Belgica (2016) – Review

Review Belgica

Ever since I saw The Broken Circle Breakdown, directed by Felix van Groeningen I´ve been slowly working my way through his work. There still isn´t a movie by his which makes me feel as much as that film, but that doesn´t mean I think his other movies are bad because they aren´t. But The Broken Circle Breakdown simply managed to move me so much. After reading several positive reviews about his latest film, I was curious about Belgica. Continue reading

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru (2016) – Review

Review Tony Robbins- I Am Not Your Guru

How well do you know yourself? Of course you know what you’re good and bad at and which characteristics you’d rather hide from others, but would you be willing to really look deep into yourself? And if you would dare to do so, would you be willing to do something about it and talk about the less positive sides of yourself? Would you dare to be vulnerable? Tony Robbins has managed to make a name for himself by writing self-help books and tours the world giving presentations. He looks like a professional wrestler, with big hands and a huge jaw. He constantly curses to shock the visitors to his events and wake them up. He’s so popular though that people are willing to pay $5000 to be present during his “Date with Destiny” seminars. In this documentary he is followed during the six-day seminar and as a viewer you get a look into his idea of working. Continue reading

La resistance de L’air (2015) – Review

Review La resistance de L'air

We all search for a certain type of stability in our life. For some that might be a steady job and others are looking for it emotionally. Once you’ve reached it you sometimes take it for granted. You don’t always think of unexpected situations which might change everything. There are a lot of people who face financial issues when their partner unexpectedly dies or leaves them and find out they have a mortgage they aren’t able to pay. Of course you make your choices thinking of possible risks and deciding if it’s worth it. It depends on the person how they deal with setbacks. Do you give up or will you start searching for ways to solve it? Continue reading

Me Before You (2016) – Review

Review Me Before You

Do you recognise this? That a specific element in a movie stands out so much that you can’t help but to keep focussing on it? That was the case for me with this romantic film, Me Before You. It might be best to first watch the movie yourself before reading the review, because else it might distract you too much. That specific element in this movie which stood out were Emilia Clarke’s eyebrows. It might be that her forehead works different from other people, but her eyebrows regularly made movements I haven’t seen other eyebrows make. But if you are able to ignore it (I couldn’t), is Me Before You the romantic film you’d expect? Continue reading

Central Intelligence (2016) – Review

Review Central Intelligence

There are some actors or actresses of whom you’ll see their films blindly. This has long been the case for me with Nicolas Cage (but not anymore), but I am still able to enjoy movies in which Jason Statham, Schwarzenegger or Stallone star. The same is the case for Dwayne Johnson. The former wrestler has proven himself after The Scorpion King and is able to, just by his presence, to make them at least bearable (Ballers, I’m looking at you). He is an action star who is also able to do successful comedies and recently announced his own YouTube channel with a bombastic trailer. Someone who isn’t afraid to do something crazy while at the same time making sure it doesn’t feel artificial. Central Intelligence is his latest comedy in which he has worked together with comedian Kevin Hart. With its tagline “Saving the world takes a little Hart and a big Johnson” the tone is immediately set, but does that mean an enjoyable comedy? Continue reading

Ghostbusters (2016) – Review

Review Ghostbusters

When a reboot or a remake of an old movie is announced, usually the first thing you hear is the cry of the internet. Not only the fanboys/girls, but everyone seems to have already formed their opinion about it (it’s going to suck) and with the new Ghostbusters things weren’t any different. That the initial reaction was negative is something which didn’t surprise me, but I haven’t made the effort to read what it was exactly. I’d rather spend my time on other things. And even though I more than enjoyed the original Ghostbusters the news of a remake didn’t really do much to me. Often remakes are unnecessary, but of course there are exceptions. Is the new Ghostbusters one of them? Continue reading