The Lost Cinemas of Rotterdam: Oscar


In this series I take a look at cinemas in Rotterdam that have closed down. This week it’s the Oscar cinema. It opened in the centre of Rotterdam in 1975 at the Meent and closed it’s doors in 1989 and had 215 seats.

What surprised me though is that I didn’t know it existed even though I could have walked past it when I was younger. I asked my parents and other people about this, but no one could remember it. It was the one where the original location eluded me. I had an idea of its location, but no one could confirm it. I came into contact with someone who’s grandmother used to work there, but even he couldn’t pinpoint where it was after I sent him some pictures. It took me two weeks of research to finally track it down and once I thought I found the location I couldn’t wait to see if I was right.

If I was the right the cinema would have been located behind those steel doors. If you look at it now you would have never guessed that this is the spot where a lot of people enjoyed hours of cinematic bliss, but matching up my own picture with one from the archives confirmed I had found it:

Oscar Rotterdam

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