The Gambler (2014) – Review

The Gambler

One of the more surprising career trajectories of recent years has been the incredible rise of Mark Wahlberg. From the dubious early days as the muscle-bound brother of one of New Kids on the Block, Wahlberg has gradually grown to position where he not only stars in critically-acclaimed movies, but often produces them too.

And the latest movie to feature Wahlberg’s name in the acting and production credits is The Gambler. This film aims to provide a modern-day update to the 1974 movie of the same name, and as such, provides Wahlberg with the perfect opportunity to cast himself as a 21st century equivalent to James Caan.

The basic premise of the film is one that will be familiar to many people who’ve seen any other movies that focuses on dusky poker halls with elements of the criminal underworld lurking in the shadows. Continue reading

Juggernaut (1974) – Review

Review Juggernaut

Often we tend to focus on new things. In the field of films and series, we feel (especially if you blog about movies), forced to see what has just been released as soon as possible. Therefore we sometimes forget to reflect on what’s already there and may have missed in the past. Especially when it comes to older films, it is sometimes difficult to find out what films are worth seeing, but which don’t appear in the “classics” lists. For example, I had never heard of Juggernaut, until I was researching films with bombs in them. It seems it is the first film to have a bomb defusing scene where someone needs to make the choice between cutting a red or a blue wire. Continue reading

Twinsters (2015) – Review

Review Twinsters

If you’ve seen the film Enemy, then you’ll probably remember that the character Jake Gyllenhaal plays unexpectedly sees someone who looks exactly like him. It might be a strange idea for a movie, but as Twinsters shows, it is something which can happen in real life. Actress Samantha Futerman receives a message through Facebook. Someone in France has seen a Youtube film and has sent it to his friend, Anais Bordier. The both think that Anais really looks a lot like Samantha and wants to get into contact with her. Samantha decides to agree and to film that. Thanks to a Kickstarter project she has managed to turn that material into a very fascinating documentary. Continue reading

Speed (1994) – Review

Review Speed

This week is a bit of a theme week here as I’m reviewing films that contain bombs. So I’ve recently rewatched a couple (and some for the first time) and will review them this week. On Friday I’ll close it of with a top 10 of the best movies with bombs.

So today it’s time for the first movie and that’s one with a Dutch influence. The director is none other than Jan de Bont and this was his American film debut, one which made a splash and would allow him to direct mmovies like Twister and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life Continue reading

Experimenter (2015) – Review

Review Experimenter

People are sometimes like cattle, mindlessly following others, capable of anything. You don’t only see this through specific behaviour in the past or in the news, but also various experiments have confirmed this. When it comes to social psychology there are a couple which are well-known, where especially the Stanford-prison experiment and Milgram’s experiment are notorious. Power corrupts and commands are often followed. 2015 produced movies about both of them. There isthe Standford Prison Experiment (and previously The Experiment). Experimenter tells Milgram’s story about the experiment that made him famous. Continue reading

The Beauty Inside (2015) – Review

Review The Beauty Inside

How important is you appearance to you? For many people it will be a very important deciding thing, because it plays an important role in the first impression you make on others. It also will influence how you feel about yourself. In the entertainment and fashion industry it seems the only thing you are judged on and where getting older isn’t allowed. But what would happen if you couldn’t do anything about your appearance? What would happen if you woke up inside a different body each day? That’s the reality the main character in this movie, Woo-Jin, faces. r

Mr. Holmes (2015) – Review

Review Mr Holmes

Detective Sherlock Holmes has been popular for years. If you do a search for the character on IMDB you’ll see that since 1911 there have been 120 movies and shows about the character. The best known ones are of course the movie with Robert Downey Jr. and the BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. You might wonder, because already so much content is available about him, whether it is still possible to make something about Sherlock Holmes which feels fresh. But that’s exactly what Mr. Holmes tries to do. Continue reading