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The King of Arcades (2014)

Review The King of Arcades

When it comes to games various documentaries have been released during the past few years. One of the best of them is, without doubt, the King of Kong, in which Billy Mitchell tried to win the Donkey Kong record from Steve Wiebe. It managed to really show what was happening the subculture of old arcade games. A couple of the people in that documentary also appear here shortly, but besides a short history lesson, including interviews with the maker of the first arcade game, the maker of Defender and Robotron and various world record holders, it is mainly about the story of Richie Knucklez. Continue reading

Waar (2013)

Review Waar

What’s the last movie you’ve seen made in Pakistan? The only answer I could give myself was that I hadn’t seen any. While browsing IMDB I came across a movie which had a very high score (9) and therefore stood out. It made me curious and I wondered why I had never heard of the film. Was this a relatively unknown masterpiece or simply a heavily overrated movie? Continue reading

The Time Machine (1960)

Review The Time Machine

The Time Machine by Jules Verne might be one of the best known time travel stories there is. It has been turned into a movie several times as well. I remember seeing the 2002 version, which didn’t impress me and was wondering if this older version might be a bit better. Just like the subject of its story, the movie itself is a journey back in time. A time in which movies were made in a very different way compared to how its done today. Continue reading

Big Men (2013)

Recensie Big Men

Documentaries about big companies and a specific issue are usually pretty predictable and hardly objective: The big company is pure evil, everything they do is bad and usually this is proven by showing the company wasn’t willing to be interviewed. This isn’t to say that they might talk about valid issues, but every story has more sides to it and not everything is as black and white as they might lead you to believe. Big Men talks about oil company Kosmos Energy which wants to start with the exploitation of a newly discovered oil field in Ghana. Continue reading

The Expendables 3 (2014)

Review Expendables 3

If you’d ask me about movies where the Testosteron levels are high I’d probably come up with movies like 300 and this movie series. They are the type of film where the ingredients are simple: action and violence. Primal instincts. Even thought the men in the Expendables 3 aren’t the youngest ones, this doesn’t mean they take it easy to enjoy their old age. Even though I wasn’t too impressed with both the first and second movie I still enjoy seeing these actors on screen. For a couple of them I still check out each new movie they are in (Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Statham). Do they manage to impress in this third outing? Continue reading

Get On Up (2014)

Review Get on up

If there is one artists who had a huge impact on a specific music genre than James Brown fits the bill. A quick look at the “Rap Sample FAQ” shows a long lists of artists who have sampled his music. James Brown had a long and very successful career with some ups and downs. Just like biopics about other artists (think Walk the Line and Ray) Get On Up tries to tell his life story. Continue reading