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What Exactly is Larry David Up To Nowadays?

Larry David

It’s a question that most ardent comedy fans ask themselves very day; just what exactly has seminal comedy writer, director, producer and actor Larry David been up to these past few years? The question is pretty hard to answer. In true David fashion, the man who wrote and produced the exceptional series Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm has been very much out of the limelight, popping up now and again unannounced, much to the glee of his fans. Continue reading

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (2015)

Review The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

If you’d see the man above, you wouldn’t probably notice him. You might think of him as a friendly older man, but as this documentary series show, appearances can be deceiving. His name is Robert Durst and his story is incredible. He’s the son of a successful businessman who owned (and his family still does own) a lot of property in New York. In his youth he saw his mother commit suicide and it possibly is one the moments which would change the rest of his life.

The series opens with a man who was murdered, cut up and found floating in the water. The investigation eventually led to Robert Durst, who at the time was his neighbour. It is not the only murder he seems to be involved in, as his wife mysteriously disappeared (and never found) and one of his best friends was found dead in her house. Continue reading

Kingdom of Plants (2012)

Review Kingdom of Plants

Did you know that the largest organism in the world can cover an area of 10 kilometer and is actually a plant? Or that there is a plant which stores water for decennia in order to be able to grow a stem many meters high, to flower and die? Those are just two interesting facts from Kingdom of Plants, the nature documentary by David Attenborough. Continue reading

The Monday Question: Your genre!

The Monday Question

Things have been a bit more quiet lately over at My Filmviews (except for my Five Senses blogathon of course), but have had a change of pace in my day to day life, meaning I have had less time to write for the site. Doesn’t mean I’m planning on slowing down, but other things have been a bit more important lately. But it is time to get “back to the regular schedule”!

This weekend I was thinking about the many genres movies offer and we all have our favourites. This week’s question is an interesting one though related to that:
If you could play in a movie, in which genre would you like to act? Continue reading