The Neon Demon (2016) – Review

Review The Neon Demon

One of the few genres I don’t watch much of is horror. I simply don’t enjoy being frightened voluntarily. Jump scares aren’t my thing and the only horror movies I’m willing to watch are horror comedy (Zombieland, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, The Final Girls) or a classic like The Shining. When I received an invitation to watch The Neon Demon my first reaction was: “forget it”.

That changed though when I saw who directed the film: Nicholas Winding Refn, who put himself on the map with Drive, which he followed up with Only God Forgives. The latter one didn’t receive glowing reviews, but I thought it was fantastic. His work is always visually stunning and is a director whose work you’ll recognise. Still, this was a horror movie, so I decided to watch a bit of the trailer. Continue reading

Finding Dory (2016) – Review

Review Finding Dory

When I heard that Finding Nemo would be getting a sequel, I wasn’t immediately enthusiastic. The original movie is one of the best Pixar movies and the story of a father clownfish searching for his son, was very original.. The underwater world was interestingly realized, the movie had strong emotional impact on its viewers and lots of memorable characters. Reading that the sequel was called Finding Dory I was afraid that the storyline would be similar and this would result in a weak copy. With the Toy Story sequels Pixar did prove that they are able to keep quality at the same (high) level. Have they managed to do the same with Finding Dory?

Warcraft (2016) – Review

Review Warcraft

My expectations going into Warcraft weren’t very high. The couple of photo’s I saw of the movie in advance didn’t resonate with me and as the movie is based on a game it meant chances were high that this was going to be bad. The genre of video game movies hasn’t really delivered on movies which manage to wow audiences. But despite that I still had a bit of hope because of its director, Duncan Jones. He was previously responsible fort he impressive Moon. Would he be able to deliver a quality film?

Paradox (2016) – Review

Review Paradox

There are moments when I look at the reviews I’m writing and the scores I’ve been giving films, when I wonder if I’m generally too positive about the movies I watch. Should I be more critical or do I simply pick out the ones which are, on average, actually good? Paradox quickly gave me an answer to those questions. Continue reading

Turbo Kid (2015) – Review

Recensie Turbo Kid

There are times when we look back at the past and this also has been happening quite a lot in various movies the last year. Kung Fury was a fantastic example of this, but also the hilarious Computer Show used the style of the eighties to great effect. Turbo Kid continues this trend, with its Laserdisc opening, synthesizer music and budget feel. Is this “style over substance” or a movie you simply can’t miss? Continue reading

Moonwalkers (2015) – Review

Recensie Moonwalkers

Conspiracy theories are always very interesting. Often not even because they might be true, but actually because they show how creative people can be in coming up with an explanation for something. You don´t even have to look further than a documentary like Room 237 to find out that even one movie by Stanley Kubrick (in this case The Shining) can be the starting point for all kinds of interpretations, the one even stranger as the other. One of them was that The Shining contains hints which prove that Kubrick filmed the moon landing. This is the theory Moonwalkers takes as its starting point and is about the Americans wanting to hire Kubrick to shoot the moon landing in case the real mission fails. Is that strong enough to base a comedy on? Lees verder

Midnight Special (2016) – Review

Review Midnight Special

If you would do a search on IMDB for director Jeff Nichols you’d find out that he only has five movies to his name. You might also think it means he’s not een experienced person, but take a little bit more time to look at the titles and you’ll soon realize that he’s someone who has managed to impress in a very short time with films like Mud and Take Shelter. In those movie the always impressive Michael Shannon played a role, which is also the case for his latest, Midnight Special, where the two have hooked up again. The end result is a movie which shouldn’t be missed. Continue reading