Top 10 Actors I’d see in just about anything

Top 10 actors i'd see in just about anything blogathon

I’ve seen this new blogathon doing the rounds the last couple of days and today is the day Jaina from Time Well Spent has asked me to be the next entry in this relay. Creating the list was fairly easy and like Jaina I didn’t put any women on the list. I really thought about it, but there are no actresses out there who will make me go to the cinema or watch a movie of them at home simply because they are in it. Continue reading

Why subscriptions to blogs can be so frustrating sometimes

Since my post last week on my blogging frustrations (which a lot of you share) I started to think about other (albeit smaller) frustrations. One of them is about subscribing to a blog via email. For me it is the perfect way to keep up with lots of movie blogs without having to visit all of them regularly (I will do so if I want to comment to something I have read). But it’s something that’s not always possible.

Looking at my current WordPress subscriptions alone there are 67 movieblogs I’m currently subscribed to. When it comes to Blogger blogs however there aren’t as much. One of the reasons for that is that a lot of them don’t offer any way to subscribe to them. By the way, there are also some WordPress blogs that haven’t enabled the feature. Here is how to change those settings. Continue reading

Why commenting on blogs can be so frustrating sometimes

Imagine this situation: You are eating at a restaurant and have just had the greatest meal ever. You want to thank the cook for his wonderful creation and ask the waiter if you could speak to him. The waiter says you can, but first you will have to translate the menu card into another language you speak. If you do it wrong you will have to ask the waiter again if you can speak to the cook and again he will ask you the same. You might be wondering what I’m getting at with this, but it’s the frustration I sometimes feel when commenting at other blogs. It’s been a frustration I’ve had for a while and when my fellow blogger Jessica from The Velvet CafĂ© mentioned it on a recent LAMBcast I just had to get it off my chest as well. Continue reading

Disruptive behaviour at the cinema: Understandable?

Recently my friend Scott started his Midweek Mumble series about cinema etiquette and noise pollution.
It’s something most of us experience and get annoyed by. Chances are that if you are reading this you are a big fan of movies. You might talk about them a lot or even blog about them. Through the years your love for the medium has grown so much that it has become an experience you cherish. Movies have become sort of a religion where you silently want to experience every second the image is projected onto that big screen. You want to see the movie the way the director intended it to. I am like that as well. If I could I would love to buy all tickets for a screening and watch it alone, but unfortunately that would make it a very expensive hobby.

Fact is though that the annoyances exist and I started wondering why people would talk during movies and/or use their cell phones. So let’s get into the minds of the ones who cause so much distraction. Continue reading