The Legend of Hercules (2014) – Review

Review The Legend of Hercules

Each year there are these movies which give you this feeling “it’s probably better to skip this one”. It’s some sort of spidersense you have developed as a movielover and often that sense turns out to be correct. In 2014 the movie Hercules would be released, starring Dwayne Johnson. Not long before that suddenly this movie entered theaters. I don’t know if it was supposed to take some money away from that movie, but The Legend of Hercules looked like a B-movie. So I decided to skip it, but when it recently was shown on TV I decided to give it a chance. I’ve learned a wise lesson from that: Sometimes you just have to watch these type of movies to get a better perspective on the movies which are worth watching. Continue reading

Deepwater Horizon (2016) – Review

Bespreking Deepwater Horizon

As people we are able to look at complex problems and think of solutions. Because of that we now have technology which allows us to leave the earth, but also to have a device in our hands with which we are able to do more than we would be able to imagine just 20 years ago. It’s also impressive that we are able to build oil rigs, which are essentially very specialised ships, and get them to the middle of the sea and drill a whole in the sea floor in order to get some hidden oil out of the ground. But as is the case with all technology, things can go wrong, sometimes because of the material (just think of various rockets which didn’t manage to reach space), but often also because of human error. The consequences can be disastrous and Deepwater Horizon takes a look at the events which happened in 2010 when this went horribly wrong on this oil platform. Continue reading

808 (2015) – Review

Review 808

808 is a number you might not be familiar with, but if you do something with music chances are that you know what it references, namely the Roland TR-808 drum machine which was released in 1980. It might be an old machine, but the sounds it produces are still used today. When I made music myself I mainly did so on my PC, but I did have a digital version of this machine (in the form of Rebirth, which now is available as an app on your iPad) which I sometimes used. The 808 is a legendary machine that has left its influence and this documentary takes the viewer along on a musical journey to make that clear. Continue reading

Sing (2016) – Review

Review Sing

Ever since debuting their first movie Despicable Me in 2010, Illumination Entertainment has managed to release a financially successful string of movies, including The Lorax, Despicable Me 2, Minions and The Secret Life of Pets. The reviews weren’t as positive though, because after their first movie the Metactric score has never been above 62 points for any of their films, usually because the movie might have fun moments, but lack an emotional depth. The studio isn’t able to measure up to the greats like Pixar and Disney yet. Sing is their latest film and the question is whether this is any good. Continue reading

How to Meet a Mermaid (2016) – Review

Review How to meet a mermaid

My first association I have when hearing the word mermaid (probably because of my kids) is Ariel and the famous fairytale. Mermaids are mythical creatures that have featured in a lot of stories and there are even people who are sure that they’ve actually seen one (including Christopher Columbus). The idea of them is beautiful, as the sea can be wild and without mercy, mermaids always look beautiful and are able to save people from drowning. Maybe that’s the reason they are some kind of comfort, something to hold onto. Despite the title of this documentary, it actually isn’t about these creatures, but about the fascination people have with the sea. Director Coco Schrijber tells three stories about Lex, Rebecca and Miguel whose fate is strongly tied to the sea. Continue reading

Being George Clooney (2016) – Review

Review Being George Clooney

When growing up I, like probably most children, watched quite a lot of TV. Most of the cartoons weren’t in Dutch, but in English (and I sometimes watch German tv as well). Thanks to those English cartoons I could pick up on a lot when I finally got English lessons at school. Through the years that has changed and now most of the entertainment aimed at children (both on TV/VOD and in the cinema) has been dubbed. It is something I’m not a fan of, because it will take children longer to learn a foreign language. Luckily there are schools who start with English lessons as soon as the kids join the school, but I think entertainment could add something extra. So slowly dubbing has become the norm in the Netherlands. In other countries though, like Italy, France or Germany that has been the case for ages. This documentary, Being George Clooney, mainly focusses on voice actors who play the role of George Clooney in various countries, including Turkey, India, Brazil, Germany, Italy and France. Continue reading