Blitz (2011)

When you watch a movie with Jason Statham, whatever your opinion is about him, you know exactly what to expect. Blitz is no exception to this. As detective sergeant Tom Brant he immediately (at the start of the movie) he beats a couple of criminals to pulp. He’s a cop with a short fuse and this results in regular arguments with his superiors. His knowledge and techniques are needed however when a crazy man starts killing cops. It’s up to him to find the guy.

He has to work together with Porter Nash (Paddy Considine), who isn’t very popular among the force because of his sexual preference. I doesn’t take them long find out who is responsible for the murders. Will they catch the killer in time before he makes another victim?

Although Blitz is a Jason Statham movie in which Statham plays the role he usually does (which I
always enjoy seeing) it’s not him who is the star of the show. To me it was Aidan Gillen (who
most of you will recognise as mayor “Tommy” Carcetti in The Wire) in his role as Blitz. He
manages to convincingly play a dangerous and unpredictable psychopath which reminded me a bit of Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight. He completely disappears in his role and it’s a joy to watch him doing it. If you are looking for an entertaining action movie then Blitz is a good choice.

Score: 7

6 thoughts on “Blitz (2011)

  1. I felt very similar to you on this one. The first five minutes had me reaching for the remote….but it actually unravels into quite a good little film!

    Paddy Considine plays a cracker too, and the chemistry between the pair is quite convincing, should be a TV series!!

    • Forgot to mention that in my review as well. The first 5 minutes the editing was a real mess and almost nothing made sense. Luckily it didn’t take long to become more coherent.

  2. I like you love a good Statham flick and I am glad to hear he plays his usual role. I love the fact he know exactly where he is in Hollywood and sticks to roles that he should.

    • Yeah, it’s great when you know what you can expect from an actor. Let’s hope he keeps doing this and doesn’t think he should star in a comedy for children any time soon! 😉

  3. Yeah, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has learnt that the hard way (The Tooth Fairy). Glad he is now back in the action genre with the brilliant Fast Five

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