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The Many Faces of… Hailee Steinfeld

The Many Faces of Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld was born in Tarzana, L.A. on December 11, 1996. At the age of eight she started acting appearing in small roles. Her starring role in True Grit meant her breakthrough and earned her an Oscar nomination. Since then she has appeared in several movies including Begin Again, Ender’s Game and 3 Days to Kill. She already has five movie in production including a role in Pitch Perfect 2. Continue reading

The Many Faces of… Robin Williams

Movies Robin Williams

It is always shocking when someone suddenly has passed away and I just woke up with great shock reading that actor Robin Williams has passed away. So I immediately decided to write this post about him and there is not better way to remember him than to create an overview of all his roles. Making the overview I realised how many great movies Robin Williams has acted in. He won an Oscar for his role in Good Will Hunting and through his career acted in both serious roles and comedies. These include movies like Patch Adams, Good Morning Vietnam, Hook, One Hour Photo, Insomnia, Flubber, Toys, What Dreams May Come, The Fisher King, Jumanji, Aladdin, Awakenings. He was a versatile actor who will be missed. Continue reading

The Many Faces of… Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley was born November 15, 1991 in Simi Valley, California. She started modeling when she was just four years old. When she was 15 she was diagnosed with a condition in which her spine turned out not to be straight. A chest-to-hips plastic brace straightened it. She did some small roles in TV series and TV movies. She had a bigger role in the show The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Her first big movie was The Descendants, which meant a breakthrough for her. Other movies include The Spectacular Now, Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars. Continue reading

The Many Faces of… Rebecca Hall

The Many Faces of Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall was born on 19 May 1982 in London. She studied English Literature, but dropped out before her final year. She did become interested in acting while she was still studying and appeared in several plays and started a theatre company. Her first movie role was at a young age in the TV adaptation her father did of The Camomile Lawn. Her first movie was in 2006 in Starter for Ten. Other movies she has appeared in are The Prestige, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Frost/Nixon, The Town, Iron Man 3 and Transcendence. Continue reading

The Many Faces of… Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale roles movies

Kate Beckinsale was born on July 26 in London, England. Her parents were both actors. When she was growing up she already was involved with theatre and writing, winning the WH Smith Young Writers Award twice for both poetry and fiction. As a teenager she suffered from anorexia. At Oxford University she did theater. She didn’t finish university because she decided to focus completely on acting. In 1991 she appeared on TV in Devices and Desires and the TV movie One Against the Wind. She had a role in Much Ado about Nothing. Together with Christian Bale she starred in Prince of Jutland. She did various other films and also appeared in stage plays. Around 1998 she decided to head to the United States. Her first American movie was The Last Days of Disco. Other movies she appeared in are Pearl Harbor, Serendipity, the Underworld movies, The Aviator, Van Helsing, Contraband an Total Recall. Continue reading

The Many Faces of… Jared Leto

overview movies roles Jared Leto

Looking at this long running series I was surprised to see that I had not done an instalment on Jared Leto, who was in one of my all time favourite films, Mr.Nobody. He was born on December 26, 1971 in Bossier City, Louisiana. Growing up he moved around a lot because his grandfather was in the army. His father took his own life when Jared was just eight years old. His mother stimulated him to be creative. He was so interested in art that he ended up going to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Because he liked visual art so much, which included filmmaking he stopped in Philadelphia and went to the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He also started acting and did some small roles on various TV shows, including Camp Wilder, Almost Home and Rebel Highway. He landed a bigger part in the show My So-Called Life. He slowly started acting in movies like The Last of High Kings and Prefontaine. He got a supporting role in Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line. He acted in Black and White, “Girl, Interrupted”, Fight Club and American Psycho. He starred in Requiem for a Dream and lost 28 pounds for the role. Other movies he was in include Alexander, Panic Room, A Beautiful Lie and Lonely Hearts. For his role in Chapter 27 he gained a stunning 67 pounds. For his role in Dallas Buyers Club he lost a lot of weight and his performance earned him an Oscar. Besides his acting career he also is part of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. Continue reading