City of Gold (2015) – Review

review City of Gold

Jonathan Gold is a fascinating man. He grew up in Los Angeles, where he listened to a lot of classical music and opera. He had an obsession for the cello. He also witnessed the riots in L.A. and saw tanks driving through the streets. Now he is known as the most well-known food critic of the city, but he also was present in the studio when Dr.Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg were making the hip hop classic Doggystyle. He won a Pulitzer price for his restaurant reviews and you could name him the Roger Ebert of the culinary world, a man who is able to describe the ideas, motivation and feelings behind a dish in almost a poetic way, simply by tasting it. He’s also the subject for this documentary, City of Gold. Continue reading

Natural Disorder (2015) – Review

Natural Disorder review

When we hit puberty we usually start trying to find our own identity. Your body and brains are starting to change and it might take a while before you’ll feel comfortable with that and have found your place in society. This is also the case for 24-year old Jacob Nossell from Denmark. In his head he is like any other person, but he stands out in the way he moves and talks, because he is spastic. He is searching for the answer what it means to be “normal”, whether he should be a live and how society will deal with people like him in the future. All those questions he wants to answer in a stage play at the Royal Danish theater. Director Christian Sønderby Jepsen follows Jacob during his search and preparations. Continue reading

Thy Father’s Chair (2016) – Review

Review Thy Fathers chair

I’m sure you sometimes have one of those days where you don’t feel like cleaning up the house. You don’t do the dishes or pick up some stuff laying around. Sometimes you might do that a couple of days, but you’ll quickly realize your house will become a mess and you make sure you get rid of the mess. Jewish twins Abraham and Shraga from New York haven’t done anything around their house. The man are covered by wounds from all the vermin in their house biting them and the average person wouldn’t dare enter their house. Still a specialized team goes into the house and tries to get the brothers say goodbye to all their “precious” junk. Continue reading

Twinsters (2015) – Review

Review Twinsters

If you’ve seen the film Enemy, then you’ll probably remember that the character Jake Gyllenhaal plays unexpectedly sees someone who looks exactly like him. It might be a strange idea for a movie, but as Twinsters shows, it is something which can happen in real life. Actress Samantha Futerman receives a message through Facebook. Someone in France has seen a Youtube film and has sent it to his friend, Anais Bordier. The both think that Anais really looks a lot like Samantha and wants to get into contact with her. Samantha decides to agree and to film that. Thanks to a Kickstarter project she has managed to turn that material into a very fascinating documentary. Continue reading

Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives (2015) – Review

Stretch and Bobbito Radio that changed lives review

The music which we discover during our teenage years often forms our further musical taste. Although I listened to all kinds of music that changed considerably when I got my first job working at a supermarket. Although I was listening to some top 40 rap songs (like Fight for Your Right by the Beastie Boys or I Need Love from LL Cool J), it was a colleague the same age as me who gave me names of artists I’ve never heard of, such as Cypress Hill and Das Efx. In my hometown of Rotterdam we had a place called the Central Discotheque, where you could rent CDs for a few guilders for week and I could find these artists. It was a place where you would be able to find me a few times a week to find the latest releases and to hire older CDs if I found an artists I liked. Once I got home, I copied all the CDs onto cassettes, so it didn´t take long before I had a nice collection of music and it was me who was giving others tips about which artists they should check out. This was all in the early nineties, the golden age of hip hop. Continue reading

Making A Murderer (2015) – Review

Review Making A Murderer

The subgenre of documentaries that deal with crimes in which the wrong person is on trial and convicted (unfortunately) keeps growing. It means that too often police work is not done properly, evidence is insufficiently researched and too much significance is given to statements by witnesses. The Thin Blue Line revealed that already, but others did so too, documentaries like Murder on a Sunday Morning, A Murder in the Park, The Central Park Five, The Staircase, Give Up Tomorrow or films about “The Memphis Three” ( Paradise Lost and West of Memphis ). Last month, Netflix released the ten-part documentary series Making A Murderer which revolves around the case of Steven Avery. Continue reading

Finders Keepers (2015) – Review

Review Finders Keepers

True stories are sometimes too bizarre to seem real and this documentary is a great example of that. The entrepreneurial Shannon Whisnant bought a grill during an auction for a nice price. He took it home and to his horror found the lower part of a human leg on the grill. The police were called, who had to temporarily store it. The story soon appeared on the news and it was not long before John Wood came forward and claimed it was his leg and wanted it back. Whisnant however felt that it was his property and was not going to give it back. It would be the beginning of a long battle between the two. Continue reading