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9 Mois Ferme (2013)

Review 9 Mois Ferme

Ariane Felder (Sandrine Kiberlain) is a hardworking judge who lives for her job. She has decided to stay single, don’t waste time on friendships and never having children. Her dedication is obsessive and even on new year’s evening she is hard at work. Her colleague know she is a workaholic and decide to lure her out of her office and join the party. Even though she doesn’t feel like gonig she agrees and reluctantly joins. Eventually she let’s her herself go wild. She leaves the party drunk carries on with her life. A couple of months later though she gets the shock of her life when she finds out she is pregnant. She decides to investigate who coule be the father and makes a horrible discovery. It is possible that the father is a very dangerous criminal, Bob Nolan (Albert Dupontel). Continue reading

300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

Review 300 Rise of an Empire

The original 300 movie has always been high on my list of favorite films. Visually it is in a league of its own, with highly stylized, brightly lit and often spectacular, slow motion imagery. The story of 300 men fighting like brothers against a huge army appealing to the raw instincts of the primal man inside of us. Can another movie, set in the same universe, repeat that formula successfully? Continue reading

The Monday Question: Goals!

The Monday Question

I have been blogging about movies for a couple of years now and although I had my moments where I was contemplating to stop I have always managed to find something to inspire and drive me to keep going. When I started out I just wrote about the movies I saw and never thought much about what blogging really meant, the interaction with others, something which gives me the most enjoyment. With some years under my belt though I do notice that I set more goals for myself. Not only in the form of new years resolutions, but also when it comes about trying to set goals. For example doing at least 2 to 3 blogathons a year as I think they help me discover interesting new blogs and of course also have other discover this little place on the internet I’m running. Slowly I have also become more interested in talking to people who work in the industry and if I see a chance to arrange an interview I go for it. The other goal is of course to keep increasing the number of views the site gets each year.

Do set any goals for your blog if so, what are they?

The Many Faces of… Morgan Freeman

Overview pictures Morgan Freeman movies roles

Morgan Freeman was born on the 1st of June 1937 in Memphis Tennessee. At age nine he acted in a school play and at age 12 he won a drama competition. He graduated in 1955 and decided to work as a radar technician in the United States Air Force. He took acting and dancing lessons at the beginning of the sixties. He was a transcript clerk at Los Angeles City College. He moved to New York and worked as a dancer en was part of the Opera Ring musical theater group. He started acting more and had a role in the film The Pawnbroker in 1965. He acted on stage on Broadway. While appearing on stage he also started acting in TV shows and movies in supporting roles. With Driving Miss Daisy he became well-known to a wider audience. He has since acted in a big number of movies and played both God and the president of America twice. His performance in Million Dollar Baby earned him and Oscar. Continue reading

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Review Captain America Winter Soldier

One of the best Marvel movies. That was my first reaction after seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This really surprised me as I thought the first Captain America movie was not that good. The story about how a weak boy became a hero might have been interesting to many, but the film never hit the right notes for me. I still don’t like the fact that in that movie there was a montage of actions scenes as I thought the movie did not have enough of that. This sequel changes that all and if you were a fan of The Avengers than this movie surely will not disappoint either. Continue reading

Need for Speed (2014)

Review Need for Speed

Besides being a huge fan of movies, I have been playing games ever since the original Pong home machines. One of my favorite genres has always been racing games. Ever since the Indy game on the Atari 2600 I have been playing them and it is a genre which has developed a lot through the various hardware generations. The first Gran Turismo game took it to a place which was new, where you could race a normal every day car. Besides the very realistic racing games there are the so-called arcade racers. These games are less about realism and more about thrills. I played a lot of these games (Burnout and Split Second come to mind).

The Need for Speed games have been fixed part of arcade racing games, with new installments released yearly. I must admit that I never was a fan of the games. Reason for that is that they are games where you hardly use the brakes and where corners only seem to exist that you can take at high-speed. I never felt they were very challenging or exciting and therefore rarely bought them. The Need for Speed Shift games changed as they moved away from arcade racing and were more simulation based games, more realistic. I did play those games quite a bit.
Movies based on games usually aren’t very good and when I heard this franchise was making the step to film I was not really looking forward to it. Still, there was a chance that it would be interesting. The Fast and Furious movies have proven in the past that movies with a focus on cars can be very enjoyable. Continue reading