Burden of Dreams (1982)

Burden of Dreams review

Werner Herzog had a dream to make the movie I reviewed yesterday, Fitzcarraldo. It’s about a man who wants to make his dream of building an opera house in the middle of the jungle a reality. Part of doing so is to pull a ship over a mountain in the Amazon. As Herzog found out, some dreams can slowly turn into nightmares. Les Blank documented it. Continue reading

Fitzcarraldo (1982)

After reading about this on Tyler‘s site Southern Vision and knowing that this is a movie that is directed by Werner Herzog (one of my favorite directors) I really felt compelled to get my hands on this movie. I immediately bought it when I bumped into it at a store and was ready to make the journey into the Amazon, together with a crazy or brilliant opera lover by the name of Fitzcarraldo (played by Klaus Kinski) Continue reading

The Verdict (1982)

It seems that these days there aren’t as many new courtroom dramas anymore as there used to be in the nineties and before. The last one I can remember is The Lincoln Lawyer, but can’t name any other movie before that. They can be really exciting to watch as they really are verbal battlefields, with the lawyers being the gladiators that fight each other with words and evidence. I loved movies like A Few Good Man, Judgement At Nuremberg or 12 Angry Men so was also looking forward to Sidney Lumet’s The Verdict, starring Paul Newman. Continue reading

The Thing (1982)

Antarctica, a cold and desolate place, which is only visited by researchers and the occasional tourist. In other words a perfect setting for a science fiction/horror movie as there isn’t any place you can hide, except for the camp you are living in. You also know that you will have to solve all your issues yourself as there is nobody coming soon to rescue you. Add to that, that you actually don’t know if the people around you are still human and you have the perfect ingredients for a tense situation where you don’t know who you can trust. Continue reading

My IMDB tens – ET the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

E.T. was one of the big phenomena during the eigthies. It’s a movie which i remember well, as is was the first movie that made me shed a tear when i was a little boy. Watching the movie again after many years it felt like a warm blanket. I remembered so much of this movie that i was looking forward to each next scene to see if it was just as much fun as i remembered. I decided to watch the original version and not the rereleased 2002 version where various CGI shots were added. E.T. feels more real to me when moving around clumsily compared to a smooth moving computer generated being. Continue reading