Cop Car (2015)

Review Cop car

The most simple concepts often result in the best movies. Cop Car is a very good example of that: As the starting point for your story you take a cop car and then think of events that could happen having to do with that car. Writer and director Jon Watts (who will also direct the new Spiderman film) manages to impress with that idea. Continue reading

The Gamechangers (2015)

review The Gamechangers

Rockstar Games has always lived up to its name, doing things others didn’t. From the first non-3D Grand Theft Auto game on they were a source of controversy. The extreme violence which could be executed shocked and the first game wasn’t even allowed to be sold in Brazil. The franchise was popular, but it was its first step into 3D with Grand Theft Auto 3 which really brought the series to a bigger audience. I can still remember when I first played the game at a colleague’s house. It was the reason for me to go out and buy a Playstation 2. The game wasn’t interesting because of its violence, but because it managed to realise a convincing, living world where you could do missions, but also decide to just drive around and listen to the often hilarious radio stations or simply cause mayhem and see how long you could survive.

The Gamechangers, a made for TV movie from the BBC, tells the story of Sam Houser (Daniel Radcliffe) and the people around him who work at Rockstar during the period that Grand Theft Auto Vice City was just realised and the studio started making San Andreas and creating the new RAGE game-engine for the next generation of consoles. Continue reading

La Isla Mínima (2014)

La Isla Minima review

In 1980, when the reign of Franco just ended, Spain was a country which still had unrest. People who did things that were unspeakable weren’t prose cued. The structure within the police still hadn’t changed enough. The result was that there still wasn’t a balance between the new democracy and the old dictatorial ways and methods of gaining intelligence. It is during this time that the events of this movie take place. Two police officers who don’t get along too well travel to the marshes of Spain to look into a case where two teenage sisters are missing. The two stand out in the small town and have to deal with a lot more than they were expecting. Continue reading

I Am Evel Knievel (2014)

I Am Evel Knievel recensie

Every sport needs its pioneers and when it comes to stunt driving on a motorcycle there is only one name that comes to mind: Evel Knievel. Even though a lot of people won’t know exactly what he did, his name is still well-known. This documentary shows the life of a legend and tells the story about how a simple boy eventually found his calling and made a career out of it which would earn him millions. Continue reading

Spy (2015)

Review Spy

In Bridesmaids I thought Melissa McCarthy was very funny, but every other movie after that I saw with her I thought was very disappointing. I simply didn’t think she was funny and she got on my nerves. That was the most important reason I initially skipped Spy. But after all the glowing reviews (and the fact that Jason Statham is in it) I just had to check out this spy comedy, directed by Paul Feig. Was my growing annoyance with McCarthy invalid? Continue reading

Smash His Camera (2010)

Review Smash His Camera

“Smash his camera” are words which immediately make you wonder why someone would say them, but if you watch this documentary it the reason quickly becomes clear. The film is about Ron Galella, who photographs celebrities for a living. He’s not doing that in the studios though with great light and perfectly dressed models, but on the streets as a paparazzo. He’s been doing that since the cities and because of that he has been on of the first photographers working for the tabloid industry. This documentary looks at his career, one which will not be appreciated by everyone. Continue reading