John Carter (2012)

John Carter review

Yes, I have made some fun of the title, it being one of the most bland, non descriptive ones recently, but if you would decide to actually see it, is it any good?

John Carter review

As you probably already know this movie is based on science fiction books written by Edgar Rice Burroughs at the beginning of the last century. It is about a man from Virginia, John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who ends up on Mars and becomes entangled in a battle between various civilizations. He must find a way to get back home, but has to fight for his own survival and of others he starts to care about.
Although it is not summer yet, this does have most of the ingredients you expect from a summer blockbuster, for example big epic battles and lots of CGI. The thing it misses though is real starpower. Both leads, Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins, are relatively unknown. I was wondering if a movie needs stars in order for it to be successful, but don’t think it is needed.

John Carter review

John Carter offered action, some laughs, cool fights and a plot twist which I didn’t see coming. I had a great time watching it as it gave me exactly what I expected of it. If you have the chance to see it in 2D please do so as I didn’t think the 3D added anything.

Score: 7

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  1. You liked it more than I did. I really suffered from the 3D. I think I might have liked it way better without it. Now it gave an odd cartoonish flavor to it that made it worse than it otherwise would have been.

    As of stars or not stors: I really don’t care about that. I even think that it’s refreshing to watch movies where you haven’t seen the actors before. It makes it easier to buy into their characters compared to when you’re always reminded about something else from earlier in their career.

    • The 3d didn’t add anything and its annoying if you get things like headaches from the 3d. Don’t know how many people have it but I think it’s significant.

      I watch a lot of movies that have actors in them I’ve never seen, so I agree that can be refreshing sometimes.

  2. Will definitely wait for this on Blu-ray. Would be nice to see it on the big screen but not interested in the 3D and heard such mixed reviews. Glad to hear you likes it though!

  3. Yay, glad you enjoyed this one too. I saw it in 2D also and it already looks great visually. I don’t think 3D would add much to it.

  4. I had an awesome time with this one. I really think critics are being too hard on it, it’s one of the most fun theatre experiences I’ve had in recent times. I hope Disney changes it mind about not having a sequel. Nice review.

  5. Nice concise review! I agree huge stars aren’t needed. In fact a little better costume on the lead and a better haircut and I think it wouldn’t have gotten near the criticism it did. Cheers!

  6. I’ve been reading the book it’s based on, Princess of Mars, and even though it’s only ~140 pages I’m struggling to stay with it. I’m still interested in seeing the movie, though. Nice review!

  7. I did want to see this in the cinema, but just couldn’t find a 2D screening. Also the shaky reviews did make me think twice too.

    Definitely catch it when it makes its way to Blu-ray. Looks like the sort of film I’d enjoy.

  8. Glad you liked this one Nostra but it really wasn’t for me. I was bored, and didn’t find it funny at all. I don’t think the 3D added anything to it either, it’s just a gimmick that’s quickly becoming tiresome!

    • Well, it’s a movie a lot of people did not like but I can understand the mixed feelings. I’m not a big fan of 3D and just like you still think it is a gimmick.

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