Neerja (2016) – Review

Review Neerja

This review contains spoilers (if that’s possible for real life events)
Neerja, with Sonam Kapoor in de starring role, tells the dramatised story about the hijacking of Pan Am flight 73 by four armed men. On september 5th 1986 they entered the plane at the airport of Karachi. Their goal was to free prisoners and with 361 passengers on the plane they have the means to get that done. Neerja Bhanot was the purser on this flight and thanks to her actions the number of victims was dramatically lowered. She didn´t survive the events, but this movie gives the viewer a good idea about what she did in this situation. She was the youngest person to receive a prestigious award for bravery posthumously. Continue reading

Central Intelligence (2016) – Review

Review Central Intelligence

There are some actors or actresses of whom you’ll see their films blindly. This has long been the case for me with Nicolas Cage (but not anymore), but I am still able to enjoy movies in which Jason Statham, Schwarzenegger or Stallone star. The same is the case for Dwayne Johnson. The former wrestler has proven himself after The Scorpion King and is able to, just by his presence, to make them at least bearable (Ballers, I’m looking at you). He is an action star who is also able to do successful comedies and recently announced his own YouTube channel with a bombastic trailer. Someone who isn’t afraid to do something crazy while at the same time making sure it doesn’t feel artificial. Central Intelligence is his latest comedy in which he has worked together with comedian Kevin Hart. With its tagline “Saving the world takes a little Hart and a big Johnson” the tone is immediately set, but does that mean an enjoyable comedy? Continue reading

Ice Age: Collision Course (2016) – Review

ICE AGE collision course review

Ice Age, made by Blue Skies Studios is in some regards comparable to Carl Douglas. This artist scored a hit in 1974 with the song Kung Fu Fighting. After that he kept making songs with the same theme, hoping he would be able to have the same success as he had with the original. A couple of years ago I saw a documentary where he was saying he was making a new remix, still trying to make money on that one good idea he once had during pop history. When you look at Ice Age, the first movie was successful both financially as critically. And although the sequels still made enough money, the scores on Rotten Tomatoes tell another story how critics received it. The original had a score of 77%, but the sequels that followed scored 57%, 45% and 37%. Of course Blue Skies has made other movies besides Ice Age (Rio, Epic and the Peanuts movie), but would it be better that the studio faces reality and let these prehistoric animals go extinct? Continue reading

Ghostbusters (2016) – Review

Review Ghostbusters

When a reboot or a remake of an old movie is announced, usually the first thing you hear is the cry of the internet. Not only the fanboys/girls, but everyone seems to have already formed their opinion about it (it’s going to suck) and with the new Ghostbusters things weren’t any different. That the initial reaction was negative is something which didn’t surprise me, but I haven’t made the effort to read what it was exactly. I’d rather spend my time on other things. And even though I more than enjoyed the original Ghostbusters the news of a remake didn’t really do much to me. Often remakes are unnecessary, but of course there are exceptions. Is the new Ghostbusters one of them? Continue reading

Burnt (2015) – Review

Review Burnt

There are these periods in which movies about the same subject are being released. That almost automatically means that you will start comparing the two and that one of them is worse. Examples are A Bug’s Life and Antz, The Prestige and The Illusionist and when it comes to movies about cooking there was Chef and not too long after that Burnt. And as I thought Chef was fantastic I wasn’t in a hurry to watch this movie starring Bradley Cooper, because I had the feeling it wouldn’t be as good. Still I was a bit curious about it and as it has been out on DVD for a while I decided to watch it. Continue reading

From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years (2016) – Review

Review From bedroom to billions the amiga years

Although I now spend more time watching movies than I do playing games, they were my first love when it comes to entertainment. My father was always interested in the latest developments and as a little boy I was therefore lucky to be able to enjoy that. It all started with a Pong machine from Tandy and I must have spent hours playing tennis on a small black and white TV. The next machine was an Atari 2600 and I used it for years, even liked playing E.T. (which is generally seen as one of the worst games ever made). After that we went through a lot of machines in a very short time (like MSX, MSX2 and Commodore 64), which meant I kept playing the latest games. I still have fond memories of those machines, but it was the Amiga 500 which really left a huge impression. Continue reading