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The Machine (2013)

Review The Machine

Recently a computer managed to pass the legendary Turing test by fooling quite a lot of people that they were chatting with a thirteen year old boy. A computer passes the test when it shows intelligent behaviour making it impossible to distinguish it from a human.

The development in this field of computing is going fast and it isn’t hard to imagine that within the next 15 years a lot of progress will be made. It might not yet mean that people will become replaceable, but if an intelligent computer is similar to a human there is certainly some competition. Could that eventually lead to situations made popular by movies like The Matrix or The Terminator? The machine is a science fiction movie which gives its own vision on artificial intelligence and asks the viewer what it is that makes us human. Continue reading

The Price of Sugar (2013)

Review Hoe Duur Was de Suiker

Books have always been a rich source for movie adaptations. Often those who have read the book aren’t happy with the movie because part of the movie are different or have disappeared. Of course that’s something inherent to adaptations as it will never be possible to show all the details a book has. It is simply a different art form with its own rules. The Price of Sugar is based on the book with the same name and was written by Cynthia Mc Leod and is set during the time that the Dutch had conquered Surinam and were using slaves. The expectations amongst the fans of the book were high, especially because there aren’t many movie set in Surinam. When it became known that the movie wouldn’t be shot there, but in South Africa, many were shocked. The reason though was a practical one: Surinam simply didn’t have enough locations that could be used to bring the story to life. So is The Price of Sugar a successful adaptation? Continue reading

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Review Edge of Tomorrow

Does such a thing as talent exit? Was your favourite artist of director really born that way? Or was it something else? Is it possible that they have become as good as they have simply because they put in enough time to learn their trade? As someone who likes learning new things I really don’t believe in talent. It is all about gaining experience, making new techniques your own and repeating something a lot. If you put in enough time you will become good at it. Of course the speed you learn that skill might differ from person to person. Edge of Tomorrow proves that with enough time you will be able to amaze everyone, but in this case that might take you a couple of lives. Continue reading

The Many Faces of… Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale roles movies

Kate Beckinsale was born on July 26 in London, England. Her parents were both actors. When she was growing up she already was involved with theatre and writing, winning the WH Smith Young Writers Award twice for both poetry and fiction. As a teenager she suffered from anorexia. At Oxford University she did theater. She didn’t finish university because she decided to focus completely on acting. In 1991 she appeared on TV in Devices and Desires and the TV movie One Against the Wind. She had a role in Much Ado about Nothing. Together with Christian Bale she starred in Prince of Jutland. She did various other films and also appeared in stage plays. Around 1998 she decided to head to the United States. Her first American movie was The Last Days of Disco. Other movies she appeared in are Pearl Harbor, Serendipity, the Underworld movies, The Aviator, Van Helsing, Contraband an Total Recall. Continue reading

The Terminator (1984)

Terminator review

Various movie franchises exist where I suffer from selective memory loss. In my movie mind a second and third Hangover movie don’t exist, Analyze This never got a sequel and after the first Matrix movie only some spectacular outtakes appeared. After the first two Terminator movies it was a shame no others were made. It was time to revisit those two movies, starting with the first one. Continue reading

Snabba Cash 3 (2013)

Review Snabba Cash 3

The last part of the Snabba Cash (or Easy Money) trilogy takes a further look into the lives of the characters of the first two parts. JW leaves for the United States to find out what happened to his sister who disappeared years ago and Jorge is also trying to change his life and escape the criminal environment. Does this third movie succeed in keeping the same high level as the previous two movies? Continue reading