Teenage Paparazzo (2010)

Adrian Grenier (who most of you will know from the HBO-series Entourage) has become a well-known face in Hollywood. With the fame also comes the curiosity of people wanting to know more about their favorite stars which is where the tabloids step in. Of course they want pictures of a celebrity (if possible in an embarrassing situation). Grenier also noticed this as he started being followed by the paparazzi. When he saw a young boy between these photographers he decided to approach him. The kid turned out to be 13-year-old Austin Visschedyk who had been doing it for a while and could be found late at night on the streets of Los Angeles trying to get some good pictures and make some money. Grenier decides to follow Austin and explore the world of the paparazzi. Continue reading

For Colored Girls (2010)

When you look at the scores on IMDB for Tyler Perry movies you’ll notice one thing, which is that almost all his movies have a score of 4 or lower. Despite this fact he has made a lot of movies, is succesful and even Oprah Winfrey recommends his films. So why do the movies receive such low scores? For Colored Girls is not the first Tyler Perry movie I’ve seen. I’ve seen the movies starring Perry himself as Madea and Why Did I Get Married Too. One thing is clear with these movies, which is that it’s obvious that they have their own target audience. I should have looked at the title more closely and read it as a manual. Continue reading