Flags of our Fathers (2006)

Images can be very powerful. The can change someones opinion or generate a specific feeling about a war. Lots of war have one iconic image which people will remember when you mention it. If you think about Vietnam, a lot of people will know the picture of a man being executed by the army. If you think about the war in Iraq, the video of Sadam’s statue being taken down jumps to mind. Countries use these images effectively to shape an opinion, even though the reality might be different.

Flags of Our Fathers focusses on the picture of American soldiers raising the flag on the island of Hiroshima. It was a picture which was used to give the American people hope, but it was also used as something to raise money to fund the war. Continue reading

True Grit (2010)

Through the years the brother Coen have managed to create an impressive body of work. It’s an impressive list with movies like Fargo, No Country For Old Men, Burn After Reading, O Brother, Where Art Thou? and The Big Lebowski. They are all very unique films and the brothers manage to put their own unique stamp on them, which makes them stand out from other movies. True Grit is their next movie and is a remake of True Grit made in 1969 starring John Wayne. Continue reading

Casino Jack (2010)

Real life stories can succesfully be used for comedies. It’s something which I Love You Philip Morris has already proved. Casino Jack is a comedy which is based on real events, in this case the story of Jack Abramoff, a superlobbyist. As a viewer you are introduced in his world, in which there don’t seem to be any boundaries and in which presents and envelopes with money are just ways to do business. Jack Abramoff is constantly on the edge of what is allowed and makes some decisions which push him over it. Continue reading