Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

The second world war has had a big impact on Japan. It lost a lot of power, cities were left in ruins and the military was no longer important. I’ve been to Hiroshima and was at the spot above which the atom bomb was detonated and if you see that place and the accompanying museum you are really at a loss for words. I had the same thing when I visited the Tokyo war museum, in which there were a couple of rooms with the walls lined with only pictures of people who lost their lives during the war. It has made a big impression on me.

Grave of the Fireflies tells the personal story of Setsuko and Seita, brother and sister who try to survive the war. The loss of their mother has already changed their lives, but because of it Setsuko is forced to leave the town and take care of his little sister. As the Americans keep bombarding the country it is very hard to survive as there is hardly anything to eat. Every day they have to search for a way to survive. Continue reading

Green Zone (2010)

With the Bourne trilogy Matt Damon has proved (together with director Paul Greengrass) that he is a versatile actor that is also excellent in action movies. Greengrass and Damon teamed up again to make Green Zone. They’ve chosen Iraq, shortly after the invasion by the US, as backdrop for their story. Is Green Zone “Jason Bourne in the Middle East” or does the movie manage to create its own identity?