Paradox (2006) – Short movie review

Review paradox

Shorts have a challenge: in a short amount of time they have to set up a story or concept which immediately grabs your attention and Paradox is able to do that very well. A man wakes up at the bottom of a well and sees another man there. The two start a conversation and they quickly find out that they are both from different time periods. The question is who of the two is right? Continue reading

Killing Them Safely (2015) – Review

Killing them safely review

When you are the head of a police force which regularly runs into violence and where police officers are attacked during arrest, then you would be open to any means to neutralise the danger. Of course weapons are effective, but the risks are huge. Pepperspray might work, but it’s not something which will stop everyone. The taser seems to be the perfect solution, a device which will immediately floor the attacker. When you hear it has no risks attached, you receive that device with open arms.

For the only company in the world who makes tasers, Taser International, it meant a quick growth with orders from all over the world. But are those tasers really as safe as the company claims? Continue reading

Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery (2014) – Review

Review Beltracchi

Within the art world the master forgers are the most interesting people, not because they are able to make so much money with it and the fact they are able to fool various experts, but simply because they have the skill to paint just like other well-known artists and are sometimes able to produce even better paintings. Wolfgang Beltracchi is one of those forgers, a very rational man who ended up in the art world because his father loved art. He found out that he was able to make a lot of money changing existing pictures and later forging them. He made millions doing so, but he eventually got caught. Continue reading

London Has Fallen (2016) – Review

Review London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen is a ridiculous movie. One which is filled with moments that are unbelievable or happen because of extreme coincidences. Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler are back again for this sequel to Olympus Has Fallen as the American president and his bodyguard. This time it isn’t the White House which is attacked, but as you might guess, London.

All the world leaders head to the city after the prime minister has unexpectedly passed away. And just before the ceremony is about to start and all the heads of state are still on their way, terrorist attacks happen all over town which according to the film must have taken years to plan, but which in reality are completely unbelievable. If you were to believe this movie central London has been flooded by terrorist who have infiltrated security forces everywhere and know exactly where each of the world leaders can be found and targeted. Continue reading

Vleesverlangen (2015) – Review

Review Vleesverlangen

How big is your longing for meat? Are you someone who has to eat a piece of meat every day because you will get the feeling that you haven’t eaten anything if you didn’t? Documentary maker Marijn Frank has that feeling and it’s strong. So strong that according to an MRI-scan she thinks more about meat than about sex (of which this documentary shows some explicit images). She wants to understand that obsession, especially because she has made the choice to not give her daughter any meat. Her “relationship” with meat is complex and in this documentary (Vleesverlangen means longing for meat) she investigates this. Continue reading