Movie locations: Rotterdam – Chase sequence in Who Am I?

Koopgoot rotterdam who am i

After watching Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu some months ago, which was partly shot in Dutch towns Schiedam and Delft I got the idea to visit various movie location to see what they look like now. The logical choice, being from Rotterdam, is to start there and particularly with Jackie Chan’s movie Who am I? A while ago I interviewd Saskia Kagchèl, Rotterdam’s filmcommisioner van Rotterdam. When I visited a presentation she gave she said that it was this movie which put Rotterdam on the map as a location to shoot movies. Ever since the movie a lot of TV shows, commercials and movies are filmed here each year, but it was Who Am I? who did the kickoff. Because this uses so many locations in Rotterdamse, it would be too much to show them all in one article, so I’ve decided to split it up. First up is the chase in Who Am I?, which strangely enough makes Rotterdam a part of South Africa, but in which cars magically seem to teleport between various locations. I guess that’s what they mean with movie magic. Continue reading

My Filmviews interviews… Saskia Kagchèl – Rotterdam Film Commissioner

Interview Saskia Kagchèl Film Commissioner Rotterdam

Rotterdam is not only interesting for tourist because of its architecture, but the city is also for producers een beautiful place to shoot commercials, tv shows and movies. In order to help Rotterdam has a Film Commissioner, Saskia Kagchèl. I talked to her about what she does exactly for her job, which locations are popular, but also which strange requests she sometimes receives. Continue reading

KINO Rotterdam: A first look

KINO Rotterdam Gouvernestraat

When I entered the building located at Gouvernestraat, between Kruiskade and Nieuwe Binnenweg, a couple of weeks ago it becomes clear that a lot of work is taking place. You are welcomed by the smell of new paint, dust, scaffolding, bright lamps and workmen. And although not everything is finished yet, you can clearly see the first glimpses of what will soon open at this location, the fifth cinema in Rotterdam: KINO. A cinema which doesn’t only want to be different by showing films which normally aren’t shown in Rotterdam, but it also wants to be more than just a cinema. A place to eat, meet each other and to work as well. Continue reading

The Lost Cinemas of Rotterdam: Arena

Lost cinemas of Rotterdam Arena

Bioscoop Roxy bw2
Although most people in Rotterdam will know this location, on the Kruiskade, as the former stage Nighttown (where a lot of famous musicians have played, it was a cinema for a couple of decades before. It was also one of the few cinemas which survived the second world war.

After the success of his W.B.Theater located on Nieuwe Binnenweg Karl Weisbard decides in 1930 to open a second cinema: Roxy Theater. The building is designed by Jac Van Gelderen. It has a thousand seats and opens its door on May 31st. Besides movies some stage performances take place as well. Continue reading

The Lost Cinemas of Rotterdam: Capitol

Lost cinema rotterdam Capitol

In the past I have looked at various cinemas that are no longer around in Rotterdam, but since the city has had such a rich cinema history there are still a lot of them I have not written about. Enough reason to continue this series, now with a new look and an interactive implementation giving you control over looking into the past and present.

This time I take a look at one of the few cinemas which has managed to survive the bombing of Rotterdam during the second world war:
The West Cinema Theater / Capitol / Grand / Studio ’62 located at Nieuwe Binnenweg 326, close to the Heemraadssingel. Continue reading