The Many Faces of… Emma Stone

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Welcome to a new installment of this weekly series. This week I decided to shine the light on an actress who might not have a very long filmography, but Emma Stone has impressed me since the first time I saw her in Paper Man.

She was born on November 6, 1988 in Arizona. When growing up she was part of the Valley Youth Theatre and appeared in a play when she was 11 and many followed. She was mostly home schooled and convinced her parents to move to Hollywood to pursue an acting career.

They moved when she was 15 and she won the part of Laurie in a reality tv competition looking for actor for a new series called The New Partridge Family. Apart from a pilot episode the show didn’t go anywhere, but it meant more TV work for her as she appeared on several shows. She had her movie debut in Superbad as the girl Jonah Hill’s falls in love with. Stone has since appeared in several movies including Zombieland, Easy A, The Help and The Amazing Spider-Man.

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Although I think she’s great in most roles she plays I have to pick Easy A as my favorite as she proved she can be a very interesting leadin lady.

What’s your favorite Emma Stone role?

15 thoughts on “The Many Faces of… Emma Stone

  1. There’s something so warm and engaging about her face. I’ve only seen her in Zombieland and Easy A and I liked her in both — neither completely blew me away. I didn’t watch The Help, although I liked the novel, partly due to the lukewarm reviews. It sounds like I should really check out Paper Man.

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