Being George Clooney (2016) – Review

Review Being George Clooney

When growing up I, like probably most children, watched quite a lot of TV. Most of the cartoons weren’t in Dutch, but in English (and I sometimes watch German tv as well). Thanks to those English cartoons I could pick up on a lot when I finally got English lessons at school. Through the years that has changed and now most of the entertainment aimed at children (both on TV/VOD and in the cinema) has been dubbed. It is something I’m not a fan of, because it will take children longer to learn a foreign language. Luckily there are schools who start with English lessons as soon as the kids join the school, but I think entertainment could add something extra. So slowly dubbing has become the norm in the Netherlands. In other countries though, like Italy, France or Germany that has been the case for ages. This documentary, Being George Clooney, mainly focusses on voice actors who play the role of George Clooney in various countries, including Turkey, India, Brazil, Germany, Italy and France. Continue reading

Weiner (2016) – Review

review weiner

As a politician, you are constantly in the spotlight and every action you take is looked at under a microscope. In such a position you are seen as someone who is an example to others and if you do things in your private life which are outside the norm and these become widely known you’ve got an issue. The media will jump on it and the impact will be huge. That is exactly what Anthony Weiner, a congressman experienced. He was a politician who could be very fierce when defending his points of view. And although he was married he regularly sent explicit pictures of himself to various women. It would eventually lead to him having to leave congress.

Just when that happened directors Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg wanted to make a documentary about him. They contacted the family and received permission to follow them everywhere, just as Weiner is planning a comeback by running for mayor of New York, which results in a fascinating documentary, for different reasons they were thinking. Continue reading

Stranger in Paradise (2016) – Review

Review Stranger in Paradise

Humans are always searching for ways to simplify tough and complex issues. Partly because it makes it easier to understand, but also because many won’t make the effort to take the time to actually look at all the details. Just take a look at the huge number of refugees entering Europe from various countries. It is something which has been made a “theme” or an “issue” which allows everyone to say something about it. By grouping it, it becomes just one thing, running the risks of forgetting the details. Each refugee has his or her own story and was forced to make a tough decision to leave the place they grew up in and who are about to face an uncertain future. Sometimes not only for them, but for their family as well. The documentary Stranger in Paradise takes a look at a number of individuals who have come to Sicily and take part in a class, with the teacher played by Valentijn Dhaenens. Continue reading

Tickled (2016) – Review

Review Tickled

David Farrier is a journalist from New Zealand who has an eye for funny and light reports about people who stand out. When he was looking for a new subject he came across a clip which interested him. It was about competitive tickling. This does sound very bizarre, but in the video you see how a man has been tied up by his hands and feet and how several men in sports outfits are tickling him. Farrier decides to make a story about it. He approaches the producers of the films, Jane O’Brien Media, but to his surprise he gets a very hostile reaction back from them. He blogs about it and the reaction he gets is that not only does he have to remove his post (because else he will be taken to trial), but the company also sends three men to New Zealand to meet Farrier. They try to convince him to stop what he is doing. Despite the warnings he continues as he wants to know more. Continue reading

Thank You for Playing (2015) – Review

Review Thank you for playing

A couple of years ago it was easy to classify games into various genres. There were some experimental games, but there weren’t that many of them and they usually didn’t get much attention. But indie games (which are made by small teams) have become a lot more popular. They can offer something you haven’t experienced before and Ryan Green is a developer who offers a very emotional experience with his game. The title is That Dragon Cancer. Continue reading

I Am Bolt (2016) – Review

Review I Am Bolt

As soemone who hardly watches sports on TV I always happily make an exception for the 100 metres (whether that’s during the Olympic Games or at other times). It’s not even 10 seconds of action, but it is a moment that’s filled with tension and drama. During the last couple of years there was one man who seemed invincible in this event. He was able to set new world records which gave you the feeling that he wasn’t even trying and could probably be even faster: Usain Bolt. Besides that Bolt also is an entertainer who manages to get crowds excited for him. The Olympic Games in Brazil were his last and with I Am Bolt he closes off his career. He allows the viewer to take a look behind the scenes and find out what it took to get as far as he has. Continue reading

Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie (2015) – Review


I’m someone who has always been able to appreciate the documentaries Louis Theroux makes. With a lot of respect and realistic view he has been able to get access to people who were part of special groups. With his curiosity and style of questioning he managed to give insight into the motivation of his subjects, not matter how extreme. Scientology is a religion which is present all around the world and has many followers, including celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. The fact that Therous was making a film about it got me interested. Continue reading