Rebels (2015) – Review

Review Rebels

There are so many elements which decide who you become as a person. Of course the place you are born has a huge influence, but also how you were raised, your friends and the setbacks you face all play a role in forming your personality and where in life you eventually end up. For some that is a bad place and is documentary you see how a group of young people with their own issues follow a course which should help them to find a job. Continue reading

Where to Invade Next (2015) – Review

review Where to Invade Next

The movie world has its celebrities. Not only actors/actresses, but many movie lovers will also be able to name various directors. When you ask them next to name famous documentary filmmakers, chances are slim they will be able to name any. But there are some well-known ones. Directors like Werner Herzog, Errol Morris, Morgan Spurlock and Louis Theroux are good examples and of course there is also the man behind Where to Invade Next, Michael Moore. Continue reading

My Beautiful Broken Brain (2014) – Review

Review My Beautiful Broken Brain

At the end of last year we got a call about an aunt of us who came by our house earlier that day. That day she was complainingn about a headache and as she was walking around her house she suddenly collapsed. The ambulance was called and it turned out there was blood in her brain. To support the rest of the family we decided to head to the hospital and wait for the doctors to save her. It were a couple of very tense hours in which you think about a lot of different outcomes. When the surgery is successful how long will it take for her to wake up and if that happens will she still be the same? Has there been damage making her unable to do specific things? It was a strange experience and although they did managed to save her she remained in a coma for a while. Eventually she woke up and didn’t have a lot of negative effects (except for her short term memory). When you experience something like that personally you realise something like that could happen to anyone. It was the reason I was very interested in checking out this documentary, available through Netflix. Continue reading

The Bridge (2006) – Review

Review The Bridge

The Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco is probably the most famous bridge in the world. This iconic structure has appeared in a lot of movies and has been wrecked by a lot of different causes (tsunamis, monsters etcetera). In real life the bridge looks impressive and I’ve driven over it (both by car and on a bike). But despite its status and it’s beautiful surroundings it’s also a spot where a lot of people decide to jump off it to end their lives. Continue reading

Killing Them Safely (2015) – Review

Killing them safely review

When you are the head of a police force which regularly runs into violence and where police officers are attacked during arrest, then you would be open to any means to neutralise the danger. Of course weapons are effective, but the risks are huge. Pepperspray might work, but it’s not something which will stop everyone. The taser seems to be the perfect solution, a device which will immediately floor the attacker. When you hear it has no risks attached, you receive that device with open arms.

For the only company in the world who makes tasers, Taser International, it meant a quick growth with orders from all over the world. But are those tasers really as safe as the company claims? Continue reading

Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery (2014) – Review

Review Beltracchi

Within the art world the master forgers are the most interesting people, not because they are able to make so much money with it and the fact they are able to fool various experts, but simply because they have the skill to paint just like other well-known artists and are sometimes able to produce even better paintings. Wolfgang Beltracchi is one of those forgers, a very rational man who ended up in the art world because his father loved art. He found out that he was able to make a lot of money changing existing pictures and later forging them. He made millions doing so, but he eventually got caught. Continue reading

Trophy Kids (2013) – Review

Review Trophy Kids

As a parent you always want the best for your child, as much as you are able to do so. You stimulate them to gain specific knowledge and try to invest in them if they are interested in something. It’s something you do as it might help them later in life and society. I think it’s good to have children try things as it enables them to find out what they like and what doesn’t fit them. There are however parents who have a specific vision about what their child should be and do everything to realise their own dream through their kids. Continue reading