Superheroes (2011)

Years ago there were hardly any superhero movies (except for Superman). If they were made almost no one went out to see them, but now it is a very succesful genre with a couple of big movies coming out each year. The genre is so big that the limits are also explored resulting in movies like Super, Kick-Ass and Defendor where characters are shown who think they are real superheroes in a real world. Those were still movies though with characters someone made up. Superheroes is a documentary which looks at “real real-life superheroes”.

Director Mike Barnett managed to find a lot of interesting people, all wearing superhero costumes fighting against injustice in the world. With names like Mr. Extreme, Zimmer, Life, Zetaman, Dark Avenger and Superhero they all have their own reasons for going into the streets to make it safer. When watching this you will wonder if some of them are insane and you will laugh a lot about them, even though this might not be the intention. One example is Master Legend who roams the streets of Orlando. He claims many superpowers, but does show that even superheroes sometimes need some energy as he drinks a beer (something which he does several times).

They all search for crime in different ways, some of them even trying to provoke it, which according to an interview with the police could be seen as entrapment. These are all people with a good heart, but who sometimes are so focussed on doing something that they might end up doing a bit too much. It’s only during the last part of this documentary that they are actually shown as doing some good for their community, helping the homeless or just talking with people. Because this is such a short part of the documentary you will look at them less as heroes and more like weirdos.

Superheroes gives a fascinating look into the subculture of real life super heroes. In my opinion you won’t need a costume to be one, just as long as you are willing to make the world a better place, you are a superhero to someone.

Score: 7

12 thoughts on “Superheroes (2011)

    • You will be laughing a lot and it seems almost unbelievable these are people that are this serious about this. It’s a very entertaining watch. Yep, it’s a nice kick off. Go Scott!

  1. I hadn’t heard of this one, sounds interesting. Btw, I’ll be blogging about some of the docs that’ll be shown at TCFF next week, perhaps you’ll find a few that you like, Nostra.

  2. Haven’t heard of Superheroes (2011). I agree, certainly are a lot of these type of movies doing the rounds at the moment, maybe american audiences need to have heroes to look up to after 9/11 and the financial crisis ( :

    There’s a couple of underrated real-life-hero gems, called Hero (1992) with Dustin Hoffmann , and Special (2006) starring Michael Rapaport, I recommend both, you should check out the trailers (that is if you’re not tired of this kind of film ( :

    • That could be the case, but the fact that they are generally very entertaining movies helps as well.

      I have seen Hero ages ago, but not heard about Special, will give that a look! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Wow, didn’t realize there were actually people dressing up and “fighting” crime. It definitely is an interesting watch considering the new vigilante “superhero” movies that have come out (which you have mentioned). Also great documentary week. Haven’t seen any that you have reviewed and knew only of a couple.

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