50 Things I love about movies

Since some people were also wondering about the things I love about movies after reading my 50 Things I don’t like about movies, I decided to create a list for that as well. Could easily write more, but these were the first 50 things I thought about:

1. Still being able to watch the movies when the art of filmmaking was still young

2. Being amazed by a movie someone else advised me to see

3. Ads before the movie starts, the big screen makes them enjoyable to watch

4. Finishing a movie which leaves a big impression on you (it makes you think or makes you feel like you have the same strengths as the main character)

5. Being able to lose track of the world

6. The feeling of being in impossible real life situations

7. Iconic characters like Indiana Jones

8. That magical feeling Spielberg movies seem to have

9. Kung Pow (“My finger points!”, “That’s a lot of nuts!”). It’s a love or hate movie, really no middle ground possible. Continue reading