The Getaway (1972)

Review The Getaway

If you watch as many movies as I do, it colors the way you experience other films. Whether you’d want to or not you make connections, start guessing how the story will unfold and you hope that you will be surprised. Especially when watching older films you notice the impact of modern films on what you’ve come to expect. The biggest difference usually is the tempo, which is much slower with longer shots. Different techniques are used as well. The Getaway has moments that are typical for the seventies. You immediately notice this at the start of the film, where the only thing you hear is the annoying sound of a machine, played against imagery which stops with a freeze frame. Blood looks different (more like red paint). These are probably things a modern audience won’t appreciate anymore, but I love the nostalgic factor of them. Continue reading

Mean Girls (2004)

Review Mean Girls

Nowadays Lindsay Lohan is better known for her appearances in the tabloids than for her acting, but before that all began she was a young, popular actrice who attracted a big (younger) audience. She appeared in various successful Disney movies as innocent girl, but girls do grow up. In Mean Girls we see her as teenager Cady Hero, who lived in Africa together with her parents and now has returned to the United States. It is the first time she has to go to school (as she was home schooled) and is unaware of life in high school. It’s a world with various subcultures in which nerds, jocks, alternative people and the popular girls all claim their own spot and have their own ways and it’s hard for her to find out the rules. One wrong conversation could mean that the dynamics within the groups changes. You could become an outcast. Continue reading

The Boxtrolls (2014)

review The Boxtrolls

Most big animated movies you watch now are computer generated. There aren’t a lot of studios anymore who still animate by hand, simply because computer animation gives more possibilities and the market has proved that those type of movies are more successful. Fortunately there are still some studios who prove differently. Of course when it comes to animation Studio Ghibli is still showing the heights this format can rise to.

When it comes to stop animation than most people will probably first think of the studio who is responsible for Wallace & Grommit and Shaun the Sheep, Aardman Animations, who definitely make enjoyable films. But to me it is Laika studios who is the current emperor in this arena. The Boxtrolls is just their third movie, but with Coraline and ParaNorman they have already proven themselves worthy. With this movie they raise the bar again. Continue reading

If I Stay (2014)

Review If I Stay

Even though Chloë Grace Moretz had her big breakthrough as Hit Girl in 2010 (in the movie Kick-Ass), she already had been acting since 2004. She starred in Carrie and could be seen in various comedys. In If I Stay, a romantic drama, she is Mia Hall, a talented cello player. She still lives with her parents, but is about to take a very important step in her life. When she is involved in a car crash though she ends up in a coma and the question is whether she’ll survive. Continue reading

The Many Faces of… Olivia Thirlby

Olivia Thirlby

Olivia Thirlby was born on October 6, 1986 in New York City. When growing up she went to various performing arts festivals and summer camps an took classes at the American Globe Theatre and is trained in classical Shakespearian acting. Her first movie role was in United 93 and she also acted on TV in Kidnapped. Other movies she has starred in include Juno, The Wackness, New York, I Love You, Solitary Man, No Strings Attached, The Darkest Hour, Being Flynn, Dredd and The Wedding Ringer. Later this year she’ll appear in The Stanford Prison Experiment. Continue reading