusses and other dangers. His programs were usually already installed when you bought a PC and he made millions (one moment in time it was estimated that he had 100 million dollars). He decided to leave the business and focus on yoga. A huge complex was built and started teaching there. When he had enough of it he decided to leave for Belize. There he started a new life, which would eventually make him a suspect in a murder case. Director Nanette Burstein decided to look into his story and uncovers more detail about his time there, including some shocking revelations by people who worked for him. Continue reading