The Jungle Book (2016) – Review

Review the Jungle Book

If there is one thing which is usually worse than the original, it’s the remake. I often steer clear of them (My Sassy Girl, Old Boy, The Thing), but there are times when my curiosity wins (or loses depending how you look at it) from my instinct (Point Break). During the last couple of years Disney has started remaking their animated classics in the form of live action movies and many are already planned for the coming years (including Dumbo, Pinocchiio, Beauty and the Beast and Mulan). Movies like Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella proved that these movies can be pretty good and now there is The Jungle Book. I can still remember seeing the original cartoon and the songs of that movie I never forgot. Does director Jon Favreau (Chef, Iron Man) succeed in bringing the story to an environment which isn’t drawn? Continue reading

Stealing Time (2011) – Short movie review

review Stealing Time

The creativity of the human mind know no limits and it’s always fascinating to see what is being invented, but also which theories we think of about things we can’t even see. It appeals to the imagination and the best movies normally also manage to do that. Whether it was the first Matrix movie which did that on a technical level or Black Swan which did that emotionally. A favorite subject of mine has always been time travel as it enables you to dream about both the future and the past, so it’s no surprise I keep searching for new movies I have not seen. Stealing Time was one of them. Continue reading

The Lunchbox (2013) – Review

Review The Lunchbox

Movies which are set in the present often have the issue that when characters communicate it is really direct and quick. If they are not meeting face to face they will send each other instant messages or tweets. It’s communication which doesn’t have much meaning and is all about instant gratification. The moviegoing audience has become accustomed to it. Not only in the way these interactions are shown, but also the speed with which stories are told. I know quite a few people who refuse to watch older movies because the are too slow (which is a shame of course). So what is a filmmaker to do when he wants to build a relationship between two characters, but wants to do that over a longer period of time without the two meeting each other? Director Ritesh Batra has found a great solution for that in The Lunchbox and the end result is a very strong film. Continue reading

Pleasantville (1998) – Review

Review Pleasantville2016 Blindspot Films

As it’s already may I realised that I was starting to get behind on my Blindspot movies as I had only seen two out of the twelve titles I picked. So time to spend some time on watching some more and Pleasantville seemed like a very interesting film. The only thing I heard about it in advance was that most of this movie was in black and white, but that color slowly was introduced. That is partly right, but the movie is much more. Continue reading

The Distance Between (2012) – Short film review

The Distance Between review

Although I’m not the biggest fan of romantic comedies, I do love romantic movies. I’ll admit that the two can overlap and do that successfully, like (500) Days of Summer, but I’d rather watch a movie like Before Sunrise than 27 Dresses. The feeling these two titles provoke is very different and I simply love the naturalistic feeling of the first one better. When I found this short film, directed by Emily Ting, I was interested to see what type of romantic movie this was. Continue reading

Jeux d’Enfants (2003) – Review

Review Love Me If You Dare2016 Blindspot Films

Love can be a beautiful thing and the bond which is shaped between two individuals can be so special that you both feel you have something which if unique. I had heard from Jeux d’Enfants (of Love Me If You Dare) that the two main characters had a very remarkable bond and it was a movie which had been on my to watch list for way too long. That’s also the reason I chose it for my Blindspot series this year. After watching the film I can only agree that Julien (Guillaume Canet) and Sophie (Marion Cotillard) have something I’ve never seen before and that this is a movie which really impressed. Continue reading