I Am Ali (2014)

ReviewI Am Ali

If you’d make a list of the most famous people in sport chances would be that Muhammad Ali would end up in the top 3. This isn’t because of the fact that he is a three time heavyweight boxing champion, but mostly because he made a big impression on people outside of the ring. Het change his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali because of his religion. He refused to fight in Vietnam, which resulted in him losing out on a lot of money and a big part of his career, because he was not allowed to fight. Still, it is not a decision he has ever regretted. Many books have been written about him and this isn’t the first movie/documentary about this famous athlete. That means this documentary has to bring something new to the table and that’s what director Clare Lewins tries to do by focussing on the man behind the boxer and the people who surrounded him. Continue reading

Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001)

At the age of 10 I really wanted to get a skateboard. I can’t remember having seen any skateboarding videos or pictures in magazines, but every time I went to the toy store I looked at it and knew I wanted to buy it. When I had finally saved enough money to be able to buy it I went to the toy store and got it. It was a wide, black board which had the head of an eagle in the middle. It had yellow wheels and I was happy to get it. As it turned out skateboarding wasn’t really my thing and I probably played with it for about a week and forgot about it. Turned out that roller skating was something I liked more and have done that for a long time (and still do occasionally). I never learned any tricks on that skateboard and the most skateboarding I’ve done was by playing Tony Hawk on the original Playstation. Dogtown and Z-Boys is a documentary about the evolution of skateboarding which has resulted in its current “extreme” state. This group of kids and teenagers didn’t stop practising and managed to start a revolution. Continue reading

The Hustler (1961)

The next movie out of the IMDB top 250 that i saw for the first time.
Fast Eddie (terrifically played by Paul Newman) is a pool player who together with his manager travels through the country to earn money hustling by placing bets on his pool games.

When he has to play one of the best players in the country, a fat man named Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason), he has to face his own issues. Continue reading