Cartel Land (2015) – Review

Review Cartel Land

Last year the documentary Narco Cultura already showed that in some places in Mexico drugs have a firm grip on several towns. Cartel Land also makes that clear during its opening when several familymembers tell how a large part of their family, including children and a baby, were murdered by a cartel as they were working on a citrus farm. The reason for this was that the owner of the farm didn’t pay enough “protection money”. It immediately sets the tone for this documentary and it’s not difficult to understand that residents, both in Mexico and America, take matters into their own hands and go head to head with the cartels. It results in a raw, but very impressive documentary. Continue reading

L’Chaim!: To Life! (2014) – Review

Recensie l'chaim to life

When you see Chaim Lubelski for the first time in this documentary your first impression probably is that he is a bum: He is unshaven, wears old clothes with holes and is constantly smoking weed. Yet underneath that appearance a world of experiences is hidden away. He once was a successful businessman in New York where he earned millions exporting jeans, he was good at chess and believes he could have played with the best if he was able to concentrate more. Despite his successes, he also had to deal with setbacks. He lost his money in the stock market years ago and lived as a homeless man on the streets. His only goal now is to take care of his elderly mother who lives in Antwerp. Continue reading

Pixels (2015) – Review

Recensie Pixels

I had promised myself to skip this latest Adam Sandler film. I had a good reasons to do so: If you look at the last ten films he made there isn’t one of them that’s worth watching. In his younger years, I could still enjoy his movies, but I have developed an aversion towards Sandler because he keeps making disappointing movies.

But why did I end up still watching Pixels? Curiosity probably is the most important reason. And I wasn’t curious if he had made a good movie this time, but I wanted to know how the game element is incorporated into the film. As someone who grew up gaming that element excited me so I decided, against my better judgment, to give Pixels a chance Continue reading

The Look of Silence (2014) – Review

Review the look of silence

Everyone sometimes does something which might not be a good thing to do. Despite that knowledge we still decide to go on with our lives because we think of reasons to justify our actions. If someone confronts us on it, we are able to explain why we have done something and often not feel any guilt about it, simply because we tell ourselves that something was allowed.

With his controversial documentary The Act of Killing, Joshua Oppenheimer told us which gruesome events took place in Indonesia in the sixties. More than a million people were murdered because they were said to be communists and Oppenheimer pointed his camera at the men responsible. They openly told stories about what they did and even re-enacted them in a variety of film styles, which made it even more surreal.

In that documentary, the focus was primarily on the perpetrators. Survivors and relatives showed up only briefly. With The Look of Silence the focus is on one family where the eldest brother, Ramli, lost his life in a terrible way Continue reading

Capital C (2014) – Review

Review Capital C

Our society is constantly changing. The industrial revolution led to a shift in the type of work people did and developments in the field of computers has also been responsible for a lot of change in many areas during the past 30 years. Something didn’t change though same during these two revolutions. If you had an idea and wanted to start a business you were dependent on a wealthy person or bank. When no one believed in your idea it meant the end of your dream.

The computer revolution and the inception of the Internet, especially the last few years also resulted a change in that aspect of getting money. Crowdfunding enables anyone with an idea to present that idea directly to the customer. When enough people believe in your idea or product and therefore decide to invest money you can get started. Kickstarter is one of best known sites for crowdfunding. This documentary delves into this world and tells the story of three entrepreneurs who are using Kickstarter to try and achieve something they could not otherwise realize. Continue reading

The Search for General Cho (2014) – Review

Review Search for General Tso

It’s a bit of a culinary week at My Filmviews. After yesterday’s documentary Spinning Plates, today I take a look at this documentary which recently appeared on Netflix. The title didn’t ring any bells with me, since I’m from The Netherlands, but in America General Cho’s chicken is a dish that is present on the menu of every Chinese restaurant. The chicken dish of fried chicken with some spring onions, peppers and a sweet sauce has made a name for itself. But who was this general? Has he invented this dish or is there another source? These questions are central to this film. Continue reading

Spinning Plates (2012) – Review

Recensie Spinning Plates

Cooking for me is a fun hobby. I really enjoy taking the time during weekends to choose which new dish I’m going to try, do errands and then with some nice background music start preparing the ingredients. If the end result also tastes delicious that is simply a wonderful feeling. For some people cooking means even more, people who have made it their profession. Even within that line of work people have different objectives. The documentary Spinning Plates shows three restaurants and the ideas and dreams that live within them. Continue reading