Le Tout Nouveau Testament (2015) – Review

Review Le Tout Nouveau Testament

Everyone person has moments where they think about their existence. Why are we here, what is our purpose, is there really free will and what will happen after our death? These are all philosophical thoughts, question you can talk very long about, but which we all won’t be able to get a definite answer to. They are the secrets of life, that mysterious thing we can’t grab, no matter how much we would like to be able to. But what would the world look like when you would know how long you would still have to live? Would you make different choices if you knew that you wouldn’t be around in two years? It is one of the few subjects in Le Tout Nouveau Testament. Continue reading

MIB23? 10 Teaser posters for other crossover movies


When the Sony-hack happened some documents were found which showed that the company was considering to bring the worlds of Men in Black and 21 Jump Street together. It seemed a crazy idea which would probably never happen, but recently, during CinemaCon, that rumour was confirmed and the title presented: MIB23. It’s a crazy idea, but it’s a movie which might work. If it is a succes, you already know that every big Hollywood studio will start producing its own mashup/crossover movie. Of course they can always use some help, so here are ten teaser posters of such movies. Continue reading

Grandma (2015) – Review

Review Grandma

They say the older the wiser, but if you look at Elle(Lily Tomlin), you might have some doubt. She no longer has any contact with her daughter, just broke up with her girlfriend and only has enough money to take care of her basic needs. She once was a successful writer, but hasn’t published anything in ages. To her surprise her granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) suddenly shows up at her doorstep, asking her if she can borrow some money from her. After talking to her she finds out she needs the money to have an abortion, for which she has an appointment later that day. Grandma Elle might not have the money, but she decides to pay a couple of people a visit to make sure she gets the necessary amount. Continue reading

It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (2015) – Review

Review It's already tomorrow in Hong Kong

Meeting new people can sometimes be a challenge as you never know if you can get along with someone in advance. Starting a conversation might be easy, but if are both on different frequencies it might lead to uncomfortable silences. If you do have that connection though you keep talking, time seems to fly and that meetup with a stranger can turn into a friendship or more. If you meet someone abroad while on holiday and you are both not from that country it creates a bond, something which Lost in Translation managed to capture perfectly. Director Emily Ting had an experience like that when had to work in Hong Kong for a while and she has based her first feature film on her experiences there. Continue reading

The Perfect Guy (2015) – Review

Review The Perfect Guy

We all have our personal obsessions. Healthy, positive obsessions are nothing to worry about, whether that’s very temporary, like really obsessing about something you would love to buy and reading lots about it/watching YouTube reviews and not being able to wait till it arrives on your doorstep (or is that just me?) or wanting to learn everything there is to know about a specific subject. An obsession can give you a drive, a motivation to do things and push you towards an impressive end result. But an obsession is also able to go the other way, making you lose sight of everything else and get you to a point where you no longer function normally and might hurt others by your behaviour. The Perfect Guy shows what can happen in such a situation. Continue reading

My Beautiful Broken Brain (2014) – Review

Review My Beautiful Broken Brain

At the end of last year we got a call about an aunt of us who came by our house earlier that day. That day she was complainingn about a headache and as she was walking around her house she suddenly collapsed. The ambulance was called and it turned out there was blood in her brain. To support the rest of the family we decided to head to the hospital and wait for the doctors to save her. It were a couple of very tense hours in which you think about a lot of different outcomes. When the surgery is successful how long will it take for her to wake up and if that happens will she still be the same? Has there been damage making her unable to do specific things? It was a strange experience and although they did managed to save her she remained in a coma for a while. Eventually she woke up and didn’t have a lot of negative effects (except for her short term memory). When you experience something like that personally you realise something like that could happen to anyone. It was the reason I was very interested in checking out this documentary, available through Netflix. Continue reading