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It’s Friday again, so I already want to wish you a very enjoyable weekend and present you with a new installment of “The Many Faces of…”. Born on the 21st of September, 1950, Bill Murray has been picked as this week’s star. He comes from a big family (he had 8 brothers and sisters). When growing up he kept himself busy as lead singer of a rockband and to earn some money he worked as a golf caddy. He already acted in high school. After graduating he started taking premedical course, but never finished.

He started doing improvisational comedy together with his brother and was eventually recruited by John Belushi to star on a comedy radio show. He appeared on Saturday Night Live and TVTV. His first movie role was in Meatballs and he played Hunter S. Thompson in Where the Buffalo Roam. With movies like Caddyshack and Tootsie he quickly became a well-known actor. He was the star of Ghostbusters and Groundhog day and has appeared in lots of movies over his career, including more serious roles.

Overview roles and movies of actor Bill Murray

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Picking a favorite is difficult. I loved his cameo in Zombieland (which I now see I forgot to include in the overview), thought he was amazing in Lost in Translation, but if I’m only allowed to pick one it has to be Groundhog Day in which he goes through so many emotions. It’s a movie that never gets old and Murray is the reason for it.

What’s your favorite Bill Murray role?

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  1. Ohhh I’m glad you finally chose Murray for this segment! I haven’t seen too many of his movies but I like him in almost everything I’ve seen him in. I think my faves are Groundhog Day & Lost in Translation.

    • Happy to hear that Ruth, I was planning to do him for a while, but knew I needed more time to make it as he has been in many movies. Great picks for your favorites!

  2. As great as he is in Lost in Translation, I love his scene-stealing performance in Tootsie.

    “I want 90 people who just came out of the worst rainstorm in the city’s history. These are people who are alive on the planet, until they dry off. I wish I had a theater that was only open when it rained.” 😀

  3. My favorite movie of his is Groundhog day, which I think is one of the best comedies ever made. Bill Murray’s one of my favorite comedians ever, and I glad you like him too.

  4. I’m a fan of Murray as well. And I think I’m going to have to split hairs a bit on your question, because otherwise I couldn’t choose. Groundhog Day is my favorite Bill Murray movie, but Ghostbusters is my favorite movie with Bill Murray in it. That is to say, I think Murray is best in Groundhog Day, but I think Ghostbusters is — just slightly — the better movie.

  5. Yes! I’m glad you’re finally getting around to my favorite actor for this series. Murray is just brilliant. My favorite role of his is Bob Harris in Lost in Translation, but he’s great in everything.

    I hope you don’t mind if I use this collage for my Facebook cover picture. Full credit will be given, of course.

    • Just let me know what others you’d like to see and I’ll see what I can do (for older actors it’s usually more difficult to find pictures of their earlier works).

      I really want to rewatch Lost in Translation since I’ve made this post and also saw a documentary about Japan last week.

      Of course you can use it!

  6. The BIG ONES! Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day. I don’t really get the We Anderson films and Lost in Translation and all this recent stuff. Even the Zombieland cameo was a bit overrated! Still need to see Caddyshack though!

  7. Another personal favourite of mine Nostra. Groundhog Day has got to be tops but I also liked his turn in Mad Dog and Glory. It was an unusual role for him at that time and he played of DeNiro brilliantly.

  8. Favorite Bill Murray role? Well, I loved him in “The Groundhog Day”. His “I don’t care” attitude and his later “Please kill me” phase are excellently portraid. So, I guess this is my favorite!

    Also, I love your posting schedule. Your “Monday Question” and “The Many faces of…” are some of the best ideas I’ve ever seen! Good job and good luck!

    • Nice choice!

      Thanks, yeah, have been keeping up with the Monday Question/Friday Faces for a while now and also had another one on Wednesdays, but time didn’t allow me to keep that one up.

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