Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) – Review

review teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-out-of-the-shadows

The past movie summer wat disappointing for a lot of people and many films didn’t manage to make as much impact as the studio hoped. Some even didn’t manage to really show up on people’s radar and for me it was this sequel to the movie from 2014. I thought the original movie was very disappointing, so I didn’t feel any need to head to the cinema to watch it. But as it is available on DVD I decided to give it a chance as I suspected it would probably have some enjoyable action sequences.

Westworld (1973) – Review

review-westworld 1973 film

One of the most impressive new shows this fall is HBO’s Westworld. Not only the concept of the show, which is about a realistic wild west world themepark where the people “working” in it are actually androids that are there to be used (and abused) by the rich visitors. It looks amazing as well and it’s definitely a must-see. And that’s even without mentioning the impressive cast, including Jeffery Wright and Anthony Hopkins. Still the idea of this show isn’t original. It all started with this 1973 movie, which even got a sequel named Futureworld and also had spinoff TV show (Beyond Westworld), which was cancelled after a few episodes. After having seen all the episodes which have aired of the new show I was curious about the movie which started it all. Continue reading

Perfetti Sconosciuti (2016) – Review

review perfetti sconosciuti

In a relationship you share everything with each other and trust that the other person will keep some secrets from everyone else. That other person might be your partner, but it could also be one of your best friends. When a group of 7 friends meet up in order to dine and watch the eclipse of the moon there is one woman in the group who suggests to play a game: Everyone will put their cell phone on the table. Each phone call will be on speaker and each and every message that is received will be read out loud. The idea behind it is that your phone in of the most personal devices which sometimes might hide huge secrets. Not everyone is happy to join in, but group pressure eventually wins and the game begins. The end result is an evening where a lot of happens and emotions come up which might challenge some of the relationships. Continue reading

I, Daniel Blake (2016) – Review

review i, daniel blake

Life always has suprises in store and unexpected things can happen (just look at the past week). A stable situation at home can get out of balance because of various events. Daniel (Dave Johns) is a widow and after he has had an accident working in construction he is no longer able to work. He is forced to apply for benefits. He isn’t very young and doesn’t know how to work with computers or how the existing process of applying works. His first experience when heading to the office to apply turns into one of shock: Everyone there works according to strict tules and there doesn’t seem to be any room for actually caring for the person who is in from of them. It is here where Daniel meets single mother Katie (Hayley Squires), who he decides to help. Continue reading

Café Society (2016) – Review

Review Café Society

Each year a new Woody Allen movie is released and every year movielovers wonder whether this one will be worth watching as they aren’t always of the same quality. For each Midnight in Paris there is a To Rome with Love. That last movie had Jesse Eisenberg and in this movie it’s him playing the starring role. He’s Bobby, a young man without much experience who has moved from New York to Los Angeles in order to find a job. Continue reading

War Dogs (2016) – Review

Revew War Dogs

With Road Trip, Old School, Due Date, Starsky & Hutch and the Hangover movies director Todd Philips has gained a lot of expertise when it comes to comedies, specifically those full of crude humour. So you’d probably expect the same thing when it comes to his latest movie, War Dogs. Seeing Jonah Hill on the poster only seems to confirm so. But War Dogs is a movie which is based on a true story, so you’d think there would be no room for the tone of Philips typcial type of humour. Does he manage to tell this stroy in a convincing way? Continue reading

Storks (2016) – Review

Review Storks

Regularly I come across movies where my expectations are extremely low. They are usually titles I steer clear from and occasionally might give them a chance once they are out on DVD/VOD. Storks was one of those movies which also didn’t get much marketing. But when the kids had a week off from school one of the things I usually do is to take them to the cinema. The youngest one wanted to see this movie. I hoped, like with a dentist appointment, that it would be quick and painless. I didn’t expect I would enjoy this movie so much. Continue reading