The Three Musketeers (2011)

Now this is a movie I really didn’t plan on seeing. Why? Well, first of all it didn’t get very good reviews, secondly it had a cast of mostly unknowns and thirdly the 3D. That was until I saw this movie appear in Tarantino’s list of movies he liked the past year. Now I know he sometimes has a bit of a weird taste when it comes to movies, but it made me want to see it to find out why he liked it so much.

The Three Musketeers review

Now I have to admit that I really can’t remember what the original story is of the musketeers. I never read the book and can’t remember anything about previous musketeer movies. So I had no preconceptions of what this movie should show. Its story is about the three musketeers who no longer do whatever musketeers do, but are brought back together by a young man eager to fight for what’s good. Together they will have to try to stop a plan which would result in a war across Europe between France and Britain.

Looking at the time period there are only a couple of things I expect, which are sabre fights, some adventure and humour and that’s something this movie manages to deliver. It shows much of the fights in the style that was made popular by Zack Snyder, meaning lots of slow motion/speed ramping to make it all look cool and it worked for me.

The Three Musketeers review

The story might not be very good, but this movie kind of made me feel like a little kid watching all the cool action sequences and fights. It’s heavy on the CGI which might putt off some as it doesn’t help making it all believable. I still don’t understand why Tarantino liked it so much, but it was an enjoyable time waster.

Score: 7

18 thoughts on “The Three Musketeers (2011)

  1. I remember wanting to see this when it was released in the cinema. But a lack of 2D screenings set me back. It looks like a lot of fun. Swashbuckling, silly fun. I can deal with that.

  2. Nothing wrong with an enjoyable time waster from time to time! I have this high on my list to see, so hopefully I’ll be able to be that little kid again while I’m watching!! great review, Nostra!

  3. When this was released I didn’t have any strong feelings either way. Your review has encouraged me to see it, though. Rodney is completely right, there’s nothing wrong with an enjoyable time waster now and again!

  4. You know, I can understand the feeling of a movie making you feel like a kid again and just enjoying a film for the sheer level of excitement and adventure!

    I am glad that you enjoyed this and only wish it had done the same for me as I sat bored in the theaters watching the sword fighting adventure.

    Great review!

  5. Tarantino does have weird taste, I mean he felt this was better than Drive, which he gave a “nice try” to. If it wasn’t for him making amazing films, I wouldn’t care much for his opinion. As for the film, it looks below average, but I may give it a go one time or another, a good review though.

  6. Thanks for reviewing this Nostra, I was put off by the 3D to see it at the cinema. I know Rob, my other half, really wanted to see this one so we might watch it on a rental.

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