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The King of Arcades (2014)

Review The King of Arcades

When it comes to games various documentaries have been released during the past few years. One of the best of them is, without doubt, the King of Kong, in which Billy Mitchell tried to win the Donkey Kong record from Steve Wiebe. It managed to really show what was happening the subculture of old arcade games. A couple of the people in that documentary also appear here shortly, but besides a short history lesson, including interviews with the maker of the first arcade game, the maker of Defender and Robotron and various world record holders, it is mainly about the story of Richie Knucklez. Continue reading

The Monday Question: Comedies!

The Monday Question

During the last couple of years I feel that the average comedies have gone through a transformation. They usually were the type of movie you could see with the whole family, but it seems that shock value has become the new way of trying to generate laughs. Although I have to admit that I can often enjoy them, I have moments where I think it happens way too much and that comedy based on situations is happening less and less. I’m interested in your thoughts on this:

Do current comedies rely too much on shock value to generate laughs?

The Better Film: The Terminator vs Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Best Terminator movie

There always discussions between people when comparing two (very good) movies, which usually comes down to one question:
If you have to pick only one, which is the better film?

My goal is to have that discussion in the comments and see which of the two gets the most support, thus being the better film of the two. This does not mean the other one is bad, it is just to see which one is the preferred choice.

This time the choice is between two science fiction movies about killer robots from the future: The Terminator movies. In my book only two Terminator movies exist that are worth watching. Which of these two do you think is the better film? Continue reading

Lucy (2014)

Review Lucy

Scarlett Johansson has one of the best years of her career with roles in movies like Her, Captain America and Under the Skin. The life she has breathed into the characters in those movies have all been memorable and she currently seems incapable of picking bad roles. For Lucy she teams up with director Luc Besson (5th Element, Léon). Do they succeed in continuing the success of Johansson ? Continue reading

How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

Review How to train your dragon 2

The first How To Train Your Dragon was, for many unexpectedly, a very well made movie which also got a lot of praise for its use of 3D. Some people even visited the cinema several times because they knew they would not be able to experience it the same way they do in this. I only watched the first movie once but also really enjoyed it. Except knowing that in the original a small town learned to live with dragons I forgot almost everything else about it before watching this one. I did wonder how Dreamworks would be able to go further with the story. Continue reading

The Monday Question: Netflix!

The Monday Question

The past week Netflix made a couple of interesting announcements. First off they will be showing the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel on the same day it is released in IMAX theaters. I think it is great news that this is happening more (and something I hoped for in an article I wrote for Flixchatter). Of course various cinema chains were not happy about this and have stated they won’t play the release. The thing which stood out to me was the following quote:

“While a homevideo release may be simultaneously performing in certain Imax locations, at Regal we will not participate in an experiment where you can see the same product on screens varying from three stories tall to 3-inch wide on a smart phone,” said Nunley. “We believe the choice for truly enjoying a magnificent movie is clear.”

The thing I don’t understand about it is if the choice is clear, why would you not show it? It means you aren’t that confident that that choice really is that clear. These chains are seeing it as a big risk to their business and losing revenue, but they should be embracing this and think of ways to make it worth going to the cinema to see it.

The other news I read was that Netflix has signed a four movie deal with Adam Sandler. These movies will be exclusive to Netflix. As you can read in the article Netflix has made the deal based on their statistics on which movies subscribers watch most. While a lot of his latest movies didn’t get many positive reviews it seems that big data on which movies viewers check out on Netflix tells a different story. There still seem to be enough people who enjoy his films and therefore it makes a lot of sense for Netflix to go ahead with this.

What are your thoughts on these Netflix announcements?