Off the Rails (2016) – Review

Review Off the Rails

Darius McCollum is a man with a passion. Of course being passionate about something is beautiful. It means that there is something which moves you so strongly that you can lose yourself in it, love spending time on it and possibly even enhance your life. That is partly the case for Darius. His life is all about subways and public transport in New York. As a kid he spent a lot of time hanging around the stations and talking to employees. He helped them, rode along with them and after a while gained so much knowledge that one of the subwaydrivers let him control the subway train. It even went as far as him being allowed to ride one all by himself when he was 15. Unfortunately someone spotted him alone and he was arrested. It didn’t stop there though. He felt a strong urge to ride the trains. His applied for a job but was denied, so he found other ways to still do what he wanted. He decided to just take subway trains or busses from the yards and just follow their normal routes, picking up passengers. He’s been arrested for that 32 times and Darius is 50 now. He has spent half of his life behind bars because of his obsessive behaviour. Continue reading

Abstract: The Art of Design (2017) – Review

Review Abstract the art of design Netflix

If you look around you almost everything you see has been designed by someone. The clothes you wear, the stuff you have in your house, but also everything you see in the street you live on. We might not think about it every day, but someone has thought about each detail. Abstract: The Art of Design, a documentary series which is available through Netflix is all about this subject. Continue reading

Bodyguards: Secret Lives from the Watchtower (2016) – Review

Review Bodyguards Secret Lives from the Watchtower

There are different forms of being a celebrity. Of course there are the actors and musicians, where being famous automatically means more popularity (and money), but als politicians get a lot of attention, especially when you have a different point of view. With fame also because negative consequences, like your safety. When people know you they want to get into contact with you, which often is friendly, but there are always a couple of people who want to hurt others. For them security is a necessity and this documentary looks at the world of bodyguards, both in entertainment, politics and the criminal underworld. Continue reading

24X36 – A Movie About Movie Posters – Review

Review 24X36- A Movie About Movie Posters

Last year I organised a Filmblog Get Together event for Dutch movie bloggers and I’m planning to do a second one this year. I’ll be renting a cinema as a meeting place and of course with such a location watching a movie needs to be part of the program. But which movie will I show this year. Last year I happened to read about It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong over at Flixchatter. It turned out to be a movie I loved and it was the perfect choice for the event. Most bloggers shared that opinion, but that also leads to expectations for this year. Which surprise will I bring this time? I kind of feel like a musician who has released a successful first album and who has to at least meet expectations. It makes you even more critical. A while ago I read about this documentary and I decided to contact the director, who was helpful in getting me to talk to the right people. A movie with this subject sounded like the perfect film to show to a cinema filled with cinephiles. But was it was I was looking for? Continue reading

O.J.: Made in America (2016) – Review

Review OJ Made in America

At the end of last year something stood out to me when looking at best of the year lists. Often documentaries aren’t mentioned on those lists, but American critics named this 467-minute documentary often. I wasn’t able to see it when it was shown here during a festival, but luckily it was shown on TV during several nights. After watching The People vs O.J.Simpson, that other series last year about the trial of O.J., I was curious how this would compare. Continue reading

The Uncertainty Has Settled (2017) – Review

Recensie The Uncertainty Has Settled

Having a different view on a particular subject can sometimes be difficult. For example, if all the reviews for a specific movie are positive, do you dare to have a different opinion, and if so, are you looking forward to the reactions you will get on it? Now, movie reviews obviously are not world-changing, but this concept of a large consensus also applies in professional environments. There are plenty stories to be found in history of this, for example in the field of health care, in which major breakthroughs weren’t looked at seriously by anyone, simply because they deviated from the general opinion. For example, Ignaz Semmelweis suggested, in response to more women dying in one of two clinics he worked at, that doctors needed wash their hands because in one of them doctors went straight from the morgue to child delivery without cleaning up. It’s something which now may seem obvious, but it took him a lot of effort to convince others. Everyone was so stuck in a way of thinking that they were no longer open to another idea. Lees verder

808 (2015) – Review

Review 808

808 is a number you might not be familiar with, but if you do something with music chances are that you know what it references, namely the Roland TR-808 drum machine which was released in 1980. It might be an old machine, but the sounds it produces are still used today. When I made music myself I mainly did so on my PC, but I did have a digital version of this machine (in the form of Rebirth, which now is available as an app on your iPad) which I sometimes used. The 808 is a legendary machine that has left its influence and this documentary takes the viewer along on a musical journey to make that clear. Continue reading