The Many Faces of… Ben Affleck

Overview of the career and roles of actor Ben Affleck

On August 15, 1972 Ben Affleck was born in Berkeley, California. He became friends with Matt Damon at the age of 8. He started acting when he was young, appearing on several TV shows and movies. He worked together with director Kevin Smith in various movies like Mallrats, Jersey Girl, Chasing Amy and Clerks 2. His real breakthrough came when he starred in Good Will Hunting, which he wrote together with Damon. Movies he has been in include Boiler Room, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Daredevil, Gigli and Hollywoodland. He earned a lot of respect as a director with the movies Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Argo (appearing in the last two). Continue reading

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Review of the Wizard of Oz, compared to Oz prequel

The Wizard of Oz is considered a great movie by many and it is easy to see why. A lot of people probably saw it when they were young and nostalgia plays a big part in that appreciation. Then there are the classic and catchy songs like “Over the rainbow” and “You’re off to see the wizard”. The use of Technicolor makes everything pop from the screen and the story itself, about a girl ending up in the world of Oz, together with her dog Toto and travelling together with a robot, a lion and a scarecrow to help each of them out.

It’s easy to see why this movie is so widely loved and when I saw it a couple of years ago I really liked it as well. But when I rewatched it right after I saw the Oz the Great I just didn’t seem to enjoy it as much anymore. Continue reading

The Monday Question: Slogan!

Last week’s question about what makes your blog unique was a very popular one and one which seemed to be food for thought for some. It is the reason why I will ask a related question about your blog this week. As you can see up top, My Filmviews has a slogan. I have had it for quite a while and it boils down the essence of my blog. Although I’m thinking of rewriting it slightly I am quite happy with it, because every visitor can immediately see what this blog is all about.

If you site has (or would have) a slogan, what would it be?

The Many Faces of… Rachel Weisz

Overview of the roles of actress Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz was born on March 7, 1970 in London. As she was growing up, she started modelling at the age of 14. She was offered to star in King David, together with Richard Gere, but she turned it down. She graduated from Trinity Hall, Cambridge with Bachelor of Arts degree in English. At university she played in various production and co founded a student drama group, which won a Student Drama Award in 1991. She has remained active on the stage throughout her career. Her first appearance on TV was in 1992 on Advocates II and a role in an episode of Inspector Morse. Her first big role was together with Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman in Chain Reaction. Her breakthrough came when she starred in The Mummy, opposite of Brendan Frasier, she also appeared in the sequel. Other movies in her career were Beautiful Creatures, The Runaway Jury, About a Boy, Constantine, The Constant Gardener, The Fountain, The Brothers Bloom and Dream House. Continue reading

Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

Review of the movie Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

The last couple of years I’ve read a lot of complaints about there not being enough originality in Hollywood and that too much sequels and prequels are being made. Personally I never had an issue with them, at least not if the quality of them are good (which I admit isn’t always the case). Oz the Great and Powerful is a prequel to the classic The Wizard of Oz and tells the story of how that wizard ended up in Oz and how he turned into the wizard. Continue reading

The Shining (1980)

Review of the movie The Shining (1980)

Every movie blogger has a list of classic movies they have not seen yet. You carry them on your back like Atlas did the globe, hoping to one day be able to throw it off and make the load less. Even though that might happen, we keep discovering other movies we should also see, so the reality is that the weight remains the same. The Shining was the one movie out of the top 100 movies on IMDB I had not seen yet and kept delaying on seeing. The reason for it was a simple one, it is classified as a horror movie and I’m not a fan of them. In my mind I had built up the movie as something I would not be enjoying, but eventually I knew I had to watch it. I’m happy that I finally did so as it turns out to be my favorite Kubrick movie. Continue reading