Jason Bourne (2016) – Review

Review Jason Bourne

When the original three Jason Bourne movies came out they had a lot of impact on how others made movies. Director Paul Greengrass became well-known for his way of shooting, quickly labeled shaky cam. Because of that action looked more dynamic and raw. But also the character of Bourne in this spy thriller has had a lot of influence. You can see that realistic approach of Bourne during fights and using the situation in the first Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. After the third Bourne movie both Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon decided they had told Bourne’s story and stepped away from the franchise. The studio decided to make The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner, but it was disappointing. Both Greengrass and Damon probably felt an itch to return as they are now here for the fourth movie starring the titular character. Continue reading

La resistance de L’air (2015) – Review

Review La resistance de L'air

We all search for a certain type of stability in our life. For some that might be a steady job and others are looking for it emotionally. Once you’ve reached it you sometimes take it for granted. You don’t always think of unexpected situations which might change everything. There are a lot of people who face financial issues when their partner unexpectedly dies or leaves them and find out they have a mortgage they aren’t able to pay. Of course you make your choices thinking of possible risks and deciding if it’s worth it. It depends on the person how they deal with setbacks. Do you give up or will you start searching for ways to solve it? Continue reading

Louder than Bombs (2015) – Review

Recensie Louder than bombs

Efficiently using the time you have always is a balancing act. You’ve got your personal interests, ideas you would be able to work on forever, but you also have got family and friends you want to give enough attention as well. Besides that your job also takes a large part of your week, forcing you to eventually make choices which result in not everyone getting the time they deserve. The risk of that is that you slowly start to grow apart and that it becomes difficult to restore those relationships. That’s also the case in Louder than Bombs, directed by Joachim Trier. Continue reading

Me Before You (2016) – Review

Review Me Before You

Do you recognise this? That a specific element in a movie stands out so much that you can’t help but to keep focussing on it? That was the case for me with this romantic film, Me Before You. It might be best to first watch the movie yourself before reading the review, because else it might distract you too much. That specific element in this movie which stood out were Emilia Clarke’s eyebrows. It might be that her forehead works different from other people, but her eyebrows regularly made movements I haven’t seen other eyebrows make. But if you are able to ignore it (I couldn’t), is Me Before You the romantic film you’d expect? Continue reading

5 Superheroes Perfect for Christopher Nolan


Warner Bros. will release Suicide Squad soon, and at least in terms of trailers and publicity it seems to have a chance to be the most successful project since Zack Snyder started to create a DC empire. Beginning with Man Of Steel and continuing through this year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Snyder and others are attempting to take on Marvel. So far, though, they’re coming up short. And even if Suicide Squad turns some heads, it’s pretty clear at this point that DC and Warner Bros. are playing catch-up. 

They might not be doing so if they’d successfully convinced Christopher Nolan to transition from his excellent Dark Knight trilogy to a larger DC Universe. Alas, they didn’t do so. But the interesting thing is that Nolan himself hasn’t ruled out returning to superhero cinemaContinue reading

High-Rise (2015) – Review

Review High-Rise

Robert Laing (Tom Hiddleston) is successful doctor who, after the death of his sister, moves into a prestigious new apartment building just outside London, designed by Anthony Royal (Jeremy Irons). It is a modern building which is modern and has many extras. It has a pool, a gym and a supermarket everyone is able to use. But the building also houses various people from many walks of life. The top floors is where the upper class lives while the people from lower classes live at the bottom of the building. As becomes clear from the opening that separation eventually has led to chaos as it looks almost apocalyptic. Continue reading