Tokyo Story (1953) – Review

Review  Tokyo Story

As I was watching the documentary series The Story of Film last year (a must see for every movie lover), Tokyo story was a movie which was mentioned regularly. The way in which director YasujirĂ´ Ozu placed his camera, often at the height you would sit on the floor, is praised in it, but also that every shot has a deep focus, which allows you to see what is happening everywhere. With that knowledge in the back of my mind it was interesting to see this movie. Continue reading

Ride Along 2 (2015) – Review

Review Ride Along 2

When a movie is a success it is always tempting for a movie studio to consider making a sequel. With an estimated budget of 25 million dollaras and worldwide earnings of 153 million making this second movie was a no-brainer. I’ve tried watching the original three times, but didn’t manage to stay awake during any of those attempts. So I wasn’t really looking forward to this second part, but I do think that Kevin Hart can be amusing sometimes I decided to give it a chance. Continue reading

As I Open My Eyes (2015) – Review

Recensie As I Open My Eyes

Film is a powerful medium to convey certain ideas or situations in a sensitive and subtle way to others. It can open eyes because it shines light on the dark past of a country (for example The Act of Killing ) or results in changes (such as Blackfish). In recent years there were several revolutions in various countries in the Middle East. Not all of them have achieved the desired result, but it has showed the world how powerful it can be when everyone speaks up. Tunisia also belonged to those countries and it is the place where this film takes place, on the eve of Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution. Continue reading

Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995) – Review

Review Die Hard with a Vengeance

The hope that we’ll get another new Die Hard movie which is worth watching seems to getting smaller as the movies (and the acting Bruce Willis does) are getting worse. Still the the original Die Hard movie and this third film in this franchise have gained a special place in my heart. They are wonderful, entertaining action movies in which the main characters end up in a situation which they can’t control and are forced to do anything to make the best of it with the means available. Continue reading

Experimenter (2015) – Review

Review Experimenter

People are sometimes like cattle, mindlessly following others, capable of anything. You don’t only see this through specific behaviour in the past or in the news, but also various experiments have confirmed this. When it comes to social psychology there are a couple which are well-known, where especially the Stanford-prison experiment and Milgram’s experiment are notorious. Power corrupts and commands are often followed. 2015 produced movies about both of them. There isthe Standford Prison Experiment (and previously The Experiment). Experimenter tells Milgram’s story about the experiment that made him famous. Continue reading

Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives (2015) – Review

Stretch and Bobbito Radio that changed lives review

The music which we discover during our teenage years often forms our further musical taste. Although I listened to all kinds of music that changed considerably when I got my first job working at a supermarket. Although I was listening to some top 40 rap songs (like Fight for Your Right by the Beastie Boys or I Need Love from LL Cool J), it was a colleague the same age as me who gave me names of artists I’ve never heard of, such as Cypress Hill and Das Efx. In my hometown of Rotterdam we had a place called the Central Discotheque, where you could rent CDs for a few guilders for week and I could find these artists. It was a place where you would be able to find me a few times a week to find the latest releases and to hire older CDs if I found an artists I liked. Once I got home, I copied all the CDs onto cassettes, so it didn´t take long before I had a nice collection of music and it was me who was giving others tips about which artists they should check out. This was all in the early nineties, the golden age of hip hop. Continue reading

Horton Hears a Who (2008) – Review

Review Horton Hears a Who

My daughter has now reached an age when she often asks whether she can watch a movie instead of TV. I do not know if that’s because she finds it fun or because they are long, but it’s nice to see that she enjoys them. That means she regularly watches movies that I refuse to see (especially the ones about talking puppies, there are really too many of them), but if I decide to join in then I make sure I might enjoy this. After a short search on Netflix I came across this title. Since this film, like The Lorax, is based on the books by Dr.Seuss I decided to try it Continue reading