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Living on One Dollar (2013)

review Living on One Dollar review

There are moments where you really have to appreciate the things you have. Something as simple as the place you have been born can determine the rest of your life. As this documentary shows a huge part of the world’s population is living in poverty and have to survive on a dollar a day. It Is such a small amount of money and almost impossible to imagine. I know I’ll spend that easily on a candy bar or other snack while there are families that will have to feed themselves for a whole day with that money. It won’t be hard to realize that this means other things like paying for education or medicine can’t be done. Zach Ingrasci and Chris Temple (together with two friends) decided to try to live on 1 dollar a day for two months in Guatemala and document their experience. Continue reading

I Know That Voice (2013)

Review I Know That Voice

Voicework is something you might not think too much about and the only time you will probably see something about it will be a behind the scenes look at a big Pixar or Disney cartoon when famous actors are doing their recording. The world of voice acting is a lot bigger though and this documentary gives a good insight about the voice work industry, its history and its stars. It is much more than just being able to do a funny voice. Continue reading

Tim’s Vermeer (2013)

Review Tim's Vermeer

When people see abstract art many will say they wouldn’t have any trouble making something similar. There are a lot of cases where I will agree, but usually art is more than just a painting. It is a story around it, the history of the artist and the interest people have. When it comes to the Dutch masters like Rembrandt or Vermeer you wouldn’t expect someone to say that they would also be able to paint it, but that’s exactly what Tim Jenison did. What’s interesting though is that he had never painted in his life. Continue reading

The Art of the Steal (2009)

Review The Art of the Steal

Imagine, you are an art lover and through the years you have managed to acquire a beautiful art collection consisting of 9000 pieces. These pieces are not simple paintings you managed to buy on some market, but are actually made by famous painters. You bought them when the art world wasn’t very interested in their work yet. You have managed to get 181 paintings by Renoir, 69 C├ęzannes, 60 pieces by Matisse, 44 Picassos and 14 Modiglianis. It also happens that those works are amongst the best those artists made. Total worth: 25 billion dollars. Despite that you are not interested in selling any of it and also don’t want other museums to temporarily show them. You have decided to show all the paintings in a special building and make it an art school so only a few people can see them and learn about them. That is exactly what Albert C. Barnes had managed to realise during his life.

He owned the most impressive art collection in the world and only wanted those who could really appreciate the art to see it. He did not want art to be seen as something to sell tickets and make money. In his will he made a few things clear: After his death the art could not be taken from the wall and be sent to a museum. His “Barnes foundation” would remain an educational institution, which would only be open 2 days a week. But with such an impressive collection would his will be respected? Continue reading

Louder Than a Bomb (2010)

Recensie Louder Than A Bomb

As far back I have always been writing. When I was very young I used to write short stories, sometimes starring famous cartoon characters, other times something I made up entirely. During my teenage years I and in my early twenties I wrote lyrics and rapped. Now at the end of my thirties this blog is the form my writing has taken. Writing has always been a way of expressing myself and it is something I will probably keep doing. This documentary follows several young writers who express themselves in their way: poetry. They all participate in the Louder Than a Bomb competition, where groups from several schools try to win the title. Continue reading

Narco Cultura (2013)

Review Narco Cultura

Sometimes the best way to get attention for a specific issue is to show the cold hard facts. An Inconvenient Truth or The Act of Killing are good examples of that. Both documentaries made people think about a subject and cause either discussion or change. Narco Cultura also follows that path and decides to show the impact of the drugs trade and the effects of the battle between Mexican drug cartels on the small Mexican town of Juarez. It is located close to the border with the U.S. The police and other people in Juarez live a dangerous life and run the risk of being killed, but across the border the life of the drug dealers in celebrated and glorified in the form of songs, the narcocorridos. Continue reading