How To Sell a Banksy (2012) – Review

Review How To Sell a Banksy

The art world has fascinated me for years. I wouldn’t call myself an art lover and you’ll be hard pressed to find me in a museum regularly, but it is an interesting world. One which follows trends, just like fashion does. When something becomes a hype the prizes skyrocket, but it is also a subculture in which experts regularly can’t tell real paintings from smart forgeries. Banksy has this image that he goes against that world and through his street art regularly makes important statements. Because of this he has become loved and his work is sought after. The prices collectors are willing to pay are extremely high and of course there are people who want to take advantage of that. In the documentary Banksy Does New York it partly focussed on that when a group of men were trying to sell a Banksy they took from the street. In How To Sell A Banksy Christopher Thompson tries to sell one of Banksy’s earlier works which he scraped of a bridge himself. Continue reading

Sneakerheadz (2015) – Review

Review Sneakerheadz

When I went to the centre of town a couple of weeks ago to go to the market I witnessed something strange. Near the markets there are a couple of shops and one of them sells sneakers. The store was open, but in front of it there were around 20 people waiting impatiently and yelling to the store owner if there was a list. Curious as I am I asked what was happening and it turned out that there was a release of a specific model sneaker and these people wanted to have it first.

Of course this is a phenomenon which doesn’t only happens when it comes to sneakers. I’ve seen it happening with phones, but it’s fascinating to see. It is the ultimate expression of being a consumer and materialism. The fact that you are willing to head out and in some cases sleep outside in order to get you hands on something and make it your property is amazing. The documentary shows the world of the sneakerheads. People who collect them as a hobby and how obsessed they can become. Continue reading

Meet the Patels (2014) – Review

Review Meet the Patels

Love isn’t always easy and the subject of this documentary also struggles with it. Ravi Patel is almost 30, lives in the US and still single. His family comes from India and because he takes too long to marry according to his parents they decide to start helping him to find a wife. His family in India is informed who will help him with the search, but also in America a system is used where the information about Ravi is shared like a resume. His sister Geeta follows Ravi during his search and shows how much pressure there is from the family and how you deal with this as the person feeling that pressure. Continue reading

Man Falling (2015) – Review

Review Man Falling

I´ve always found the world of art fascinating. Not that you´ll find me in a museum every weekend, but I always have found it interesting how people respond to art and which amounts they are willing to pay for it based on the name under it. When it comes to the paintings themselves I mainly can appreciate the classic ones. Modern and abstract art doesn´t do anything for me. The subject in this documentary, Per Kirkeby, also makes abstract art and is one of the best known artists from Denmark. Continue reading

Racing Extinction (2015) – Review

Review Racing Extinction

Few people still doubt that mankind has had a huge impact on nature and cliamte. The polar ice caps are melting and because the world’s population keeps growing it means that there is less and less room for animals to live and that the demand for meat and fish increases. The consequences are obvious: More animals species go extinct or are about to. Often the cause of it is economic and this documentary tries to show the reality of it all. Continue reading

Rebels (2015) – Review

Review Rebels

There are so many elements which decide who you become as a person. Of course the place you are born has a huge influence, but also how you were raised, your friends and the setbacks you face all play a role in forming your personality and where in life you eventually end up. For some that is a bad place and is documentary you see how a group of young people with their own issues follow a course which should help them to find a job. Continue reading

Where to Invade Next (2015) – Review

review Where to Invade Next

The movie world has its celebrities. Not only actors/actresses, but many movie lovers will also be able to name various directors. When you ask them next to name famous documentary filmmakers, chances are slim they will be able to name any. But there are some well-known ones. Directors like Werner Herzog, Errol Morris, Morgan Spurlock and Louis Theroux are good examples and of course there is also the man behind Where to Invade Next, Michael Moore. Continue reading