The Fate of the Furious (2017) – Review

Review Fate of the Furious

In 2001 no one could have predicted that The Fast and the Furious would be the start of a franchise that would one of the biggest in the world. What once started as a story about an undercover cop who had to infiltrate a gang of streetracers as lots of DVD-players were being stolen, slowly (with some missteps) changed into a series which manages to pull in big audiences. The core elements of the first movie remained firmly in place though: that your friends are family and everything you do, of course you have to do it with a car. The family slowly grew with the addition of Dwayne Johnson and bad guy Jason Statham and they added a lot.

When Paul Walker unexpectedly died when the previous movie was being shot it meant a big blow to the franchise. His character was different from the rough and tough machos like Dominic Torettot (Vin Diesel) and Luke Hobbs. Despite him not being present anymore the movie was finished thanks to his brothers and a little bit of movie magic. He is missing in this eight movie and has this impacted the end result? Continue reading

Get Out (2017) – Review

Review Get Out

Sometimes there are these movies which are part of a genre you don’t like, but where you have heard so many great stories about that you jsut have to give that a chance. To me that was the case with Get Out, which is part of the horror genre (which I don’t really like). When I recently talked to a fellow blogger he made a comparison to a Hitchcock movie. As that’s one of my favorite directors as he was all about building suspense I just had to see Jordan Peele’s film. And I don’t regret I did that! Continue reading

I Am Not Your Negro (2016) – Review

Review I Am Not Your Negro

James Baldwin was an American writer who didn’t only write books, but also plays and poems. Besides this he also spoke out about various issues in American society, like race and sex. Het wanted to make the Afro-American experience clear to other and because of that he came into contact with (and befriended) Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. At the end of the eighties he was planning to write a book about his experiences with these men who were important for the civil rights movement. He wrote letters about what he was planning to write about and had started a manuscript. He passed away in 1987 from stomach cancer and thus the book was never written. Recently this documentary played in a local theater in Rotterdam, where director Raoul Peck was present. He told the audience how Baldwin’s books have been inspiring him for years. He wanted to make a film which would introduce him to a wider audience. He didn’t know yet in which way he would do it, until he got his hands on the manuscript. He decided to use that to make this documentary. Continue reading

The House 2017 Preview

On June 30th, “The House” premieres across the world. For newbie’s in the gambling world, ‘the house’ is a term referring to a casino, hence in this light the title is evidently self-explanatory to the movie’s plot and synopsis. Andrew Cohen in the film, “The House” portrays the shenanigans of a husband and wife trying to recover their daughter’s college fund after they had spent it on other unwarranted expenses. This comedy combines two of Hollywood’s best comedians, Will Ferrel, and Amy Poehler as Scott and Kate Johansen respectively. Andrew Cohen continues in the same mould as has been the case recently with gambling movies by adapting his movie in a comic genre just like “The Hangover” and “Think like a Man Too.” However, the major difference between this movie and past gambling movies, is the elimination of Las Vegas as the movie’s setting. The big question among movie fanatics and critics is that yes, it has managed to effectively depart from previous settings that characterise its predecessors, but would it rank amongst “the best gambling movies ever?Continue reading

A Monster Calls (2016) – Review

review A Monster Calls

Before I start this review…yes, the tree in this movie looks a lot like Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, which probably is coincidence and besides that he’s completely different…now back to my regularly scheduled program:
Kids dare to let their fantasy run wild. A simple stick can change into almost anything and each new space they enter is filled with potential for new stories. Their fantasy can also be used to deal with difficult situations where the things they make up might give them comfort. Continue reading

Black (2015) – Review

Review Black

When the Belgian movie Black had its cinema run I read a lot of positive things about it. It is set in Brussels and focusses on the criminal part of society, specifically local gangs and their rivalry. Because of the subject matter and the fact I had seen various American movies dealing with the subject I watched this with some expectations, but that the movie would be so extreme during a couple of points, shocked me. Continue reading