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The Trip to Italy (2014)

Review The Trip to Italy

With the original The Trip Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon had a very successful show, which also worked as a feature length movie. They played made up versions of themselves who travelled through the north of the UK and visited several restaurants and talked about a lot of subjects. The most popular part of the show/movie were the moments where they were impersonating well-known characters or actors, like Michael Caine or James Bond. In the Trip to Italy the rainy UK is left behind and they set course to idyllic Italy. Continue reading

Bullets over Broadway (1994)

Review Bullets over Broadway

Woody Allen probably is the hardest working director in the movie industry as he delivers a new movie (which he also writes) every year. With such a high number of movies however, it can mean that the quality sometimes suffers. Still he does offer movies worth seeing (like the recent Midnight in Paris and Blue Jasmine). Can Bullets over Broadway also be added to the good movies? Continue reading

Penguins of Madagascar (2014)

Review Penguins of Madagascar

Sometimes it can be the smallest things which can charm you as you are watching a movie. Little things which succeed in immediately grabbing your attention and pull you fully into the movie. With this movie that happened immediately during the opening of the movie, because the first thing you hear is the voice of one of my favorite directors (and voices), Werner Herzog. The cold landscape and his voice immediately made me think of his own documentary Encounters at the End of the World and the fact he agreed to do the voice work for this movie proved to me why is so fascinating, really a man full of surprises. It immediately sold the movie to me and the movie had hardly started. Continue reading

Predestination (2014)

Review Predestination

Time is something we experience as something which just flow over us, a one-way stream we can’t influence ata ll. We can move in space freely, but it is impossible to step back 10 minutes. Of course literature and movies have invented the time machine for that, which allows for various adventures. Often changes made in the past change the future resulting in a new timeline.

But what if that isn’t the case? What if everything we experience can’t be influenced at all? A world in which everything, including our choices and movements (including those by using a time machine) are all set in stone? Free will would not exist and our lives would be like a movie which you can start endlessly, always playing the same way. A question like “who was first: the chicken or the egg?” irrelevant. They just are at a specific moment in time and don’t need explaining. Predestination uses this concept for a very fascinating film. Continue reading

Alive Inside (2014)

Recensie Alive Inside
That in many countries the average age is rising, isn’t surprising. After the second world war there was a “babyboom” and the people born then are all reaching their seventies. Getting older unfortunately also means that the body can start funcitoning less than optimal which for some results in dementia. This doesn’t only impact the person, but also the people around him/her. Those who don’t have anyone (or where others can’t take care of them anymore) end up in nursing homes. Because of limited budgets this often means that those people don’t get the attention they need. Their memory slowly disappears and what is left is only the shell of a human. The documentary Alive Inside take a look at the effect music can have on them, with surprising results. Continue reading

John Wick (2014)

Review John Wick

The gunkata is back! There is no doubt in the back of my mind that the main character in this movie, John Wick (Keanu Reeves), must have seen Equilibrium quite a few times and studied it to perfection. The grace with which he moves with his guns while eliminating foes left and right is similar to that of an armed ballerina. Before you get to see that ballet of violence though the movie introduces him as a man grieving the death of his wife. When he gets a last, unexpected gift delivered to his house from her it means a lot to him.

John Wick drives a classic car and when he is at a gas station a Russian man, Iosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen), tells him he would like to buy it. John tells him it isn’t for sale, but that same evening his house is violently broken into. When he finds out that the person behind it is the son of a former employer he has to head back into a world he had left behind. Continue reading