The Monday Question: Wait!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was very busy, only managing to see one movie (the Dutch film Black Out, which I’ll review later). Luckily it’s a long weekend for me (today I have the day off), so that gave me some time to deliver something you might be waiting for: This week’s Monday Question.
I was wondering this weekend about movies you want to see with someone else (or someone else wants to see with you):

Do you ever not watch a movie yet because your partner/someone else also wants to see it?

When it comes to movie watching I watch way more than my girlfriend does. Which usually means that if I really loved a movie I’ll suggest we will watch it together. Sometimes though there might be a trailer for a movie she really wants to see and as I like sharing that feeling of watching something for the first time it can sometimes take a lot of time before we finally get around to watching it. So this sometimes leaves me with a dilemma, do I watch it on my way to work or on my day off, or do I wait till she has time for it as well.

In general I do try to wait, but if it takes too long I will just watch it and usually don’t mind seeing it again with her (even though that sometimes does not happen). I’ll have to say there are some movies that she has seen and wants me to see together with her and which we haven’t come around to either. The movie we saw on Friday (Black Out) was one we both really wanted to see when it was in cinemas, but it had such a short run that we were not able to catch it. As it came out on DVD this past week it’s one we actually made time to see as soon as we could. I guess we should do that for the other movies as well.

Do you ever not watch a movie yet because your partner/someone else also wants to see it?

16 thoughts on “The Monday Question: Wait!

  1. Yes, but rarely. Usually I go by myself and when I did he refuse to watch with me again (probably because it won’t be my first time seeing it). But sometimes yeah, it’s more fun to see it together/depends on the people. But I get impatient 🙂

  2. Yeah that happens too much! But more often I have to wait for the rental because I can’t find someone willing to go the movies with me to see things. It’s happening right now with The Raid!!! Desperate to see that on the big screen. My fiancee ain’t up for it and my guy friends aren’t real movie-goers. So it’s more that no one wants to see ALL the films I want to see than having to wait to see something because someone else wants to see it.

  3. I don’t think I have. If I know a movie has short period and none of my friends able to make it, i usually go alone. In my case, not enough free time is my major cause for not watching a movie. Like District 9, I regret being so busy when the movie was out and then I had to watch that awesome movie in DVD 🙁

  4. I try and wait for my friends and whatnots, but sometimes I just can’t. Though I think I’ve done a lot of good work and trained my friends to have to go and see films on opening nights 😉

  5. Yes, definitely. It actually happened this weekend. I got The Grey through on my LoveFilm back on Tuesday but was seeing my girlfriend at the weekend so waited. We didn’t even watch it though! I actually had a whole list on LoveFilm just for films that both me and my Girlfriend wanted to watch at one point because I’d have to keep films for about four or five days before I could watch them. Incidentally, I’m not waiting two weeks to watch The Grey so she’s missed her chance!

  6. Oh yeah I do that often as I prefer to watch most movies with my hubby and I don’t mind waiting for him so we could watch it together. Some films we simply can’t wait though, so we’ll be first in line for The Dark Knight Rises at the IMAX 😀

  7. Oh, constantly. I have scores of DVD/Blu-Rays that my wife says she wants to see but every time I try to watch them with her she says she isn’t in the mood. Well, get in the mood, woman!

  8. Yeah you know this actually happens to the three guys alot. Two of us live in Ca and one lives across the country in Ma so we sometimes do not have a chance to see the same films for our reviews.
    Similarly, the misses will at times make me wait to watch a film or show with her if she is interested in it. shhhh don’t tell, I sometimes end up just watching it twice.

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