2 Days in New York (2012)

There are various actors who make the step to directing. Ben Affleck and Clint Eastwood are good examples of it. Julie Delpy is an actress who also has appeared both in front of and behind the camera, with 9 directorial movies to her name. 2 Days in New York is a sequel to 2 Days in Paris. I hadn’t seen that one before I saw this, so I didn’t have any expectations or attachment yet to the characters. Starring Chris Rock and Julie Delpy, is this comedy worth checking out?

The movie revolves around Mingus (Chris Rock) and Marion (Julie Delpy), who live in an apartment in New York. They both have kids from a previous relationship and try to make sure they live as a family (with the occasional issues). Their family life is shaken up when Marion’s family from France comes by for a visit. This movie shows the clash of cultures with results in some hilarious situations.

2 Days in New York is a movie I quite enjoyed. The situations that these characters are placed in are often quite bizarre (for example when Marion sells her soul and tries to get it back). The family members seem to be completely crazy, but if you are in the right mindset you will be able to laugh a lot. I liked Chris Rock’s performance, which is quite dialled back when compared to other movies. There is one part in the movie where he is talking to an Obama cutout which is the standout moment for me. If you enjoy quirky comedies then 2 Days in New York is worth checking out.

Score: 8

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  1. I liked the movie and it was charming little comedy, glad to see Marion’s sister and father back. All in all I prefer 2 days in Paris, it’s even in my top 100.

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