The Many Faces of… Mark Wahlberg

Overview of the many roles and movies of actor Mark Wahlberg

It’s that time of the week again, the thing some of you are craving for, the one, the only new installment of the Friday Faces (which also happens to be my 700th(!) post on my blog).

This week’s star is Mark Wahlberg. He was born June 5, 1971 in Boston. He lived in a busy house as he has 8 brothers and sisters. Growing up he had various run ins with the police, including use of cocaine (at the age of 13), assaulting various people and eventually was charged with attempted murder. He ended up in jail for 45 days and after that he slowly started changing. His brother was very succesfull as part of New Kids on the Block (he himself was even part of the group but quit) and Mark started his own recording career. He had a hit as Marky Mark with Good Vibrations. After this he also started doing advertisements for Calvin Klein.

In 1993 he appeared in a TV episode of Out all Night and his first movie was the TV version of The Substitute. He showed a lot of promise and when he starred in Boogie Nights he made a name for himself as a serious actor. He has since starred in big movies like The Perfect Storm, Three Kings and The Departed and also proved he is a great comedic actor in The Other Guys and Date Night.

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Picking my favorite is difficult, but I’d probably go for The Departed, just because that’s such an awesome movie.

What’s your favorite Mark Wahlberg role?

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15 thoughts on “The Many Faces of… Mark Wahlberg

  1. He was so awesome in The Departed. Loved Boogie Nights and The Perfect Storm though too. And I Heart Huckabees!

  2. My pick is The Departed as well not only because it’s a totally awesome film but because Wahlberg plays such a semi-psycho, that it’s hard not to like him.

    Congrats on 700th post!

  3. Marky Mark! Love this man.

    I agree with ilovethat film, he was brilliant in The Departed, Boogie Nights and The Perfect Storm. If you think about, especially when you compare those three films, he is a very versatile actor. When I think of him I do always think of him as being a tough guy, though.

  4. I really need to revisit The Departed and Boogie Nights, so right now my vote would go to The Fighter. He was a good complement to Christian Bale in that one.

    • I need to rewatch Boogie Nights as I really can’t remember anything from it…. Yeah, he was good in The Fighter although Bale did command the screen….

  5. Interesting choice, though I don’t think Wahlberg is a versatile actor, I feel like he’s always playing a similar kind of roles. I do think he has a knack in comedies though, he’s quite hilarious in The Other Guys.

  6. Ohh Marky Mark! He’s one of those actors that can do some astounding work (The Fighter) and also do some tragically disastrous stuff like The Happening. Also, I’ve noticed, in some of his worst film choices he has some ridiculously awful hair.

    Think my favourite role of his has to be from The Departed. Looking forward to seeing him in Ted.

    • Hahaha, completely true. I was really shocked by The Happening. On the Hollywood Babble-On podcast they have this segment of bad acting and they just looped the bit where he’s in the house of the old woman and was saying no to her. Every time I hear the title of the movie now I have to think of that 🙂

      Looking forward to Ted as well.

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