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Jersey Boys (2014)

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At the end of Jersey Boys one of the characters states that in the end it was all about following the music, feeling that urge to keep making it. It is a feeling we all experience in one way or another. As a movie blogger I definitely can relate because you feel a bit empty if you are not watching and writing about film. It is a creative process as you want to keep creating new articles about interesting subjects others will enjoy. I love that feeling, having that drive, but it important you make sure it remains interesting and keeps challenging you. Clint Eastwood did that by making the move of directing besides acting and has been very successful with it. With Jersey Boys he wants to bring the popular musical to the big screen. Continue reading

Papillon (1973)

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2014 has been a year in which I haven’t watched as many older movies as I usually do. The cause for this is partly because there were so much new movies I wanted to see, but also because I hadn’t set myself a goal to work through specific movie lists, like the IMDB top 250 I did before. When doing it, it meant I got to discover a high number of movie classics. This was supposedly also one, which had been wanting to see, but never got around to (even though I’ve had the DVD for several years). So I finally decided to free up 151 minutes to watch it. Continue reading

Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater (2013)

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When you compare directors James Benning and Richard Linklater don’t seem to have a lot in common. Altough they both work in the movie industry, they both do that in completely different ways. Benning is relatively unknown and experiments a lot with film. The last couple of years he has focussed in films without a story, inspired by the silent movies and wants emulate that feeling. He shows a landscape without actually doing anything else, having the viewer focus on the nature and nothing else. He thinks people do that way too little.

Richard Linklater on the other hand is well-known, of course of his recent movie Boyhood, but also his “Before” trilogy (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset en Before Midnight) and movies like Bernie, Dazed and Confused, Slacker and A Scanner Darkly. In this documentary these two men meet and talk about making movies and the way they feel about film in general. Continue reading

Pioneer (2014)

Review Pioneer

At the start of the seventies oil is discovered in the North Sea. Norway had difficulty in getting this oil to land and had to do several test dives in order to find out if it was possible to lay a pipe. If they were able to do this it would mean a lot of money for the country. As tests at this depth were never done before, the Norwegians decided to work together with an American company. The Norwegian brothers Petter and Knut are part of the diving team and are the first ones to do a test dive. When a tragic accident takes place at the ocean floor it is Petter who decided to find the cause for it. It is an investigation which becomes more dangerous to him when he seems to discover a conspiracy. Continue reading

Wild Tales (2014)

Review Wild Tales

In general short movies don’t get too much attention and I have to admit I’m guilty of that too. I sporadically might watch one when it is suggested by other blogs, but that’s about it. There are movies though which basically collect a couple and that way manage to get noticed, like Paris and New York, I Love You or Movie 43 (which was horrible). Wild Tales also consists out of various short movies, but is this collection worth checking out? Continue reading