Criminal (2016) – Review

Review Criminal

At the start of the nineties Kevin Costner was one of the biggest stars in the movie world, but because the number of visitors slowly started dropping after the success with Dances with Wolves he slowly disappeared from the spotlight. This doesn’t mean he didn’t keep working and during the last couple of years you slowly see him appearing again doing small roles in big movies (like Man of Steel or Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit). And although he was starring in 3 Days to Kill, the movie itself wasn’t that good. Two years later and now he stars in Criminal. Is this the comeback Costner’s been waiting for? Continue reading

Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) – Review

Review Hitman 47

There are exactly two things I remember about the Hitman movie from 2007:
1. Timothy Olyphant played the hitman
2. That that’s the only thing I can remember about the film
And after seeing this movie, which I assume is a reboot, I am certain that I will be saying the same thing about this movie in a couple of months as I will probably have forgotten everything about it. Continue reading

One Way Trip (2016) – Review

Review One Way Trip

Four friends have come up with a fantastic plan. Sang-Woo (Suho) is about to go into the army, but before that happens, they want to take him to the port town of Pohan to have fun. They borrow a van and all sneak away from either their parents or the place they are staying. What should be a great weekend however, turns into a nightmare when the four of them are chased by the police. Why this is the case and what has happened is slowly revealed throughout the film. Continue reading

My Friend Rockefeller (2015) – Review

Review My Friend Rockefeller

True crime documentaries have had more attention lately thanks to shows like Making a Murderer. People are fascinated by cases like this, because you wonder what could cause these people to act like they did (or in the case of people who are innocent, how the judicial system has treated them). My Friend Rockefeller revolves about Christian Gerhartsreiter. A German man who had a dream to be successfull it in America. He managed to do so and was very popular, but he did so pretending to be people he wasn’t, including being a Rockefeller. It turns out he also is a killer. Continue reading

Lumière and Company (1995) – Review

Review Lumiere and company

When filming a subject you are not only capturing it, but also depending the moment it is viewed can give also create a specific feeling. If you now watch something like Taxi Driver you are not only watching the story about Travis Bickle, but you also get an idea what New York in the seventies was like. If you travel even further back in time, to the first filmmakers, the brothers Lumière, than their first films also create a specific feeling. After they bought the patents to the “Cinématographe” from inventor Léon Bouly, as he didn’t have the financial means to realise his invention, the made the first movie camera. On the 19th of march 1895 they made their first film, in which they simply documented factory workers leaving their work. A lot of those first movies only show daily life. The arrival of a train at the station probably is their most famous one. The images you see are rough and jerky, but it was a very important first step to get to the moment we are now when it comes to film.

But what would happen if you took that very first movie camera and would allow directors from now to make something with it? What would they do? And what kind of feeling would the viewer have? That’s the idea behind this documentary. The rules these directors have are simple: Their movie can’t be longer than 52 seconds, no synchronised sound is to be used and they can have no more than three takes. Continue reading