Jurassic World (2015)

Jurassic World Recensie

Does every kid go through a dinosaur phase? It was something I was thinking about when watching the new movie in the Jurassic Park franchise. Initially I could not remember ever having a collection of plastic dinosaurs, but after further reflection, I remembered that I did make a report about it in elementary school. This was in the eighties, so it was still a time when you had to go to the library for information, write everything by hand and go to the supermarket to make copies of pictures to paste in your report. The reason that I still remember it wasn’t so much the report itself, but the way it was checked. Because I went to a Christian school (even though I’m not religious) the teacher held tightly to the story of the bible and its timeline. That meant he had put question marks when it said that the dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. That did not fit into his conviction.

So there was a brief period in which I was interested in them, but it did not last long. The first Jurassic Park I do remember though, especially because (just like today) there was a lot of marketing for the film. There were TV specials (which showed how they made the water vibrate in the glass when the Tyrannosaurus Rex arrives), and the effects in the film were breathtaking then. Those effects might not wow us anymore and a movie really needed to do something special in order to excite us. Does Jurassic Wold manage to do that? Continue reading

The Age of Adaline (2015)

The Age of Adeline Recensie

Not being able to die and having eternal life has its advantages, but it also has its downsides. You’ll see the people you love slowly ageing and there will come a moment when you decide to keep your secret from others. But enough talk about Highlander! The Age of Adaline uses the same concept, minus the sword fighting. The emphasis in this film is: romance. Continue reading

My Filmviews interviews… Billy Corben

Billy Corben Interview

He directed documentaries like Raw Deal: A Question of Consent, Cocaine Cowboys 1 and 2. His latest documentary, Dawg Fight, is available through Netflix. My Filmviews spoke with Billy Corben about this raw movie, in which fighters go up against each other in the backyards, bare fisted. These fights are organised by Dada 5000, who’s a fighter himself. Continue reading

Dawg Fight (2015)

Recensie Dawg Fight

When I use Netflix and have to decide what to watch, then chances are that I first dive into the documentary section. It’s a genre which I watch a lot and the number of good documentaries I’ve seen is high. I came across this title and as I always found martial arts interesting, I was very curious what was on offer this film. It introduced me to a world I did not know, that of the backyard fights. Continue reading

Naziha’s Spring (2015)

Recensie Nazihas lente

Behind each small news item on TV or an article in the newspaper often a bigger story is hidden than you might think at first glance. If you read about a Moroccan family with 10 children who constantly come into contact with various government organisations, including the police, the odds are that you’ll be making some assumptions. You will perhaps wonder whether the parents are really involved with their children or why they have 10 children as there is so much trouble. Naziha is the mother of such a troubled family and this documentary gives her a chance to tell her side of the story, to show that assumptions are often wrong. Continue reading

Happy Valley – Season 1

review Happy Valley

A title like Happy Valley immediately makes me have an association with a couple of things. I think of Bob Ross, with his “happy little trees” and the fantasy that comes with it, but it could also be the place where the minions live. However, the title is anything but that. Happy Valley is a hard and exciting thriller set in a valley where happiness and joy are hard to find. Continue reading

Home (2015)

Review Home

Do you sometimes know that feeling? That a movie has a specific element which completely keeps you from enjoying it? On paper Home is a movie I should be able to enjoy: Fun characters, funny situations and lots of science fiction fantasy. Unfortunately the movie turned out different for me. Continue reading