Lemmy (2010)

If you are a big rock fan, you will immediately think of Motörhead when you hear the name Lemmy. For those that don’t know the band, there is a big chance that you do know their most famous song, “The Ace of Spades”. Motörhead is also known as the loudest band on earth and although I have not verified this myself (in not my type of music) I heard from friends that earplugs are a necessity at their concerts. This documentary tries to give the viewer a look into the life of its lead singer. Does he live as loud as his music? Continue reading

Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001)

At the age of 10 I really wanted to get a skateboard. I can’t remember having seen any skateboarding videos or pictures in magazines, but every time I went to the toy store I looked at it and knew I wanted to buy it. When I had finally saved enough money to be able to buy it I went to the toy store and got it. It was a wide, black board which had the head of an eagle in the middle. It had yellow wheels and I was happy to get it. As it turned out skateboarding wasn’t really my thing and I probably played with it for about a week and forgot about it. Turned out that roller skating was something I liked more and have done that for a long time (and still do occasionally). I never learned any tricks on that skateboard and the most skateboarding I’ve done was by playing Tony Hawk on the original Playstation. Dogtown and Z-Boys is a documentary about the evolution of skateboarding which has resulted in its current “extreme” state. This group of kids and teenagers didn’t stop practising and managed to start a revolution. Continue reading