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The Other Woman shows you what happens when you step on the wrong women’s hearts

This guest post was provided by Kira Browdy who is a freelance writer. Kira likes to write about the latest movies and share them with people addicted to movies.

This spring a new movie called The Other Woman is going to make you fall in love with its characters and story. As you can see in The Other Woman trailer, the film tells the story of three women who were played by the same man. One of them is his wife, the other two are his girlfriends. The beautiful women team up in order to plan an incredible vengeance. Continue reading

The Many Faces of… Chris Evans

The Many Faces of CHris Evans

Chris Evans was born on born June 13, 1981 in Boston. His sister was acting before him and he started acting in school plays, went to theater camp and took an internship for a casting office. Thanks to that internship he got to know various agents and it did not take long before he started his career. His first roles were in The Newcomers, Opposite Sex and The Fugitive. After Not Another Teen Movie he starred in Cellular and The Perfect Score. His first comic book role would be in The Fantastic Four movie as Johnny Storm. Other movies he acted in were Sunshine, Street Kings, Push, The Losers and Scott Pilgrim. He is best known though for his role as Captain America in the Marvel universe. Continue reading

Project Wild Thing (2013)

Review Project Wild Thing

Ask yourself this question: How much time do you spend in nature? If you live in the city chances are that your answer will be “not a lot”. Although I live close to a fairly large park I have to admit I don’t go there as much as I could. David Bond also asked himself this question, but not for him, but for his children. He saw that his children were spending more and more time indoors, looking at TV’s and the screens of phones and tablets. It is something I sometimes worry about as well with my children. When the youngest one asks to watch TV and gets a no, the next question will be if she can play on a tablet. I guess it is what she sees looking at the rest of the family and it is something I am very aware of. Luckily I know that if I suggest to do other things or even call her while she is watching TV she will want to do that, but it is something that a lot of parents will struggle with. Bond decided he wanted to do something about it and try to get his children and those around the UK interested in the outdoors more, naming himself the Marketing Director for Nature. The question is how you would be able to make nature appealing to children who get immediate pleasure from television and the internet? Continue reading

Echoes from the Dead (2013)

Review Echoes from the dead

After many years Julia (Lena Endra) returns to her town of birth. She has to go there to sell the house of her parents as her father is now in a nursing home. She reluctantly goes there because of events which happened in the past. Her little son Jens suddenly disappeared on a grey day in September of 1973. A lot was done to find him, without any result. It is something she is struggling with that huge loss. It is not only hard for her as her father is struggling too because the boy was staying with him at the moment. Together with a friend they never stopped searching for him. When suddenly a clue is received which could shed a light on his disappearance Julia decides to stay in the town. Together with her father she decides to investigate. Continue reading

9 Mois Ferme (2013)

Review 9 Mois Ferme

Ariane Felder (Sandrine Kiberlain) is a hardworking judge who lives for her job. She has decided to stay single, don’t waste time on friendships and never having children. Her dedication is obsessive and even on new year’s evening she is hard at work. Her colleague know she is a workaholic and decide to lure her out of her office and join the party. Even though she doesn’t feel like gonig she agrees and reluctantly joins. Eventually she let’s her herself go wild. She leaves the party drunk carries on with her life. A couple of months later though she gets the shock of her life when she finds out she is pregnant. She decides to investigate who coule be the father and makes a horrible discovery. It is possible that the father is a very dangerous criminal, Bob Nolan (Albert Dupontel). Continue reading

300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

Review 300 Rise of an Empire

The original 300 movie has always been high on my list of favorite films. Visually it is in a league of its own, with highly stylized, brightly lit and often spectacular, slow motion imagery. The story of 300 men fighting like brothers against a huge army appealing to the raw instincts of the primal man inside of us. Can another movie, set in the same universe, repeat that formula successfully? Continue reading