Thank You for Playing (2015) – Review

Review Thank you for playing

A couple of years ago it was easy to classify games into various genres. There were some experimental games, but there weren’t that many of them and they usually didn’t get much attention. But indie games (which are made by small teams) have become a lot more popular. They can offer something you haven’t experienced before and Ryan Green is a developer who offers a very emotional experience with his game. The title is That Dragon Cancer. Continue reading

Black Mirror – Season 3: Playtest

Review Black Mirror Playtest seizoen 3

As someone who has been playing games for years and who has experienced this form of entertainment developing from three simple blocks on the screen (Pong) to extremely realistic worlds like those in for example Grand Theft Auto, I sometimes wonder where we’ll eventually end up. At the moment virtual reality and augmented reality are hot, because they are able to offer a new experience where “presence” is the magic word. As a player you must have the feeling that you are really in a different place. The headsets follow the movements of your head and the world you experience matches that perfectly. It is a field that is still young in its current form, but how will it evolve? Playtest tries to give an answer to that question in a typical Black Mirror way, directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) Continue reading

Doctor Strange (2016) – Review

Review Doctor Strange

Although Marvel releases several new superhero movies each year with famous characters who are part of the Avengers, it also takes a risk (to a certain degree, as they follow a formula) by bringing a relatively unknown character and bringing them to the big screen. That previously worked well with Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. Now it’s Doctor Strange’s turn. Continue reading

Traficant: The Congressman of Crimetown (2015) – Review

 Review Traficant The Congressman of Crimetown

We all have a certain image of politicians. We would like to see them as people with strong moral values and although many will have them, politics remains a game in which negotiation is part of it and where compromises have to be made. Some politicians stand out though and when they do the media (and the public) will love it. We saw that a couple of years ago over here in the Netherlands with Pim Fortuin (who unfortunately was murdered) and recently with Trump. You can also see that in TV shows as we love characters that approach things differently. How else would you explain the popularity of House of Cards. When details of their private lives make the news they can destroy someone (just ask Anthony Weiner). Jim Traficant, who would end up in American Congress also had a colourful career which this documentary focusses on. Continue reading

Perfetti Sconosciuti (2016) – Review

review perfetti sconosciuti

In a relationship you share everything with each other and trust that the other person will keep some secrets from everyone else. That other person might be your partner, but it could also be one of your best friends. When a group of 7 friends meet up in order to dine and watch the eclipse of the moon there is one woman in the group who suggests to play a game: Everyone will put their cell phone on the table. Each phone call will be on speaker and each and every message that is received will be read out loud. The idea behind it is that your phone in of the most personal devices which sometimes might hide huge secrets. Not everyone is happy to join in, but group pressure eventually wins and the game begins. The end result is an evening where a lot of happens and emotions come up which might challenge some of the relationships. Continue reading

War Dogs (2016) – Review

Revew War Dogs

With Road Trip, Old School, Due Date, Starsky & Hutch and the Hangover movies director Todd Philips has gained a lot of expertise when it comes to comedies, specifically those full of crude humour. So you’d probably expect the same thing when it comes to his latest movie, War Dogs. Seeing Jonah Hill on the poster only seems to confirm so. But War Dogs is a movie which is based on a true story, so you’d think there would be no room for the tone of Philips typcial type of humour. Does he manage to tell this stroy in a convincing way? Continue reading

ARQ (2016) – Review

review arq

Timecrimes, Groundhog Day, Triangle, the tv show Day Break, +1 and Edge of Tomorrow, they are just a few examples of movies in which the main character gets stuck in a time loop. A piece of time in which the same events keep taking place and where the main character uses his knowledge of them to outwit everyone and hopefully escape. It’s “High concept” which is fun to watch. Netflix has stepped into this genre with ARQ, a relatively low budget film (according to director Tony Elliott shy of two million dollar). Is this a must-see for Netflix subscribers? Continue reading