The Lost Cinemas of Rotterdam: Capitol

Lost cinema rotterdam Capitol

In the past I have looked at various cinemas that are no longer around in Rotterdam, but since the city has had such a rich cinema history there are still a lot of them I have not written about. Enough reason to continue this series, now with a new look and an interactive implementation giving you control over looking into the past and present.

This time I take a look at one of the few cinemas which has managed to survive the bombing of Rotterdam during the second world war:
The West Cinema Theater / Capitol / Grand / Studio ’62 located at Nieuwe Binnenweg 326, close to the Heemraadssingel. Continue reading

The Lost Cinemas of Rotterdam: Cineac NRC

Lost Cinemas of Rotterdam: Cineac NRC history

In the past I have looked at several lost cinemas, but there are still a lot I had not touched upon yet. Time to continue with my journey to the past, this time with Cineac NRC cinema which was located at the Coolsingel, next to department store Bijenkorf. Pathé started the Cineac cinemas to show the latest news. It was shown constantly and visitors would be able to stay there as long as they wanted. With the slogan “A journey around the world in 50 minutes!” it tried to lure them in.

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The Lost Cinemas of Rotterdam: Oscar

In this series I take a look at cinemas in Rotterdam that have closed down. This week it’s the Oscar cinema. It opened in the centre of Rotterdam in 1975 at the Meent and closed it’s doors in 1989 and had 215 seats.

What surprised me though is that I didn’t know it existed even though I could have walked past it when I was younger. I asked my parents and other people about this, but no one could remember it. It was the one where the original location eluded me. I had an idea of its location, but no one could confirm it. I came into contact with someone who’s grandmother used to work there, but even he couldn’t pinpoint where it was after I sent him some pictures. It took me two weeks of research to finally track it down and once I thought I found the location I couldn’t wait to see if I was right. Continue reading

The Lost Cinemas of Rotterdam: Alhambra

My search for cinemas that were lost to time continues. This week with the Alhambra cinema, which opened in 1979 and closed in 1995, had 195 seats and was located on the Coolsingel. It’s a cinema I do remember because it was converted to a “riskbioscoop”, which meant that it showed older movies which you could watch for just 2 and a half guilder (which would be around 1 euro 10). As a teenager it meant a very cheap way to get out of the house and watch a movie and I would be there often. Continue reading

The lost cinemas of Rotterdam: Centraal

history of cinemas in Rotterdam

Back in October last year one of the Monday questions was about the first movie you saw at the cinema. I remembered the movie and the location of the cinema, but not what the name was. It was the start of journey into the history of cinemas in Rotterdam. I bought the book “Fantasy, Illusion and enchantment: Memories of cinemas in Rotterdam” by Herman Romer and found out more about the rich cinema history the city I was born and grew up in has. Henk Berg has also written a great book about the subject. In this new series I literally look into that history (using information out of their books as a source), one cinema at a time, starting with “Centraal”, which gave me my first movie going experience. Continue reading